july 18 zodiac

    People born on July 18 are active, independent, and self-sufficient.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 18

    Their mind and character are independent, they are not subject to any control of others. At the same time, they are quite extreme, eccentric people, with a strong sense of independence: they do not allow anyone to limit them. They have a yearning for adventure and self-confidence, and their aspirations are very high. They also often lead other people to higher goals and pioneer new movements. Your influence can be felt widely, beyond your closest neighbors and family. They know how to do things in life. They implement their intentions and projects independently, without the help of others. Your actions speak louder than your words. They depend on themselves. They will be successful in a profession that requires independent thinking, courage, and perseverance. They know how to keep their abilities in check and control themselves. They can also sacrifice for their loved ones. They are often quickly separated from their family to lead a lonely life. Their own company is sufficient for them. Defects: Their character is quite inconsistent, they do not like order and their changing moods annoy their surroundings. Mentally independent: they can be willful and brash people, with no intention of trying too hard in life. They make their career gradually, usually in the second part of their life. The first part, most of the time, brings them disappointment.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 18

    If your birthday is July 18, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 18 - personality and character

    character:  easygoing, kind-hearted, cheerful, aggressive, insistent, conceited profession:  musician, carpenter, spy colors:  yellow, red, gray stone:  cat's eye animal:  guinea pig plant:  Buttercup flower lucky numbers:  6,11,25,38,43,55 super lucky number:  1

    Holidays and Observances - July 18

    • Nelson Mandela International Day.
    • Mexico: Death anniversary of Benito Juდ¡rez.

    July 18 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Juan Gდ³mez Millas, rector of the University of Chile (d. 1987). 1901: Diego Angulo დ?niguez, Spanish art historian (d. 1986). 1902: Nathalie Sarraute (Natalia Cherniak), French writer of Russian origin (d. 1999). 1904: Joaquდ­n Romero Murube, Spanish poet and essayist (d. 1969). 1908: Lupe Vდ©lez, Mexican actress (d. 1944). 1909: Andrei Gromyko, Russian politician (d. 1989). 1913: Red Skelton, American actor and comedian (d. 1997). 1914: Ginettaccio (Gino Bartali), Italian cyclist (d. 2000). 1914: Jo Cals, Dutch Prime Minister (d. 1971). 1916: Vladimir Dდ©mijov, Soviet scientist and surgeon, pioneer in transplantation (d. 1998). 1918: Reinaldo Gorno, Argentine soccer player (d. 1994). 1918: Nelson Mandela, South African politician and activist, president between 1994 and 1999 (d. 2013). 1920: Josდ© Simდ³n Dდ­az, Spanish philologist (d. 2012). 1921: John Glenn, American astronaut (d. 2016). 1921: Aaron Temkin Beck, founder of the psychological cognitive school. 1922: Enrique Angelelli, Argentine bishop, assassinated by the Videla dictatorship (d. 1976). 1923: Jean de Gribaldy, French cyclist and sports director (d. 1987). 1922: Thomas Kuhn, American physicist and epistemologist (f. 1996). 1922: Julia Morilla de Campbell, Argentine youth writer. 1926: დ?ngel Crespo, poet, essayist, art critic and Spanish translator (f. 1995). 1927: Antonio Garcდ­a-Trevijano, Spanish lawyer and politician. 1927: Gius (Augusto Giustozzi), Argentine screenwriter (d. 2001). 1927: Kurt Masur, German conductor and pianist (d. 2015). 1930: Carmen Campoy, Argentine actress of Spanish origin. 1931: Walter Vidarte, Uruguayan actor (d. 2011). 1932: Rafael Requena, Spanish painter (f. 2003). 1932: Yevgueni Yevtushenko, Russian poet (d. 2017). 1933: R. Murray Schafer, Canadian composer, music educator, and environmentalist. 1935: Ben Vautier, Italian artist. 1937: Roald Hoffmann, American chemist, 1981 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry. 1937: Hunter S. Thompson, American author (d. 2005). 1938: Ian Stewart, British musician, of the band The Rolling Stones (d. 1985). 1938: El Viti, Spanish bullfighter. 1940: James Brolin, American actor. 1942: Asun Balzola, Spanish writer (d. 2006). 1942: Giacinto Facchetti, Italian footballer (d. 2006). 1946: Alicia Kirchner, Argentine politician. 1948: Hartmut Michel, German biochemist. 1950: Sir Richard Branson, British businessman. 1950: Jack Layton, Canadian politician (d. 2011). 1951: Elio Di Rupo, Belgian Prime Minister. 1954: Ricky Skaggs, Grammy Award-winning American singer. 1957: Nick Faldo, British golfer. 1959: Gerardo Morales, Argentine politician. 1960: Nდ©stor Restivo, Argentine journalist and historian. 1961: Elizabeth McGovern, American actress. 1961: Alan Pardew, British footballer and coach. 1962: Jack Irons, American drummer, of the bands Pearl Jam, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 1963: Martდ­n Torrijos, Panamanian president. 1967: Vin Diesel, American actor. 1971: Mario Pobersnik, Argentine footballer. 1975: Sebastiდ¡n Vignolo, Argentine sports journalist. 1975: Daron Malakian, American musician, of the band System of a Down. 1975: MIA, British singer, songwriter, painter and director of Sinhalese Tamil descent. 1976: Elsa Pataky, Spanish actress. 1977: Aleksandr Morozდ©vich, great Russian chess master. 1978: Verდ³nica Romero, Spanish singer. 1978: Adabel Guerrero, actress and Argentine vedette. 1979: Jaska Raatikainen, Finnish musician, from the Children of Bodom band. 1979: Fernando Noriega, Mexican television actor. 1980: Gareth Emery, British DJ and producer. 1980: Kristen Bell, American actress. 1982: Ryan Cabrera, American singer. 1982: Carlo Costly, Honduran footballer. 1983: Carlos Diogo, Uruguayan soccer player. 1983: Vanessa Andreu, Mexican actress, singer, reporter and host. 1985: Chace Crawford, American actor. 1987: Claudio Yacob, Argentine soccer player. 1988: Cდ©sar Villaluz, Mexican soccer player. 1990: Saდºl «Canelo» დ?lvarez, Mexican boxer. 1991: Mandy Rose, American fighter. 1991: Eugenio Suდ¡rez, Venezuelan baseball player. 1993: Nabil Fekir, French footballer. 1993: Lee Taemin, South Korean actor, model, singer and dancer. 1996: Yung Lean (Jonatan Leandoer Hastad), Swedish record producer and rapper.