july 12 zodiac

    People born on July 12 can deal with life in an excellent way.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 12

    They are perceptive people, good observers, of many talents, able to adapt to their needs and local conditions. Diplomatic and cunning of character. Although they are quite slow at work, they manage to go through life with exceptional efficiency thanks to their alertness and cunning. Such people generally lean towards a public profession which, most of the time, does not give them great recognition. They are financially successful and often inherit great wealth. They will be more successful in a profession that is somehow related to boating, water, liquids, real estate, or public appearances. They can also make a career in the police force or shine as detectives. However, they will find even more success in secondary positions than in managerial positions. Although they cannot always count on fame, their life will be useful to humanity. In special cases, they could perform a great deed admired by future generations. They often live near water. They generally enjoy a long life. His mind is quite consistent. Although they generally occupy secondary positions in life, they use them to defend their ideals and defend the truth, most often as teachers or priests. They remember for a long time the experiences that caused them harm, and even when they are highly developed people, with the proper wisdom to understand and forgive everything, their persistent memory does not allow them to forgive the harm that has been done to them.  

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 12

    If your birthday is July 12, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 12 - personality and character

    character:  empathetic, perceptive, affectionate, capricious, impulsive, mean profession:  teacher, accountant, office worker colors:  brown, yellow, baby blue stone:  moonstone animal:  tiger plant:  Japanese holly lucky numbers:  2,17,18,21,46,54 super lucky number:  14

    Holidays and Observances - July 12

    • Sao Tome and Principe: Independence Day.
    • Peru: Official Tourism Guide Day.
    • Bolivia: Anniversary of Camiri (Cordil province / Santa Cruz department).
    • Mexico: Lawyer's Day.
    • Colombia: Day of the Internist Doctor.
    • Belfast (Northern Ireland): Day of the March of the Orangemen.
    • Argentina: La Paternal Neighborhood Day (Buenos Aires).

