july 15 zodiac

    People born on July 15 are romantics in behavior and positively influential on others.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 15

    They want everyone to know them and get general recognition, but they behave humbly, as if they don't mind attracting the attention of others. Frugal, very conservative in their views, they firmly adhere to their principles. Romantic and often spiritual people, their imaginations are unusually developed. Although their influence attracts others, they do not always live in harmony with their environment. They are somewhat strange by nature, and other people cannot always understand what they do and do not want, which makes them confusing for the environment. They seem to be considered a riddle, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are very sensitive people who get emotional easily, very emotional, withdrawn, somewhat shy but very attached to their goals. Its most characteristic feature is its changeable moods. They can also show significant irritability, sensitivity, and nervousness, as long as they don't learn to control their whims and moods. The shortcomings of this birthday: When such a person is not developed, then his soul becomes a collection of inconsequential whims. Then, she becomes unstable and indecisive, especially in everything related to her feelings and experiences. But when he reaches a higher moral level, he begins to learn to control his mood swings and develops great willpower. These people pursue their goals with persistence and perseverance, and they achieve them through tact or skill or through adulation and conviction, which they apply expertly.
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    Zodiac sign for those born on July 15

    If your birthday is July 15, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 15 - personality and character

    character:  well-mannered, sincere, apt, despicable, aggressive, rude profession:  secretary, orthopedist, musician colors:  orange, green, yellow stone:  emerald animal:  coyote plant:  hackberry lucky numbers:  29,39,44,46,57,59 super lucky number:  34

    Holidays and observances - July 15

    • World Youth Skills Day

    July 15 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1905: Enrique Laguerre, Puerto Rican writer (d. 2005). 1909: William Cochran, Scottish statistician (d. 1980). 1913: Darrell Huff, American writer (d. 2001). 1915: Manuel Giდºdice, Argentine soccer player (d. 1983). 1917: Juan Bonet, Spanish journalist and writer (d. 1991). 1917: Nur Mohammad Taraki, Afghan intellectual, revolutionary and statesman (d. 1979). 1918: Bertram Neville Brockhouse, Canadian physicist, 1994 Nobel laureate in physics (f. 2003). 1919: Argimiro Gabaldდ³n, educator, painter and Venezuelan guerrilla (f. 1964). 1919: Iris Murdoch, Irish writer and philosopher (d. 1999). 1921: Robert Bruce Merrifield, American biochemist, 1984 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry (d. 2006). 1922: Leon Max Lederman, American physicist, Nobel laureate in physics in 1988. 1923: Anilda Leao, Brazilian poet, writer, feminist activist, actress and singer (d. 2012). 1925: Philip Carey, American actor (d. 2009). 1925: Josep Mussons, businessman and Spanish sports leader. 1925: DA Pennebaker, American filmmaker and documentary maker. 1926: Leopoldo Galtieri, Argentine military and dictator (f. 2003). 1927: Luis Dდ¡vila, Argentine actor (f. 1998). 1927: Carmen Zapata, American actress (d. 2014). 1928: Carl Woese, American microbiologist. 1930: Jacques Derridდ¡, French philosopher (d. 2004). 1930: Stephen Smale, American mathematician. 1931: Clive Cussler, American writer. 1932: Josდ© Antonio Echeverrდ­a, student leader and Cuban revolutionary (d. 1957); assassinated by the Batista dictatorship. 1933: Julian Bream, British guitarist and lute player. 1933: Guido Crepax, Italian illustrator and cartoonist (d. 2003). 1934: Harrison Birtwistle, British composer. 1935: Vდ­ctor Mares, Mexican actor (d. 2000). 1937: Horacio Garcდ­a Blanco, Argentine sports journalist (f. 2002). 1939: Anდ­bal Cavaco Silva, Portuguese politician. 1941: Rodolfo Fogwill, Argentine writer (d. 2010). 1942: Mil Mდ¡scaras (Aarდ³n Rodrდ­guez Arellano), Mexican professional wrestler. 1942: Vivian Malone Jones, American civil rights activist. 1943: Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Northern Irish astrophysicist. 1944: Millie Jackson, American singer. 1946: Muda Hassanal Bolkiak, Bruneian sultan. 1946: Linda Ronstadt, American singer. 1947: Peter Banks, British guitarist, of the band Yes (d. 2013). 1947: Trevor Horn, British musician, of the band The Buggles. 1949: Carl Bildt, Swedish politician. 1951: Jesse Ventura, ex-wrestler and American politician. 1951: Gregory Isaacs, Jamaican musician (d. 2010). 1952: Terry O'Quinn, American actor. 1952: Johnny Thunders, singer and guitarist, of the band New York Dolls (f. 1991). 1953: Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haitian revolutionary politician and priest, president of his country. 1953: Alicia Bridges, American singer. 1954: Mario Alberto Kempes, Argentine footballer. 1955: Carlos Iglesias, Spanish actor and director. 1956: Ian Curtis, British singer, of the band Joy Division (d. 1980). 1956: Antonio Fernდ¡ndez Garcდ­a, Spanish politician. 1956: Marky Ramone, American drummer, of the band The Ramones. 1956: Joe Satriani, virtuoso American guitarist. 1959: Vincent Lindon, French actor. 1961: Forest Whitaker, American actor and filmmaker. 1963: Brigitte Nielsen, Danish actress. 1966: Amanda Foreman, American actress. 1966: Irene Jacob, French-Swiss actress and singer. 1966: Jason Bonham, British drummer, son of drummer John Bonham. 1967: Adam Savage, American television host. 1968: Leticia Calderდ³n, Mexican actress. 1970: Chi Cheng, American bassist for the band Deftones. 1971: Iosu Olalla, Spanish handball player. 1973: Buju Banton Jamaican reggae singer. 1973: Mario Kempes Argentine footballer. 1973: John Dolmayan, Lebanese drummer, of the band System of a Down. 1976: Jim Jones, American rapper. 1976: Diane Kruger, German actress and model. 1976: Marco Di Vaio, Italian footballer. 1977: Lana Parrilla, American actress. 1977: Ray Toro, American guitarist, of the band My Chemical Romance. 1978: Josდ© Antonio Delgado, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1979: Travis Fimmel, Australian actor and model. 1979: Alexander Frei, Swiss footballer. 1980: Erika Sanz, Spanish actress and dancer. 1981: Josდ© Marდ­a Calvo, Argentine footballer. 1981: Issa Gadala, Dominican singer-songwriter. 1981: Peter Odemwingie, Nigerian footballer. 1981: Taylor Kinney, American actor and model. 1982: Jerდ³nimo Figueroa, "Momo", Spanish footballer. 1982: Aდ­da Yდ©spica, model and character on Venezuelan television. 1990: Olly Alexander, British actor, singer and songwriter, of the band Years & Years. 1992: Koharu Kusumi, Japanese voice actress and singer, of the band Morning Musume. 1992: Porter Robinson, American DJ and electronic music producer.