july 2 zodiac

    People born on July 2 could see their momentum in life wasted by family ties.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 2

    They are people with a fairly strong character. They have great moral strength and remain true to their principles. They can be counted on and this is attractive to people. Even so, they are not very sociable, and they have a rather pessimistic attitude. They always try not to be subdued by anyone; however, they are rarely successful. Their fight for validity and independence is limited. They are strongly attached to their family and home. This often reduces their scope of interests, strengthens their views, and hampers their lives. Quiet, withdrawn, very sensitive people. They are quite understanding. Their flaw is that they tend to imagine that other people are mocking or ignoring them. However, it is just a delusion without any foundation. They don't like everything new and unusual. Attached to old customs and traditions, they run through life quite conventionally. They do not feel the need to dare to risky adventures. The first half of their life is usually quite fruitless and it is not until the second half that luck begins to smile on them. Most of the time, they do a career only after the age of 35. Their experience and righteousness in later ages give them recognition and success. Your twilight years will be full of prosperity. At that point, you will reap the rich fruit of your perseverance and effort in life. It is characteristic for these people that, with age, they still feel young inside. The older they are, the happier they become. However, what bothers them is their excessive sensitivity, which gradually grows.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 2

    If your birthday is July 2, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 2 - personality and character

    character:  careful, sensible, witty, partial, silent, playful profession:  craftsman, teacher, photographer colors:  red, cyan, pink stone:  peridot animal:  mouse plant:  juniper lucky numbers:  25,28,31,32,39,44 super lucky number:  21

    Holidays and observances - July 2

    • Stephen III of Moldavia
    • San Bernardino Realino, Jesuit.

