january 17 zodiac

    People born on January 17 are kind, talented: they love art and excel with their talents

    Horoscope and personality for those born on January 17

    They are people with a calm demeanor, intellectual, courteous, talented, of a radiant nature. Theirmannerism is gentle and peaceful. But when they are agitated and angry, they can display extraordinary toughness and power, and their inner strength hidden deep within their soul does not manifest until they encounter difficulties. This birthday enhances idealism and love of beauty. Such people are kind, but stable and ruthless; they do not allow any limits to be imposed on them. The deep mind with certain mystical tendencies merges here with a very sensual nature, causing unusual mental tension. How to raise a child born on this day? Such children have serious demeanor and appear older than they are. In general, they are very aware, constantly examining and analyzing everything around them, as well as themselves; they are also quite fearful. Therefore, you should never tell them fantastic stories, as they could make their fear even greater. Such children require a nurturing environment and recognition for their efforts, and should not be denied. Later they show a tendency to loneliness, unwilling to socialize with other people their age. They show a lot of passion and perseverance in their school work. They enjoy the company of older people and want to always help them with their work. When they are educated in a public institution, the company of their colleagues positively influences them and gives them energy and a sense of business. On the other hand, contact with their peers helps children overcome their fears and removes them from unnecessary excessive analysis of their experiences, for which they show a tendency. The days of January 17: Antonio, Alfredo, Alba, Mariana, Mariano, Salomდ©.

    Zodiac sign for those born on January 17

    If your birthday is January 17, your zodiac sign is  Capricorn

    January 17 - personality and character

    character:  trustworthy, sensible, natural, curious, unpredictable, negligent profession:,  lawyer, craftsman colors:  red, gold, beige stone:  agate animal:  seagull plant:  Sweet williams flowers lucky numbers:  13,27,28,31,40,43 super lucky number:  2

    Holidays and observances - January 17

    • Spain: Menorca (Balearic Islands): Menorca Day.
    • Spain: Arcenillas (Zamora): patronal festival in honor of San Antდ³n.
    • Spain: Elgდ³ibar (Guipდºzcoa): patronal festival in honor of San Antდ³n.

