05/01 Birthday - Zodiac Information

January 5 Zodiac

People born on January 5, although somewhat sarcastic and critical, can offer a good friendship.

Horoscope and personality for those born on January 5

They have excellent executive skills and show a great ability to stay focused on their goals and intentions, showing great prudence.

Very ambitious, always fearful that everyone will see her merits and can properly evaluate her good deeds. They can initially be a bit fearful and uncertain when dealing with strangers. But when they get used to people, they soon show their bossy nature, because they always strive to subdue others to their will. They are born leaders and organizers, suitable for managerial positions.

They can immediately use every opportunity. They generally don’t enjoy detailed work; they prefer to design and direct others. They are very interested in other people’s affairs; but on the other hand, they hate when someone else is poking their nose into their own lives. Decisive, bossy: they can be demanding. Unusually smart: they start to act when others are still mulling over their projects. When circumstances are not favorable for them, they become discouraged and depressed.

They can be envious, critical and mocking, but they offer a good and faithful friendship. It is good to have them as friends and not as enemies, as they never forget or forgive any damage done to them, be it significant or imagined. On the other hand, once you make friends with these people, they show great stability. It should be noted that they generally have the mind of a warrior, and although they attract many admirers, they do not have many important friends or supporters.

They attack the generally accepted opinions and show all the falsehood of common morality and conventional opinions. Very angular and inquisitive in nature, they constantly analyze the personalities and actions of others. When there is a trail of mystery or intrigue, these people follow it like a hunting dog, with unerring instincts and great perseverance. They won’t rest until they find everything. Children born on this day are initially not in good health, but then gradually improve. Finally, thanks to the great resistance of their organism developed over the years, these people can become very old. Their bodies have significant healing and rejuvenation capabilities, so they quickly regain their health after ailments.

The days of January 5: Amada, Eduardo, Emiliana, Emilio, Simón, Simona, Telésforo.

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Zodiac sign for those born on January 5

If your birthday is on January 5, your zodiac sign is  Capricorn

January 5 - personality and character

character:  kind, intelligent, obedient, selfish, playful, importunate
profession:  conductor, administrator, nurse
colors:  black, teal, beige
stone:  hematite
animal:  reindeer
plant:  Acacia tree
lucky numbers:  6,25,32,43,57,58
super lucky number:  1

Holidays and Observances - January 5

  • Magic kings’s horse riding.
  • Pasto (Colombia): Carnival of Blacks and Whites (or Day of the Blacks).

January 5 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

1900: Yves Tanguy, French surrealist painter (d. 1955).
1902: Maruja Mallo, Spanish painter (d. 1995).
1906: Kathleen Kenyon, British archaeologist (d. 1978).
1909: Stephen Kleene, American mathematician (d. 1994).
1911: Alfonso García-Gallo, historian of law, and Spanish jurist (f. 1992).
1914: Nicolas de Staël, French-Russian painter (d. 1955).
1914: Germán Gómez Gómez, Spanish soccer player (d. 2004).
1914: George Reeves, American actor (d. 1959).
1917: Wieland Wagner, German stage director (d. 1966).
1917: Jane Wyman, American actress (d. 2007).
1919: Severino Gazzelloni, Italian flute player (d. 1992).
1920: Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Italian pianist (d. 1995).
1920: Eduardo San Román, Peruvian sports journalist (f. 1998).
1921: Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Swiss writer (d. 1990).
1921: Juan de Luxemburg, Grand Duke between 1964 and 2000.
1921: Amado Sapag, Argentine businessman and politician.
1923: Norberto Tucho Méndez, Argentine soccer player (d. 1998).
1923: Sam Phillips, announcer, radio technician and music producer for Sun Records (f. 2003).
1926: William Snodgrass, American poet, 1960 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Poetry (d. 2009).
1928: Walter Mondale, American politician.
1928: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistani politician (d. 1979).
1928: Sultan bin Abdelaziz, Saudi Arab Sultan (d. 2011).
1929: Wilbert Harrison, American singer (d. 1994).
1931: Juan Goytisolo, Spanish writer.
1931: Alvin Ailey, American dancer and choreographer (d. 1989).
1931: Alfred Brendel, Austrian pianist.
1931: Robert Duvall, American actor.
1932: Umberto Eco, Italian writer. (f. 2016).
1932: Chuck Noll, American football coach.
1932: Raísa Gorbacheva, Soviet politician, wife of Mikhail Gorbachev (d. 1999).
1932: Javier Valle Riestra, Peruvian lawyer and politician.
1933: Luís Góis, Portuguese doctor and musician (d. 2012).
1934: Jorge R. Camacho Lazo, Cuban painter (d. 2011).
1935: Juan Carlos Puppo, Argentine actor.
1936: Santiago Bal, Argentine actor.
1938: Juan Carlos I, Spanish King.
1940: Enrique Rocha, Mexican soap opera actor.
1941: Federico García Vigil, Uruguayan conductor and composer.
1941: Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese filmmaker.
1942: Terenci Moix, Spanish writer (f. 2003).
1942: Maurizio Pollini, Italian pianist.
1944: José Hernández, Spanish painter.
1945: Chuck McKinley, American tennis player (d. 1986).
1946: Ada Itúrrez de Cappellini, Argentine politician.
1946: Diane Keaton, American actress.
1948: Teófila Martínez, Spanish politician.
1953: Pamela Sue Martin, American actress.
1954: Alex English, American basketball player.
1955: Virulo (Alejandro García), Cuban singer-songwriter and comedian.
1956: Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German politician.
1957: Marina Lezcano, Argentine jockey.
1958: Jordi Botella Miró Valencian writer.
1960: Phil Thornalley, British bassist, of the band The Cure.
1961: Isabel Gemio, Spanish journalist.
1964: Armando Dely Valdés, Panamanian soccer player (f. 2004).
1965: Eleonora Cassano, Argentine classical dancer.
1965: Vinnie Jones, footballer and British actor.
1966: Héctor Baldassi, Argentine soccer referee and politician.
1966: Adriana Salonia, Argentine actress.
1967: Joe Flanigan, American actor.
1968: DJ BoBo, Swiss singer.
1969: Marilyn Manson, American singer and artist.
1970: Troy Van Leeuwen, American guitarist of the bands A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age.
1970: Vladimir Chaguin, Russian off-road truck driver.
1971: Fernando Fernández Urosa, Spanish handball player.
1972: Sakis Rouvas, Greek singer.
1975: Bradley Cooper, American actor.
1976: Diego Tristán, Spanish footballer.
1976: Shintarō Asanuma, Japanese voice actor, screenwriter and director.
1978: Asís G. Ayerbe, Spanish photographer.
1978: January Jones, American actress.
1978: Franck Montagny, French Formula 1 driver.
1979: Claudia Bahamón, model and Colombian television presenter.
1979: Daniel Sánchez Pardos, Spanish writer.
1979: Blanca Soto, Mexican actress and model.
1980: Chema Rodríguez Vaquero, Spanish handball player.
1980: Santiago Ventura, Spanish tennis player.
1980: Sebastian Deisler, German footballer.
1981: Deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerman), Canadian disc jockey.
1982: Janica Kostelić, Croatian skier.
1983: Ferran Corominas, Spanish footballer.
1985: Jorge Alonso Martín, Spanish footballer.
1985: Ikechukwu Uche, Nigerian footballer.
1985: Diego Vera, Uruguayan soccer player.
1986: Deepika Padukone, Indo-Danish actress and model.
1989: Eduardo Escobar, Venezuelan baseball player.
1990: Juan Luppi, Argentine actor.
1993: Franz Drameh, Afro-British actor.


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