january 21 zodiac

    People born on January 21 long to influence others.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on January 21

    Their nature is full of ambitions and great aspirations. However, they are not always able to live their dreams, as a foreign force is likely to interfere, and it is one that they cannot influence. Their skills and life position make them ideal people to be administrators or leaders of associations, or even society. They act incredibly fast and go straight towards their goal. They are also endowed with the ability to focus, but may still be far from achieving their goals and fulfilling their ambition. Their mind, although very intelligent, has tendencies towards pessimism and looks for the bad side of everything. Their flaws: lack of self-belief and selfishness. Sometimes they talk too much, exaggerating their concerns and problems. They are not quick to explode in anger. But when their rights or their businesses are affected, they react passionately and can be fierce in their threats. Everything in their life depends on the environment in which they were born and their heritage, as they blindly follow inherited impulses and are generally unable to adapt to others or show the necessary discretion. What threatens them: When you follow the opinion of the masses and seek approval, you stray from your life goals and deviate, which can make your entire life unnatural. When it happens, they will not achieve their intentions and goals. It may happen that they succumb to illusions in life, with high hopes and insignificant results. How to raise a child born on this day? The educator must pay special attention to the wishes and desires of these children in the simplest possible way, and must act naturally. They have a love for outward ostentation that can quickly turn into a fascination for vulgarity, especially when faced with the influence of the wrong company. The days of January 21: Fructuoso, Epifanდ­a, Inდ©s, Vicente, Marcela.

    Zodiac sign for those born on January 21

    If your birthday is January 21, your zodiac sign is  Aquarius

    January 21 - personality and character

    character:  modest, sober, cautious, indifferent, hypersensitive, modest profession:  anesthesiologist, sales representative, singer colors:  olive, green, yellow stone:  diopside animal:  seal plant:  Tomatoes lucky numbers:  10,23,27,34,36,38 super lucky number:  19

    Holidays and observances - January 21

    • Dominican Republic: Feast of Our Lady of La Altagracia.
    • New Zealand: Wellington Provincial Anniversary.
    • Europe: Mediation Day.
    • United States: Martin Luther King Day.
    • Philippines: AtiAtihan Festival.
    • Barbados: Errol Barrow Day.

