july 16 zodiac

    People born on July 16 are cautious, ambitious, and with changing points of view.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 16

    They do not immediately accept new thoughts, but consider them carefully before trying to apply them. Although they are quite influential, their views tend to be changeable. They may talk about the same problem to various people in different ways, depending on their influence or their ability to convince others. They are quite unstable of character, tormented by an internal malaise. They like to take long walks and trips, and enjoy mountain hiking and all kinds of sports. They can become excellent geographers. Very sensitive: they are quite impulsive and noble people, although somewhat shy. Despite their ability to change, they can design their plans in advance and with great care. They have high ambitions and aim high. They enjoy risky ventures and do not hesitate to participate energetically in their work. In a way, their character is quite quirky, one of a kind, which might even allow them to become prominent people. Your effort and persevering work will earn you the attention of society, which will not be emphasized more strongly until the second half of your life. His youth often brings only limits and fruitless effort. They will gain recognition earlier for their innate abilities and character traits, as well as for their social usefulness, not for scientific work and inventions. They will be successful in their relationships with wider audiences and can get positive results as restaurateurs, hoteliers, etc. They may be in great danger in the middle of their life career, but they will overcome it and triumph over adversity. Eventually they will avoid all dangers and their actions will be crowned with success.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 16

    If your birthday is July 16, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 16 - personality and character

    character:  prudent, respectable, penetrating, silent, talkative, perverse profession:  veterinarian, sociologist, designer colors:  white, yellow, gray stone:  morganite animal:  chicken plant:  red oak lucky numbers:  2,14,18,30,37,55 super lucky number:  35

    Holidays and observances - July 16

    • Spain: Revilla de Camargo (Cantabria): El Carmen.
    • Mexico: Gutiდ©rrez Zamora (Veracruz): patron saint festivities with the Feria del Carmen.
    • Spain: Santa Olalla (Castilla-La Mancha): patron saint festivities.
    • Honduras: National Civil Engineer Day (Honduras).
    • Spain: San Millდ¡n de la Cogolla (La Rioja): Fiestas de Lugar del Rდ­o.
    • Spain: Spain: La Cistდ©rniga (Castilla y Leდ³n): patron saint festivities.
    • Chile: La Tirana Festival (Tarapacდ¡ Region).
    • Argentina: Itatდ­ (Corrientes): anniversary of the coronation of the Virgin of Itatდ­.
    • Spain: San Fernando (Cდ¡diz) (Andalusia): patron saint festivities with the Feria del Carmen y de la Sal.
    • Spain: Beniajდ¡n (Murcia): patron saint festivities.
    • Venezuela: National Police Day.
    • Spain: Saldana (Castilla y Leდ³n): Roman Week
    • Bolivia: Department of La Paz: patron saint festivities.
    • Spain: Isla Cristina (Huelva, Andalucia): Patron Saint festivities of Our Lady of Carmen
    • Colombia: Fiestas de Nuestra Senora del Carmen (or Virgen del Carmen): Patroness of drivers, firefighters and the armed forces.

