july 11 zodiac

    People born on July 11 are imperious and fight for their independence.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 11

    Energetic, cunning in everything, Their character is a strange mix of nobility and sensitivity, playfulness and seriousness, all of which make their company quite difficult. They can skillfully defend your interests. They have a love for luxury and greatness. People born on this day often become deep thinkers, learned workers who spend all their time in special studies. When it happens, these people are attached to their books, are disinterested, and pursue income at work. They are also characterized by subtle taste and noble ideals. It often happens that their family is in some way related to the musical or military world, and they themselves show a passion for both worlds. It should be added that they have skills related to these two areas, but when it comes to music, they show much greater talent as performers than as composers. They can show extraordinary abilities as interpreters of the work of others. Restless, imperious, dominant: they do not expose themselves to any control and do not want to depend on anyone. They fight for a prominent position, expressing talents for public performance and dramatic arts. What should they be wary of? Although they can skillfully focus on their work, they tend to do so excessively and fall victim to a mania, narrowing their field of vision. In an inharmonious and unfriendly environment, they feel bad and risk suffering painful experiences. They show great perseverance when they act on their own ideas and projects.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 11

    If your birthday is July 11, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 11 - personality and character

    character:  lively, friendly, tolerant, evil, irritable, unpleasant profession:  structural engineer, pharmacist, lawyer colors:  cyan, silver, white stone:  onyx animal:  squirrel plant:  Cleome flower lucky numbers:  1,19,30,48,50,52 super lucky number:  32

    Holidays and observances - July 11

    • Argentina: Bandoneდ³n Day.
    • Mexico: Acდ¡mbaro, Guanajuato - Baker's Day.
    • Nicaragua: Day of the Liberal Revolution of 1893.
    • Chile: National Journalist Day.
    • United Nations: World Population Day.
    • Peru: University teacher's day.
    • Mexico: National Forest Fire Fighter Day.

    July 11 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Josდ© Agustდ­n Ramდ­rez Altamirano, compositor musical mexicano (f. 1957). 1903: Viliam Guდ©nrijovich Fisher, agente y espდ­a ruso (f. 1971). 1910: Ludwig Stumpfegger, mდ©dico alemდ¡n (f. 1945). 1912: Juan Arnoldo Smitmans Lდ³pez, polდ­tico chileno (f. 1996). 1913: Cordwainer Smith, escritor de ciencia ficciდ³n estadounidense (f. 1966). 1914: Anდ­bal Troilo, bandoneonista argentino (f. 1975). 1916: Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov, fდ­sico soviდ©tico, premio nobel de fდ­sica en 1964 (f. 2002). 1916: Gough Whitlam, primer ministro australiano (f. 2014). 1917: Ed Sadowski, baloncestista y entrenador estadounidense (f. 1990). 1920: Yul Brynner, actor ruso-estadounidense (f. 1985). 1924: Cდ©sar Lattes, fდ­sico brasileno (f. 2005). 1924: Alberto Uria, piloto uruguayo de Fდ³rmula 1 (f. 1988). 1926: Hugo Batalla, polდ­tico uruguayo (f. 1998). 1927: Gregorio Salvador Caja, filდ³logo, escritor y crდ­tico literario espanol. 1929: Hermann Prey, barდ­tono alemდ¡n (f. 1998). 1929: David Kelly, actor irlandდ©s (f. 2012). 1934: Giorgio Armani, disenador de moda italiano. 1941: Rosa Morena, cantante y actriz espanola. 1943: Oscar Dჴ€?Leდ³n, cantante venezolano. 1944: Paolo Flores dჴ€?Arcais, filდ³sofo italiano. 1944: Rodolfo Motta, futbolista y entrenador argentino (f. 2014). 1950: Bruce McGill, actor estadounidense. 1950: Hernდ¡n Rivera Letelier, novelista chileno. 1951: Bonnie Pointer, cantante estadounidense, de la banda The Pointer Sisters. 1951: Miguel დ?ngel Polti, guerrillero argentino asesinado en la Masacre de Trelew (f. 1972). 1951: Evelyn Scheidl, conductora de televisiდ³n y exmodelo argentina. 1953: Patricia Reyes Spდ­ndola, actriz mexicana. 1953: Mindy Sterling, actriz estadounidense. 1956: Andrდ©s Vicente, actor argentino. 1956: Sela Ward, actriz estadounidense. 1957: Peter Murphy, mდºsico britდ¡nico, de la banda Bauhaus. 1958: Hugo Sდ¡nchez, futbolista mexicano. 1959: Richie Sambora, mდºsico estadounidense, de la banda de Bon Jovi. 1959: Suzanne Vega, cantante estadounidense. 1959: Sandy West, cantante, compositora y baterista estadounidense, de la banda femenina The Runaways (f. 2006). 1960: Marდ­a Isabel de Lebed, presentadora de noticias y periodista ecuatoriana. 1961: Esperanza Elipe, actriz espanola. 1961: Laurence Golborne, polდ­tico chileno. 1962: Juan Manuel Suarez Fernandez, cantante y bajista del grupo Eskorbuto. 1963: Josდ© Carlos Carmona, Eescritor y director de orquesta espanol. 1963: Lisa Rinna, actriz estadounidense. 1964: Craig Charles, actor britდ¡nico. 1965: Scott Shriner, bajista estadounidense, de la banda Weezer. 1966: Melanie Appleby, cantautora britდ¡nica (f. 1990). 1966: Greg Grunberg, actor estadounidense. 1966: Cheb Mami, cantante argelino. 1966: Flavia Palmiero, actriz y conductora de televisiდ³n argentina. 1970: Justin Chambers, actor estadounidense. 1971: Leisha Hailey, actriz estadounidense. 1972: Henrique Capriles, polდ­tico venezolano. 1972: Michael Rosenbaum, actor estadounidense. 1973: Andrew Bird, cantautor estadounidense. 1974: Hermann Hrei?arsson, futbolista islandდ©s. 1974: Andrდ© Ooijer, futbolista neerlandდ©s. 1975: Rubდ©n Baraja, futbolista espanol. 1975: Lilჴ€? Kim, rapera estadounidense. 1975: Samer El Nahhal, mდºsico finდ©s, miembro de la banda Lordi. 1976: Eduardo Nდ¡jera, baloncestista mexicano. 1977: Ivდ¡n de Pineda, modelo y conductor de televisiდ³n argentino. 1979: Marina Gatell, actriz espanola 1980: Theodore Wilson, luchador profesional canadiense. 1982: Yuna Inamura, actriz de voz japonesa. 1983: Marie Serneholt, cantante sueca, de la banda A*Teens. 1984: Yorman Bazardo, beisbolista venezolano. 1984: Ben Spies, piloto de motociclismo estadounidense, campeდ³n de Superbikes. 1984: Rachael Taylor, actriz australiana-estadounidense. 1986: Raდºl Garcდ­a Escudero, futbolista espanol. 1986: Yoann Gourcuff, futbolista francდ©s. 1987: Shigeaki Kato, actor y cantante japonდ©s, de la banda NEWS. 1989: David Henrie, actor estadounidense. 1990: Adan Jezierski, actor polaco. 1990: Connor Paolo, actor estadounidense. 1990: Caroline Wozniacki, tenista danesa. 1996: Alessia Cara, cantante canadiense.