january 8 zodiac

    People born on January 8 are faithful, constant, mediate, and happily influence people.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on January 8

    They can perfectly express their thoughts and convince others. Their persuasion allows them to gain a lot where strength would be nothing. Whatever they accomplish in life, they owe it to their own efforts. Despite their affection for destruction, they are capable of great things. His character is that of a warrior, enthusiastic and a bit violent. They also show a certain tendency to stinginess and melancholy. They are decisive people, although flexible and skillful. They do not show their feelings much, but they always want to have someone by their side and attract the attention of their surroundings. Very sensitive to criticism from others and judge everything very harshly. Faithful and constant in their attachments, but not safe from misfortunes in that area. They gladly mediate and act on behalf of other people, and their actions are generally successful. They can achieve excellent results as commercial intermediaries. Their attention is also occupied by family matters, as they are animated by their strong desire to influence other people, direct them, care for them and protect them. In one way or another, they want to attract other people's lives to their own and merge them. Such tendencies are often a source of dissatisfaction and displeasure for their friends or relatives, especially when they are still young, because it is when they grow up that they acquire wisdom and learn to control themselves, and then people listen to their words with attention and respect. The longer they live, the better they will develop their skills, often very special, and their personality will grow more and more. Often as they get older they bring their family, friends, and subordinates around them, showing courteous care for the elderly and a great understanding of the games of youth and children. How to raise a child born on this day? Such a child should not spend his time in the company of rough and rude people, as they easily adopt his mannerism. The days of January 8: Maximino, Eladio, Severino, Gდºdula.  

    Zodiac sign for those born on January 8

    If your birthday is on January 8, your zodiac sign is  Capricorn

    January 8 - personality and character

    character:  trustworthy, firm, magnanimous, arbitrary, tight-lipped, ignoble profession:  dentist, sociologist, painter colors:  gold, olive, black stone:  quartz animal:  lobster plant:  poinsettia lucky numbers:  5,10,17,18,32,49 super lucky number:  17

    Holidays and observances - January 8

    • Northern Mariana Islands: Commonwealth Day
    • Niue: National Takai Day.
    • Moldova: Christmas party (December 7 in the section Culture of Moldova).
    • United States of America: Jackson Day