    July 16 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Alexander Luria, Russian psychologist (d. 1977). 1903: Mary Philbin, American actress (d. 1993). 1904: Armando Buscaini, Spanish poet (d. 1940). 1904: Ricardo Nდºnez, Spanish actor and filmmaker (d. 1998). 1904: Goffredo Petrassi, Italian composer (d. 2003). 1907: Barbara Stanwyck, American actress (d. 1990). 1910: Gordon Prange, American writer (d. 1980). 1911: Ginger Rogers, American actress and dancer (d. 1995). 1914: Divito, Argentine cartoonist (d. 1969). 1919: Hermine Braunsteiner, Austrian SS officer (d. 1999). 1919: Choi Kyu-hah, South Korean politician, 4th president (d. 2006). 1921: Miguel Labordeta, Spanish poet and playwright (d. 1969). 1925: Rosita Quintana, Argentine-Mexican actress. 1925: Cal Tjader, American musician (d. 1982). 1926: Irwin Rose, American biologist, 2004 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. 1927: Carmelo Torres, Mexican bullfighter. 1928: Anita Brookner, British writer. 1928: Bella Davidovich, Azerbaijani pianist, nationalized American. 1928: Robert Sheckley, American writer (d. 2005). 1928: Concha Valdდ©s Miranda, composer and performer of Cuban music. 1929: Carmelo Bernaola, Spanish composer (f. 2002). 1929: Sheri Stewart Tepper, American writer. 1930: Guy Bდ©art, French musician. 1934: Tomდ¡s Eloy Martდ­nez, Argentine writer (d. 2010). 1936: Yasuo Fukuda, Japanese politician. 1938: Gladys Marდ­n, Chilean politician. 1939: Corin Redgrave, British actor and activist (d. 2010). 1941: Desmond Dekker, Jamaican musician (d. 2006). 1941: Dag Solstad, Norwegian writer. 1942: Margaret Court, Australian tennis player. 1943: Reinaldo Arenas, Cuban poet (d. 1990). 1943: Jimmy Johnson, American football coach. 1943: Rubდ©n Rada, Uruguayan musician. 1944: Jean Pierre Ducasse, French cyclist (d. 1969). 1945: Andrდ©s Pazos, Spanish actor based in Uruguay (d. 2010). 1946: Richard LeParmentier, American actor (d. 2013). 1947: Assata Shakur, American activist. 1948: Rita Barberდ¡, Spanish politician. 1948: Rubდ©n Blades, Panamanian artist and politician. 1948: Cecilia Rossetto, Argentine actress and singer. 1948: Pinchas Zukerman, Israeli violinist. 1952: Stewart Copeland, American musician, founder and drummer of the band The Police. 1952: Karmelo Landa, Spanish politician. 1956: Tony Kushner, American playwright. 1957: Faye Grant, American actress. 1957: Alexandra Marinina, Russian writer. 1958: Michael Flatley, Irish dancer and choreographer. 1959: Jდ¼rgen Ligi, Estonian politician. 1963: Phoebe Cates, American actress. 1963: Sreე?ko Katanec, Slovenian footballer and coach. 1964: Phil Hellmuth, American poker player. 1964: Miguel Indurain, Spanish cyclist. 1967: Will Ferrell, American actor and comedian. 1968: Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia. 1970: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thai filmmaker. 1971: Corey Feldman, American actor. 1971: Felipe Arias, Colombian news anchor. 1971: Carlos Nდºnez, Spanish musician. 1973: Stefano Garzelli, Italian cyclist. 1974: Jeremy Enigk, American singer-songwriter for the bands Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Fire Theft. 1974: Espido Freire, Spanish writer. 1974: Ryan McCombs, American singer, of the bands Soil and Drowning Pool. 1974: Chris Pontius, American actor. 1975: Ana Paula Arდ³sio, Brazilian actress and model. 1975: Manuel Sanhouse, Venezuelan soccer player. 1976: Bobby Lashley, American professional wrestler. 1976: Carlos Humberto Paredes, Paraguayan soccer player. 1976: Anna Smashnova, Belarusian tennis player. 1977: Alejandro Delius, Bolivian singer-songwriter, of the Quirquina group. 1977: Martin Laursen, Danish footballer. 1978: Irene Visedo, Spanish actress. 1978: Adriana Bottina, Colombian actress and singer. 1979: Jayma Mays, American actress. 1979: Chris Mihm, American basketball player. 1980: Jesse Jane, American pornographic actress. 1980: Justine Joli, American pornographic actress. 1981: Zach Randolph, American basketball player. 1981: Vicente Rodrდ­guez Guillდ©n, Spanish soccer player. 1982: Andrდ© Greipel, German cyclist. 1982: Michael Umana, Costa Rican soccer player. 1983: Katrina Kaif, British actress. 1984: Franco Cangele, Argentine footballer. 1985: Cha Ye Ryun, South Korean actress. 1986: Edo Caroe, Chilean humorist and magician. 1986: Misako Uno, actress and Japanese singer. 1987: Moussa Dembდ©lდ©, Belgian footballer. 1987: AnnaLynne McCord, American actress. 1988: Sergio Busquets, Spanish footballer. 1989: Gareth Bale, Welsh footballer. 1990: James Maslow, American actor and singer, of the band Big Time Rush. 1990: Paula Rojo, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1991: Andros Townsend, British footballer. 1994: Mark Indelicato, American actor and singer. 1996: Luke Hemmings, Australian guitarist and singer, of the band 5 Seconds Of Summer