july 13 zodiac

    People born on July 13 change their profession and seek happiness around the world.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 13

    Not very happy in their youth - they develop rapidly as they age, become increasingly sensitive, and react strongly to their surroundings. Their mind is quite inquisitive and his demeanor is understanding and pleasant to their surroundings. They travel a lot. Good-natured, hospitable people: quick to forgive any harm done to them. Although they are talented and industrious, they lack perseverance, so they jump from one company to another without trying to perfect and develop what they currently do. Naturally, that brings them losses. A woman born on this day can care for the sick with great excellence and is a great homemaker. Strongly attached to her children, who generally have several, she worries about the happiness of her family. Flaws: These people worry unnecessarily about everything and get nervous, falling into depression and confusion. They also show a great deal of vanity. What threatens them? They fight for wealth in various ways, but they place their trust in the wrong way, which can prevent their projects from being realized. They often change their place of residence, which generates income or losses, the latter being the most common. They look for happiness around the word, and their way of life cannot be determined for long. However, their destiny improves significantly in the second part of their life, and today's birthday could eventually bring them a good position. Difficulties related to literature await them. On the other hand, they find success in professions related to water or sea, in which they can even find wealth. How to raise a child born on this day? Their unusual sensitivity and excellent memory make these children require careful care and gentle treatment. They could suffer great torment due to an unfair or unsympathetic educator.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 13

    If your birthday is July 13, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 13 - personality and character

    character:  cutting, honest, tolerant, mean, tight-lipped, disrespectful profession:  biologist, administrator, chimney sweep colors:  cyan, orange, crimson stone:  amethyst animal:  walrus plant:  star jasmine lucky numbers:  2,11,41,43,48,49 super lucky number:  17

    Holidays and observances - July 13

    • Argentina: National Telecommunications Day (since 1992), Electric Power Worker's Day.
    • International Conductor's Day (since 2013).
    • World Rock Day (since 1985).
    • International Day of the Weavers (since 2005)