    January 8 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Alfredo Espino, Salvadoran poet (d. 1928). 1900: Franდ§ois de Menthon, French jurist and politician (d. 1984). 1902: Georgy Malenkov, Soviet politician (d. 1988). 1902: Carl Rogers, American psychologist (d. 1987). 1903: Igor Kurchდ¡tov, Soviet physicist (d. 1960). 1904 - Karl Brandt, German SS officer (d. 1948). 1904 - Tampa Red, American blues musician (d. 1981). 1905: Giacinto Scelsi, Italian composer (d. 1988). 1905: Franjo ვ eper, Croatian cardinal (d. 1981). 1906: Igor Moiseyev, Russian choreographer and dancer (d. 2007). 1908: William Hartnell, British actor (d. 1975). 1910: Galina Ulდ¡nova, Russian dancer (d. 1998). 1911: Alicia Vignoli, actress and Argentine star (d. 2005). 1912: Josდ© Ferrer, Puerto Rican actor and filmmaker (d. 1992). 1921: Herta Bothe, Nazi concentration camp guard. 1921: Leonardo Sciascia, Italian political writer (d. 1989). 1923: Giorgio Tozzi, American bass (d. 2011) 1923: Joseph Weizenbaum, German scientist. 1925: Helmuth Hubener, German activist (d. 1942). 1925: Bernardo Ruiz, Spanish cyclist. 1926: Evelyn Lear, American soprano (d. 2012). 1925: Kerwin Mathews, American actor (d. 2007). 1931: Jorge Marchesini, Argentine actor (d. 2012). 1932: Enrique Krauss, Chilean lawyer and politician. 1933: Juan Marsდ©, Spanish writer. 1933: Charles Osgood, American journalist. 1933: Jean-Marie Straub, French filmmaker. 1934: Jacques Anquetil, French cyclist (d. 1987). 1934: Roy Kinnear, British actor (d. 1988). 1935: Elvis Presley, American rock singer (d. 1977). 1937: Shirley Bassey, British singer. 1939: Carolina Herrera, Venezuelan fashion designer. 1939: Walter Ciccione, Italian journalist. 1941: Graham Chapman, British actor and comedian (d. 1989). 1941: Boris Vallejo, Peruvian cartoonist. 1942: Stephen Hawking, British physicist and cosmologist (d. 2018). 1942: Jun'ichirვ? Koizumi, Japanese politician. 1942: Yvette Mimieux, American actress. 1943: Vდ­ctor Pდ©rez Vera, Chilean rector. 1944: Terry Brooks, American writer. 1946: Robby Krieger, American guitarist, of the band The Doors. 1947: David Bowie, British singer, songwriter and actor (d. 2016). 1947: Josდ© Antonio Martდ­nez Soler, Spanish journalist. 1947: Samuel Schmid, Swiss politician. 1951: John McTiernan, American filmmaker. 1952: Rafael Rullდ¡n, Spanish basketball player. 1953: Damiდ¡n Alcდ¡zar, Mexican actor. 1953: Roberto Mouzo, Argentine footballer. 1957: Nacho Duato, Spanish dancer and choreographer. 1957: Miquel Barcelდ³, Spanish painter. 1958: Ignacio Solozდ¡bal, Spanish basketball player. 1959: Paul Hester, Australian musician, of the band Crowded House. 1961: Calvin Smith, American athlete. 1962: Rosario Lufrano, Argentine journalist. 1962: Chris Marion, American musician, of the Little River Band and Western Flyer bands. 1963 approx .: Paula de Luque, Argentine filmmaker. 1964: Martin Jauregui, Argentine writer, journalist, film director, documentary maker. 1964: Ron Sexsmith, Canadian singer-songwriter. 1965: Michelle Forbes, American actress. 1965: Maria Pitillo, American actress. 1966: Andrew Wood, American singer, of the bands Mother Love Bone and Malfunkshun (d. 1990). 1967: Willie Anderson, American basketball player. 1967: R. Kelly, American singer. 1968: Keith Mullings, American boxer. 1969: Salva Esquer, Spanish handball player. 1969: Laura Novoa, Argentine actress. 1970: Rachel Friend, Australian actress. 1971: Jason Giambi, American baseball player. 1971: Pascal Zuberbდ¼hler, Swiss footballer. 1972: Giuseppe Favalli, Italian footballer. 1973: Henning Solberg, Norwegian rali driver. 1974: Fabian Frei, Swiss footballer. 1975: Mariana Fabbiani, Argentine television host. 1975: Geremi Gonzდ¡lez, Venezuelan baseball player (f. 2008). 1976: Jenny Lewis, American actress and singer, of the band Rilo Kiley. 1976: Alexandre Pires, Brazilian composer and singer, of the band Sდ³ Pra Contrariar. 1976: Marta Solaz, Spanish actress. 1977: Amber Benson, American actress. 1979: Torry Castellano, American musician, of the band The Donnas. 1979: David Civera, Spanish singer. 1979: Seol Ki-Hyeon, South Korean footballer. 1979: Adrian Mutu, Romanian footballer. 1979: Stipe Pletikosa, Croatian footballer. 1979: Sarah Polley, Canadian actress. 1980: Rachel Nichols, American actress. 1981: Xie Xingfang, Chinese badminton player. 1982: Mდ³nica Antonდ³pulos, Argentine actress. 1982: Emanuele Calaiდ², Italian footballer. 1982: Wil Francis, American singer, of the band Aiden. 1982: John Utaka, Nigerian footballer. 1983: Miguel Aceval, Chilean soccer player. 1983: Felipe Colombo, Mexican actor and singer. 1983: Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader. 1983: Chris Masters (Chris Mordetzky), American professional wrestler. 1984: Jeff Francoeur, American baseball player. 1986: Daniel Cambronero, Costa Rican soccer player. 1986: Jessica Parker Kennedy, Canadian actress. 1986: David Silva, Spanish footballer. 1987: Saori Gotვ?, Japanese voice actress. 1988: Adriდ¡n Lდ³pez დ?lvarez, Spanish footballer. 1988: Michael Mancienne, British footballer. 1991: Asuka Hinoi, Japanese pop singer. 1991: Jimin, South Korean singer and dancer, of the band AOA. 1992: Koke, Spanish soccer player 2000: Noah Cyrus, American actress. 2011: Josephine and Vincent of Denmark, Danish aristocrats.