    January 21 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Ricardo Zamora, Spanish soccer player (d. 1978). 1904: Edris Rice-Wray, American physician, pioneer of the oral contraceptive pill (d. 1990). 1905: Christian Dior, French couturier (d. 1957). 1905: Wanda Wasilewska, Polish writer and journalist (d. 1964). 1906: Igor Moiseyev, Russian choreographer and dancer (d. 2007). 1909: Calufa (Carlos Luis Fallas), Costa Rican writer and leader (d. 1966). 1912: Konrad Bloch, German biochemist (d. 2000). 1914: Rafael Santos Torroella, Spanish art critic, translator, poet and cartoonist (f. 2002). 1917: Jacobo Feldman, Argentine writer, lawyer and philosopher (d. 2005). 1918: Marcelino Camacho, Spanish trade unionist (d. 2010). 1918: Antonio Janigro, Italian cellist (d. 1989). 1918: Elisa Mდºjica, Colombian writer. (f. 2003) 1918: Richard Winters, US military (f. 2011). 1922: Mario Petri, bass and Italian actor (d. 1985). 1922: Paul Scofield, British actor (d. 2008). 1923: Lola Flores, Spanish singer (d. 1995). 1923: Alberto de Mendoza, Argentine actor (d. 2011). 1923: Pahiდ±o, Spanish soccer player. (f. 2012). 1924: Benny Hill, British comedian (d. 1992). 1924: Telly Savalas, American actor (d. 1994). 1926: Steve Reeves, American actor (d. 2000). 1928: Fernando Beorlegui, Spanish painter (f. 2008). 1928: Reynaldo Bignone, Argentine military and de facto president (d. 2018). 1933: Julieta Serrano, Spanish actress. 1936: Coco Dდ­az, Argentine singer-songwriter, composer and comedian. 1940: Eduardo Barcesat, Argentine lawyer defender of Human Rights. 1940: Jack Nicklaus, American golfer. 1941: Plდ¡cido Domingo, Spanish tenor. 1941: Ivan Putski, Polish professional wrestler. 1941: Mariano Vega, Spanish journalist and writer (d. 2011). 1945: Martin Shaw, British actor. 1946: Miguel Reina, Spanish footballer. 1950: Billy Ocean, Trinidadian singer. 1950: დ?ngel Marდ­a Villar, soccer player and Spanish sports leader. 1951: Eric Holder, American politician. 1952: Mikhail Umansky, Russian chess player (d. 2010). 1953: Paul Allen, American businessman. 1954: Josდ© Luis Medina del Corral, "Lucchino", Spanish fashion designer. 1955: Jeff Koons, American artist. 1956: Geena Davis, American actress. 1957: Luis D'Elდ­a, Argentine politician. 1959: Alex McLeish, Scottish footballer. 1962: Fდ©lix Lavilla, Spanish politician. 1962: Marie Trintignant, French actress (f. 2003). 1963: Graciela Cimer, Argentine actress (f. 1989). 1963: Hakeem Olajuwon, American basketball player of Nigerian origin. 1963: Detlef Schrempf, German basketball player. 1964: Miguel დ?ngel Rodrდ­guez, Spanish politician and journalist. 1965: Jam Master Jay, American musician and disc jockey (f. 2002). 1966: Genc Mulliqi, Albanian sculptor. 1969: Tsubaki Nekoi, Japanese mangaka. 1969: Karina Lombard, American actress. 1970: Ken Leung, American actor. 1970: Txus di Fellatio, Spanish poet and musician from Mდ¤go de Oz. 1970: Saდºl Laverni, Argentine soccer referee. 1970: Alen Boksic, Yugoslav footballer 1972: Alpha Acosta, Mexican actress. 1972: Catherine Siachoque, Colombian actress. 1972: Joana Benedek, Mexican actress of Romanian origin. 1972: Cat Power, American singer. 1972: Yasunori Mitsuda, Japanese composer. 1972: Javier Yubero, Spanish soccer player (f. 2005). 1972: Snorre Ruch, Norwegian black metal musician. 1974: Malena Alterio, Spanish-Argentine actress. 1975: Nicky Butt, British footballer. 1975: Yuji Ide, Japanese racing driver. 1976: Emma Bunton, British singer, of the band Spice Girls. 1977: Phil Neville, British footballer. 1977: Rick Ross, American rapper. 1977: Jerry Trainor, American actor. 1977: Unai Vergara, Spanish soccer player. 1978: Faris Al-Sultan, German triathlete. 1978: Raდºl Estდ©vez, Argentine soccer player. 1978: Darდ­o Alberto Gigena, Argentine footballer. 1979: Brian O'Driscoll, Irish rugby player. 1979: Melendi, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1979: Andrდ©s Veramendi, Peruvian tenor. 1980: Mari Possa, Salvadoran-American actress. 1981: Ivan Ergiე‡, Serbian footballer. 1981: Wilfredo Ledezma, Venezuelan baseball player. 1981: Michel Telდ³, Brazilian singer. 1982: Simon Rolfes, German footballer. 1982: Nicolas Mahut, French tennis player. 1983: Victor Leandro Bagy, Brazilian soccer player. 1983: Maryse Ouellet, Canadian model and professional wrestler. 1983: Moritz Volz, German footballer. 1984: Wes Morgan, Jamaican footballer. 1985: Jean Philippe Cretton, Chilean journalist, television host and musician. 1986: Walter Bruno, Argentine actor and conductor. 1987: Pablo Caballero Gonzდ¡lez, Uruguayan soccer player. 1989: Henrij Mjitaryდ¡n, Armenian footballer 1990: Josდ© Ramდ­rez, Dominican baseball player. 1994: Laura Robson, British tennis player. 1996: Marco Asensio, Spanish footballer. 1996: Cristian Pavდ³n, Argentine soccer player 1998: Toby McDonough, American singer, of the band Before You Exit.