    July 13 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: George Lewis, American musician (d. 1969). 1900: Teresa de Los Andes (Juana Fernდ¡ndez Solar), Chilean Catholic nun, the first Chilean canonized by the Catholic Church (d. 1920). 1903: Kenneth Clark, British art historian (d. 1983). 1903: Lalo Malcolm, Argentine actor (d. 1970). 1908: Antonio Barbosa Heldt, teacher and Mexican politician (d. 1973). 1912: Carmelo Robledo, Argentine boxer (d. 1961). 1913: Marsk Mc-Kinney Moller, Danish shipowner (d. 2012). 1915: Japanese chemist and quality control expert Kaoru Ishikawa (d. 1989). 1918: Alberto Ascari, Italian Formula 1 driver (d. 1955). 1921: James Anderson, American film and television actor (d. 1969). 1921: Ernest Gold, American composer (d. 1999). 1922: Anker Jorgensen, Danish politician (d. 2016). 1924: Carlo Bergonzi, Italian opera singer (d. 2014). 1924: Michel Constantin, French actor (d. 2003). 1925: Gustavo Torner, Spanish artist. 1926: Suzanne Zimmerman, American swimmer. 1927: Simone Veil, French politician and lawyer (d. 2017). 1928: Jaume Ferran Camps, Spanish poet and university professor (d. 2016). 1928: Tommaso Buscetta, Sicilian mobster (d. 2000). 1928: Bob Crane, American actor (d. 1978). 1928: Leroy Vinnegar, American jazz double bass player and composer (f. 1999). 1929: Mario Lacruz, Spanish literary editor and novelist (f. 2000). 1931: Frank Ramsey, American basketball player. 1932: Hubert Reeves, Canadian astrophysicist. 1932: Antonio Roma, Argentine footballer (d. 2013). 1934: Wole Soyinka, Nigerian writer, 1986 Nobel Prize winner for literature. 1935: Jack Kemp, American politician (d. 2009). 1935: Monique Wittig, French feminist writer and theorist (f. 2003). 1936: Albert Ayler, American musician (d. 1970). 1937: Cal Ramsey, former American basketball player and coach. 1940: Patrick Stewart, British actor. 1941: Robert Forster, American actor. 1941: Luis Alberto Lacalle, Uruguayan politician and president. 1941: Txema Blasco, Spanish actor. 1941: Jacques Perrin, French actor and director. 1942: Harrison Ford, American actor. 1942: Roger McGuinn, American musician, of the band The Byrds. 1943: Carlos Borcosque, Argentine film director and screenwriter. 1944: Ernვ‘ Rubik, Hungarian inventor, sculptor and architect. 1944: Raდºl Moneta, former Argentine banker and businessman. 1946: Cheech Marin, American actor. 1947: Juan Carlos Loustau, Argentine referee. 1948: Catherine Breillat, French filmmaker. 1948: Daphne Maxwell Reid, American actress. 1949: Mariana Aylwin, Chilean professor and politician. 1949: Sara Gonzდ¡lez, Cuban singer (f. 2012). 1950: Ma Ying-jeou, Taiwanese politician. 1951: Didi Conn, American actress. 1954: Sezen Aksu (Fatma Sezen Yildirim), Turkish composer, singer and producer, called the Queen of Turkish Pop. 1954: David Thompson, American basketball player. 1956: Edmundo Hermosilla, Chilean economist. 1957: Cameron Crowe, American filmmaker. 1957: Thierry Boutsen, Belgian motorsport driver. 1962: Tom Kenny, American voice actor. 1963: Raquel Palacio, American writer. 1963: Spud Webb, American basketball player. 1965: Juan Josდ© Artero, Spanish actor. 1965: Fabio Gდ³mez, former Argentine rugby player. 1965: Claudio Narea, Chilean musician. 1965: Akina Nakamori, Japanese singer and actress. 1966: David X. Cohen, American writer, producer and screenwriter. 1966: Gerald Levert, American R&B singer (d. 2006). 1966: Natalia Luis-Bassa, Venezuelan conductor and musician. 1967: Benny Benassi, diy and Italian composer. 1968: Robert Gant, American actor. 1969: Sandra Gugliotta, Argentine film director. 1969: Mark "Barney" Greenway, British singer, of the band Napalm Death. 1969: Ken Jeong, American actor and doctor. 1969: Oleg Serebrian, Moldovan politician. 1970: Muriel Santa Ana, Argentine actress and singer. 1971: Murilo Benicio, Brazilian actor. 1972: Sean Waltman, American professional wrestler. 1973: Ariel Zდ¡rate, Argentine soccer player. 1974: Jarno Trulli, Italian Formula 1 driver. 1976: Al Santos, American model and actor. 1979: Craig Bellamy, British footballer. 1979: Daniel Dდ­az, Argentine soccer player. 1980: Daniel Cifuentes Alfaro, Spanish footballer. 1981: Mirco Lorenzetto, Italian cyclist. 1982: Joost van den Broek, Dutch keyboardist, of the band After Forever. 1983: Liu Xiang, Chinese athlete. 1983: Carmen Villalobos, Colombian actress. 1984: Nadjim Abdou, Comorian footballer. 1984: Ida Maria, Norwegian rock singer and guitarist. 1984: Billy Paynter, English footballer. 1984: Carmelo Valencia, Colombian footballer. 1984: Hitomi Yoshida, Japanese voice actress. 1985: Charlotte Dujardin, British dressage rider. 1985: Nobuyuki Nishi, Japanese acrobatic skier. 1985: Francisco Guillermo Ochoa, Mexican soccer player. 1985: Johan Passave-Ducteil, French basketball player. 1986: Stanley Weber, French actor. 1987: Xavi Rey, Spanish basketball player. 1987: Eva Rivas, Armenian-Russian singer. 1987: Oguz Savaვ?, Turkish basketball player. 1988: Colton Haynes, American actor and model. 1988: DJ LeMahieu, American baseball player. 1988: Steven R. McQueen, American actor. 1988: Raდºl Spank, German athlete. 1989: Skyler Bowlin, American basketball player. 1989: Juan Fernando Caicedo, Colombian footballer. 1989: Sayumi Michishige, Japanese singer, of the band Morning Musume. 1989: Elkeson de Oliveira Cardoso, Brazilian soccer player. 1990: Jonathan Mensah, Ghanaian footballer. 1990: Emmanuel Palomares, Venezuelan actor. 1990: Matt Weinberg, American voice actor. 1991: Sebastian Foss Solevaag, Norwegian skier. 1991: Seppe Smits, Belgian snowboarding athlete. 1991: Roger Torres, Colombian footballer. 1992: Airine Palვ¡yte, Lithuanian athlete. 1992: Rich The Kid, American rapper. 1992: Jacqueline Wiles, American skier. 1993: Kდ©vin Ledanois, French cyclist. 1994: Arman-Marshall Silla, Belarusian taekwondo athlete. 1995: Cody Bellinger, American baseball player. 1995: Dante Exum, Australian basketball player. 1995: Adriდ¡n Spდ¶rle, Argentine footballer. 1996: Max Hess, German athlete. 1996: Jacinto Muondo Dala, Angolan soccer player. 1997: Leo Howard, American actor.