    January 17 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1905: Louis Armand, engineer and high French civil servant (d. 1971). 1905: Peggy Gilbert, American jazz saxophonist (d. 2007). 1905: Guillermo Stდ¡bile, Argentine footballer (d. 1966). 1906: Tomდ¡s Alvira, Spanish pedagogue and soil scientist (f. 1992). 1909: Rafael Garcდ­a Herreros, Colombian religious (d. 1992). 1911: George Stigler, American economist (d. 1991). 1913: Werenfried van Straaten, Dutch Catholic priest (d. 2003). 1914: Anacleto Angelini, Chilean businessman of Italian origin (d. 2007). 1914: Jerry Siegel, American cartoonist, co-creator of Superman (d. 1996). 1917: Ramდ³n Cardemil, Chilean rodeo rider (d. 2007). 1919: Antonio Mingote, Spanish graphic humorist (d. 2012). 1919: Antonio Palenzuela, Spanish bishop (d. 2003). 1921: Antonio Prohias, Cuban cartoonist (d. 1988). 1922: Luis Echeverrდ­a დ?lvarez, Mexican lawyer, president between 1970 and 1976. 1922: Betty White, American actress. 1925: Robert Cormier, American writer (d. 2000). 1926: Antonio Domingo Bussi, Argentine military man (d. 2011). 1926: Manuel Millares, Spanish painter (d. 1972). 1926: Nდ©lida Romero, Argentine actress (d. 2015). 1927: Eartha Kitt, American actress and singer (d. 2008). 1927: Roberto Rodrდ­guez Luna, Uruguayan guitarist and singer (d. 1992). 1931: James Earl Jones, American actor. 1932: Andrდ©s Selpa, Argentine boxer (f. 2003). 1932: Aniceto Utset, Spanish cyclist (d. 1998). 1933: Dalida, French singer and actress (d. 1987). 1940: Kipchoge Keino, Kenyan athlete. 1940: Tabarდ© Vდ¡zquez, Uruguayan politician and doctor, president between 2005 and 2010, and again since 2015. 1940: Rosa Posada, Spanish lawyer and politician (d. 2014). 1942: Muhammad Alდ­ (Cassius Clay), American boxer (d. 2016). 1942: Forges (Antonio Fraguas de Pablo), Spanish graphic humorist. 1943: Elsa Lდ³pez, Spanish writer. 1943: Chris Montez, American singer. 1943: Renდ© Prდ©val, Haitian politician. 1944: Concha Cuetos, Spanish actress. 1944: Franდ§oise Hardy, French singer. 1944: Beatriz Lockhart, Uruguayan pianist and composer. 1946: Luis Figuerola-Ferretti, Spanish journalist. 1948: Davდ­დ° Oddsson, Icelandic politician, prime minister between 1991 and 2004. 1949: Andy Kaufman, American actor (d. 1984). 1949: Juan Gossaდ­n, Colombian journalist and writer. 1949: Carlos Alberto Solari, "Indio Solari", Argentine singer. 1949: Mick Taylor, British musician, of the band The Rolling Stones. 1950: Cristina Galbდ³, actress and Spanish dance teacher. 1950: Luis Lდ³pez Nieves, Puerto Rican writer. 1952: Luisa Albinoni, Argentine actress. 1952: Ryვ«ichi Sakamoto, Japanese musician. 1954: Marina Rossell, Spanish singer. 1954: Raდºl Taibo, Argentine actor. 1955: Steve Earle, American singer. 1955: Esteban Vigo, Spanish footballer and coach. 1956: Lalo de los Santos, Argentine bassist and singer-songwriter (d. 2001). 1956: Paul Young, British singer. 1959: Susanna Hoffs, American vocalist, of the band The Bangles. 1961: დ?ngel Petisme, Spanish singer and poet. 1962: Jim Carrey, Canadian actor and comedian. 1962: Lorenzo Rico, Spanish handball player. 1963: Kai Hansen, German musician, creator of Power Metal and founder of Helloween and Gamma Ray 1964: Michelle Obama, American lawyer and first lady. 1964: Coco Sily, Argentine actor and comedian. 1965: Manuel Sდ¡nchez Delgado, Spanish footballer. 1966: Stephin Merritt, American singer, of the band The Magnetic Fields. 1966: Karim Aდ¯nouz, Brazilian film director, scriptwriter and visual artist. 1968: Svetlana Masterkova, Russian athlete. 1969: Naveen Andrews, British actor. 1969: Lukas Moodysson, Swedish screenwriter and filmmaker. 1969: DJ Tiდ«sto (Tijs Verwest), Dutch disc jockey. 1970: Genndy Tartakovsky, American animator of Russian origin. 1971: Richard Burns, British rally driver (d. 2005). 1971: Leonardo Ciampa, American composer. 1971: Javier Gutiდ©rrez დ?lvarez, Spanish actor. 1971: Kid Rock, American singer. 1971: Sylvie Testud, French actress. 1972: Luis Estrada, Mexican filmmaker. 1972: Ken Hirai, Japanese singer. 1972: Lil 'Jon, American rapper. 1972: Gastდ³n Pauls, Argentine actor. 1972: Juan Fernando Velasco, Ecuadorian musician. 1973: Cuauhtდ©moc Blanco, Mexican soccer player. 1974: Ladan and Laleh Bijani, Iranian twins (d. 2003). 1975: Freddy Rodrდ­guez, Puerto Rican actor. 1977: Kevin Fertig, American professional wrestler. 1977: Leigh Whannell, Australian actor and screenwriter. 1978: Carolina «Pampita» Ardohain, Argentine model. 1978: Ricky Wilson, British musician, of the band Kaiser Chiefs. 1980: Zooey Deschanel, American actress. 1981: Daniel Diges, Spanish actor and singer. 1981: Ray-J, American singer. 1982: Dwyane Wade, American basketball player. 1982: Alex Varkatzas, American vocalist, of the band Atreyu. 1983: დ?lvaro Arbeloa, Spanish footballer. 1983: Alexander Meier, German footballer. 1983: Chris Rolfe, American footballer. 1984: Calvin Harris, Scottish musician and producer, specialized in electronic music. 1985: Adriana Ugarte, Spanish actress. 1985: Riyu Kosaka, Japanese singer, of the band BeForU. 1985: Kang-in (Kim Young-Woon), South Korean singer, of the band Super Junior. 1985: Simone Simons, mezzo-soprano and Dutch vocalist, of the band Epica. 1989: Danilo Carrera, Ecuadorian actor, model and television presenter. 1990: Esteban Chaves, Colombian cyclist. 1994: Lucy Boynton, British actress.