    July 12 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Manuel Antonio Pდ©rez Sდ¡nchez, Galician poet (d. 1930). 1902: Gდ¼nther Anders, German philosopher and essayist (d. 1992). 1904: Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 (d. 1973). 1908: Milton Berle, American actor (f. 2002). 1909: Joe DeRita, American actor and comedian (d. 1993). 1909: Fritz Leonhardt, German engineer (d. 1999). 1912: Nicolae Steinhardt, Romanian writer (d. 1989). 1913: Willis Eugene Lamb, American physicist (d. 2008). 1913: Mildred Cohn, American biochemist (d. 2009) 1914: Jacinto Pebe, Peruvian folk musician (d. 2003). 1915: Otto Steinert, German photographer (d. 1978). 1917: Andrew Wyeth, American painter (d. 2009). 1920: Keith Andes, American actor (d. 2005). 1923: Miguel Artola Gallego, Spanish historian. 1923: Renდ© Favaloro, Argentine cardiovascular surgeon (d. 2000). 1925: Juan Emilio Salinas, Peruvian soccer player (d. 2009). 1926: Carl Adam Petri, German mathematician and computer scientist (d. 2010). 1926: Oswald Mathias Ungers, German architect (d. 2007). 1927: Paixao Cდ´rtes, Brazilian folklorist, composer, radio host and agricultural engineer. 1928: Elias James Corey, American chemist and professor. 1928: Jo Myong-Rok, North Korean military man (d. 2010). 1932: Otis Davis, American athlete. 1933: Donald Westlake, American writer (d. 2008). 1933: Victor Poor, American computer scientist (d. 2012). 1934: Gualberto Castro Mexican actor and singer; Member and main voice of "Los Hermanos Castro" 1934: Van Cliburn, American musician. 1935: Hans Tilkowski, German footballer. 1936: Ana Marდ­a Cassდ¡n (Anne-Marie Paillard), French actress and model with a career in Argentina (d. 1960). 1937: Bill Cosby, American actor. 1937: Lionel Jospin, French politician and prime minister. 1937: Robert McFarlane, admiral and US Navy. 1938: Eduardo Iriarte Jimდ©nez, Peruvian businessman. 1939: Phillip Adams, Australian periosite. 1940: Carlos Eugenio Jorirse, Chilean lawyer and union leader. 1940: Jorge Palacios, the first actor, director, producer and theatrical entrepreneur of Venezuela. 1943: Walter Murch, editor and American sound designer. 1943: Paul Silas, American basketball player and coach. 1946: Robert Fisk, British writer and journalist. 1947: Mari Trini, Spanish singer-songwriter (d. 2009). 1948 - Richard Simmons, American aerobics and fitness expert. 1948: Ben Burtt, American director and screenwriter. 1949: Carlos Reynoso, Argentine anthropologist. 1950: Eric Carr, American musician of the band Kiss (d. 1991). 1951: Brian Grazer, American film producer. 1951: Cheryl Ladd, American actress and singer. 1951: Jaime Mayor Oreja, Basque politician. 1951: Jamey Sheridan, American actor. 1951: Sylvia Sass, Hungarian soprano. 1954: Eric Adams, American singer, of the band Manowar. 1954: Wolfgang Dremmler, German footballer. 1954: Sulakshana Pandit, Indian actress and singer. 1955: Chuck Loeb, American guitarist. 1956: Mario Soto, Dominican baseball player. 1957: Rick Husband, American astronaut (d. 2003). 1958: Michael Robinson, British footballer and sportscaster. 1959: Charlie Murphy, American actor and writer. 1959: Tupou VI, King of Tonga since 2012. 1962: Julio Cდ©sar Chდ¡vez, Mexican boxer. 1964: Carles Campuzano, Spanish politician. 1964: Tim Gane, British guitarist, of the bands Stereolab and McCarthy. 1966: Ana Torrent, Spanish actress. 1966: Sabine Moussier, actress of German origin. 1966: Taiji, Japanese musician (d. 2011). 1967: John Petrucci, American guitarist of the band Dream Theater. 1967: Bruny Surin, Canadian athlete. 1969: Lisa Nicole Carson, American actress. 1969: Jesse Pintado, Mexican-American guitarist for the band Napalm Death. 1969: Anne-Sophie Pic, French chef. 1971: Joel Casamayor, Cuban boxer. 1971: Andrea Legarreta, Mexican actress and host. 1972: Travis Best, American basketball player. 1972: Brett Reed, American musician of the band Rancid. 1972: Jake Wood, British actor. 1972: Celia Blanco Rodrდ­guez, Spanish journalist. 1973: Magoo, American rapper. 1973: Christian Vieri, Italian footballer. 1974: Olivier Adam, French writer. 1974: Sharon den Adel, Dutch singer of the band Within Temptation. 1974: Stelios Giannakopoulos, Greek footballer. 1974: Gregory Helms, American professional wrestler. 1976: Anna Friel, British actress. 1977: Brock Lesnar, American professional wrestler. 1977: Steve Howey, American actor. 1978: Topher Grace, American actor. 1978: Ziad Jaziri, Tunisian footballer. 1978: Michelle Rodrდ­guez, American actress. 1980: Jessica Garcდ­a, Puerto Rican judoka. 1980: Katherine Legge, British racing driver. 1980: Luis Ortega, Argentine screenwriter and filmmaker. 1982: Antonio Cassano, Italian footballer. 1983: Kimberly Perry, American singer, of the band The Band Perry. 1983: Sandi Gbandi, Liberian footballer. 1984: Gareth Gates, British singer. 1984: Sami Zayn, Canadian professional wrestler. 1985: Luiz Ejlli, Albanian singer. 1985: Gianluca Curci, Italian footballer. 1985: Paulo Vitor Barreto, Brazilian soccer player. 1987: Matthew "Mdot" Finley, American actor and musician. 1989: Phoebe Tonkin, actress and Australian model. 1990: Baby, Portuguese soccer player. 1991: James Rodrდ­guez, Colombian footballer. 1991: Erik Per Sullivan, American actor. 1995: Luke Shaw, English footballer. 1997: Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist.