july 10 zodiac

    People born on July 10 are sensitive to criticism and like risks and gambling.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 10

    They are jovial, cheerful and pleasant companions, although too careless in love. They want to indulge in friendliness and entertainment. They enjoy games and any form of entertainment, taking little care of duty. Despite that, they care deeply about their reputation and fear criticism, to which they are very sensitive. They are quite peaceful people in behavior. They enjoy luxury in any form and strive to have it even if their resources barely allow it. They like sea travel. Totally willful, they can deftly defend themselves against the attacks of their enemies and cunningly make their way through life, unconcerned about the principles that most people follow. Nor do they spare any effort in their fight for wealth. They enjoy official ceremonies and traditions. Although they enjoy hoarding money, they gladly spend it on clothing and jewelry. What should they be wary of? Their excessive sensitivity harms them in life, as it does not allow them to rise to positions of government and often stops them. They emotionally relate to other people so strongly that they often find it difficult to tell the difference between their own feelings and those of others. Therefore, their environment can greatly influence them. Each and every one of the extreme and emotional excesses hurts them deeply. What threatens them? Misunderstandings with relatives and financial losses await them. They can have happy marriages with people born during the periods of October 22 to November 23 and February 19 to March 20.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 10

    If your birthday is on July 10, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 10 - personality and character

    character:  cautious, passionate, intelligent, rude, careless, careless profession:  pharmacist, composer, archaeologist colors:  silver, gold, purple stone:  fluorite animal:  pig plant:  Larkspur flower lucky numbers:  4,8,11,24,48,59 super lucky number:  1

    Holidays and observances - July 10

    • Beatles Day
    • Chile: Librarian's Day.
    • Mauritania: Armed Forces Day.
    • Argentina: Merchant's Day.
    • Bahamas: Independence Day.

    July 10 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Kurt Alder, German chemist (d. 1958). 1902: Nicolდ¡s Guillდ©n, Cuban poet (d. 1989). 1902: Antulio Sanjuan Ribes, Spanish theater actor and poet (d. 1982). 1903: Werner Best, German jurist and Nazi leader (d. 1989). 1903: John Wyndham, British writer (d. 1969). 1905: Wolfram Sievers, Nazi German physicist (d. 1948). 1913: Salvador Espriu, Spanish poet (d. 1985). 1914: Joe Shuster, Canadian cartoonist (d. 1992). 1920: Owen Chamberlain, American physicist, 1959 Nobel Laureate in Physics (d. 2006). 1921: Eunice Kennedy Shriver, American activist (d. 2009). 1921: Jake LaMotta, American boxer. 1921: Francisco de Asდ­s Sancho Rebullida, Spanish jurist and foralista (f. 1995). 1923: Earl Hamner Jr., American author and producer (d. 2016). 1925: Mahathir bin Mohamad, Malaysian Prime Minister. 1926: Algeria Laya, Venezuelan teacher, philosopher and political activist (f. 1997) 1926: Fred Gwynne, American actor (f. 1993). 1928: Bernard Buffet, French painter (d. 1999). 1928: Alejandro de Tomaso, Italian-Argentine racing driver (d. 2003). 1931: Alice Munro, Canadian writer. 1934: Jerry Nelson, American puppeteer, creator of The Muppets (d. 2012). 1934: Adelma Gდ³mez, Argentine pedagogue and organist (d. 2011). 1934: Sondra Schlesinger, American virologist. 1938: Paul Andreu, French architect. 1938: Tura Satana, American actress (d. 2011). 1940: Helen Donath, American soprano. 1941: David G. Hartwell, American publisher (d. 2016). 1941: Montserrat Grases, a young Spanish woman, declared venerable by the Catholic Church (d. 1959). 1942: Rodrდ­guez, American musician and composer. 1942: Ronnie James Dio, American musician (d. 2010). 1943: Arthur Ashe, American tennis player (f. 1993). 1945: Ron Glass, American actor (d. 2016). 1945: Virginia Wade, British tennis player. 1946: Sue Lyon, American actress. 1946: Stuart Christie, British writer and editor. 1947: Arlo Guthrie, American musician. 1950: Greg Kihn, American singer. 1952: Liudmila Turდ­shcheva, Russian gymnast. 1954: Neil Tennant, British musician, of the band Pet Shop Boys. 1955: Marდ­a Josდ© Cantudo, Spanish actress. 1958: Bდ©la Fleck, American musician. 1961: Jacky Cheung, Hong Kong actor and singer. 1962: Santiago Ostolaza, Uruguayan soccer player and coach. 1963: Marco de Brix, Paraguayan singer (d. 2009). 1964: Eloy Olaya, Spanish footballer. 1965: Alexia, Greek aristocrat. 1968: Hassiba Boulmerka, Algerian athlete. 1969: Gale Harold, American actor. 1969: Jonas Kaufmann, German tenor. 1970: Gary LeVox, American singer and songwriter, of the band Rascal Flatts. 1970: Jason Orange, British singer, of the band Take That. 1970: John Simm, British actor. 1972: Sofდ­a Vergara, Colombian actress and model. 1972: Anabell Rivero, model and Venezuelan television actress. 1972: Tilo Wolff, German musician. 1974: Imelda May, Irish rockabilly singer. 1975: Ruth Gabriel, Spanish actress. 1975: Stefდ¡n Karl Stefდ¡nsson, Icelandic actor 1976: Edmდ­lson, Brazilian soccer player. 1976: Adrian Grenier, American actor. 1976: Ludovic Giuly, French footballer. 1976: Patricia Lდ³pez, Chilean actress. 1977: Chiwetel Ejiofor, British actor. 1978: Jesse Lacey, guitarist and American singer, of the band Brand New. 1978: Kotaro Koizumi, Japanese actor. 1979: Gong Yoo, South Korean actor and singer. 1980: Thomas Ian Nicholas, American actor. 1980: Jessica Simpson, American singer. 1981: Giancarlo Serenelli, Venezuelan driver. 1983: Kim Heechul, South Korean actor, presenter, radio host, model and singer, of the band Super Junior. 1983: Gabi, Spanish footballer, Atlდ©tico de Madrid player. 1984: Mark Gonzდ¡lez, Chilean soccer player. 1984: Marდ­a Julia Mantilla, Peruvian model, Miss World 2004. 1985: Mario Gდ³mez Garcდ­a, German soccer player. 1987: Josuდ©, Brazilian soccer player. 1989: Carlos Zambrano, Peruvian soccer player. 1991: Marდ­a Chacდ³n, Mexican actress and singer. 2001: Isabela Moner, American actress and singer.