    July 2 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Tyrone Guthrie, British actor and director (d. 1971). 1903: Alec Douglas-Home, cricketer and British Prime Minister (d. 1995). 1903: Olaf V, Norwegian King (d. 1991). 1904: Renდ© Lacoste, French tennis player and businessman, creator of the sports shirt (f. 1996). 1906: Hans Bethe, American physicist, Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1967 (d. 2005). 1908: Luis Fernდ¡ndez Martდ­n, Jesuit priest and Spanish historian. 1908: Thurgood Marshall, American lawyer and judge (d. 1993). 1911 - Reg Parnell, British car driver (d. 1964). 1914: Ethelreda Leopold, American actress (d. 1988). 1914: Mდ¡rio Schenberg, Brazilian physicist and engineer (d. 1990). 1916: Ken Curtis, American actor and singer (d. 1991). 1916: Hans-Ulrich Rudel, German pilot and colonel (d. 1982). 1920: Fernando Ayala, Argentine filmmaker (f. 1997). 1920: Annette Kerr, British actress (d. 2013). 1922: Pierre Cardin, Italian-French fashion designer 1923: Cyril M. Kornbluth, American military man and writer (d. 1958). 1923: Wislawa Szymborska, Polish poet and translator, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996 (d. 2012). 1925: Medgar Evers, American military and activist (d. 1963). 1925: Patrice Lumumba, Congolese Prime Minister (d. 1961). 1925: Marvin Rainwater, American singer (d. 2013). 1926: Octavian Paler, Romanian journalist and politician (d. 2007). 1927: Brock Peters, American actor (f. 2005). 1929: Abraham Avigdorov, Israeli military (d. 2012). 1929: Imelda Marcos, Filipino politician. 1930: Ahmad Jamal, American pianist, composer and educator. 1930: Carlos Saდºl Menem, Argentine president between 1989 and 1999. 1930: Gilberto Monroig, Puerto Rican singer. 1934: Antonio Vera Ramდ­rez (Lou Carrigan), Spanish writer. 1936: Omar Suleiman, Egyptian politician and military, vice president (d. 2012). 1938: David Owen, British physician and politician. 1939: Alexandros Panagoulis, Greek politician and poet. 1939 - Richard Petty, driver and owner of the American motorsports team. 1939: Paul Williams, American singer and choreographer, of the band The Temptations (d. 1973). 1940: Kenneth Clarke, British politician. 1942: Vicente Fox, Mexican president between 2000 and 2006. 1943: Walter Godefroot, Belgian cyclist. 1944: Pancho Ibდ¡nez, Argentine television presenter. 1946: Richard Axel, American scientist, 2004 Nobel Prize in Medicine. 1946: Ron Silver, American actor. 1947: Larry David, American actor, comedian, producer and screenwriter. 1948: Stella Maris Lanzani, Argentine actress. 1949: Roy Bittan, American pianist, of the E Street Band. 1949: Nancy Stephens, American actress and producer. 1950: Jorge del Castillo, Peruvian lawyer and politician. 1950: Salvador Llopis, Spanish footballer (f. 2014). 1951: Sylvia Rivera, American LGBT activist (d. 2002). 1952: Johnny Colla, American guitarist and saxophonist, of the band Huey Lewis and the News. 1953: Tony Armas, Venezuelan baseball player. 1953: Jean-Claude Borelly, French trumpeter and composer. 1953: Mark Hart, American guitarist and keyboardist, of the band Supertramp. 1953: Giuseppe Piccioni, Italian filmmaker. 1954: Pete Briquette, Irish bassist, songwriter and producer, of the band The Boomtown Rats. 1954: Wendy Schaal, American actress. 1956: Jerry Hall, American model and actress. 1956: Rubდ©n Patagonia, Argentine folk musician of Tehuelche origin. 1957: Bret "Hitman" Hart, Canadian professional wrestler. 1957: Paco Maestre, Spanish film and television actor (d. 2011). 1957: Purvis Short, American basketball player. 1958: Rainer Hasler, footballer from Liechtenstein (d. 2014). 1959: Eduardo Bengoechea, Argentine tennis player. 1960: Juliდ¡n Hernდ¡ndez Spanish musician and writer, of the Siniestro Total band. 1960: Vდ­ctor Hugo Jimდ©nez, Argentine footballer. 1961: Clark Kellogg, American basketball player. 1962: Roberto Blades, Panamanian singer. 1964: Josდ© Canseco, Cuban baseball player. 1964: Alan Tait, British rugby player. 1965: Norbert Rდ¶ttgen, German politician and lawyer. 1967: Claudio Biaggio, Argentine footballer. 1967: Jorge Fonte, Canarian film writer and essayist. 1969: Jenni Rivera, Mexican-American singer-songwriter (d. 2012). 1970: Colin Edwin, Australian bassist, of the band Porcupine Tree. 1970: Scott Garland, American wrestler. 1971: Troy Brown, American footballer and actor. 1971: Carolina Peleritti, Argentine actress and model. 1972: Darren Shan, British writer. 1974: Rocky Gray, American drummer, of the band Evanescence. 1975: Erik Ohlsson, Swedish guitarist, of the band Millencolin. 1975: Elizabeth Reaser, American actress. 1976: Krisztiდ¡n Lisztes, Hungarian footballer. 1977: Deniz Baris, Turkish footballer. 1977: Enrique Fernando Ortiz Moruno, Spanish footballer. 1978: Diana Gurtskaya, Georgian-Russian singer. 1978: Julie Night, American porn actress. 1978: Owain Yeoman, British actor. 1979: Sam Hornish Jr., American racing driver. 1979: Ahmed al-Ghamdi, Saudi terrorist who participated in 9/11 (d. 2001). 1980: Henkka Seppდ¤lდ¤, Finnish bassist, of the Children of Bodom band. 1982: Diego Castro, Spanish footballer. 1983: Michelle Branch, American singer, of the band The Wreckers. 1984: Maarten Martens, Belgian footballer. 1984: Andrei Kunitski, Belarusian cyclist. 1985: Jდ¼rgen Roelandts, Belgian cyclist. 1985: Ashley Tisdale, actress, model and American singer. 1985: Nikolay Trusov, Russian cyclist. 1985: Pak Nam-chol, North Korean footballer. 1985: Vlatko Ilievski, Macedonian actor and singer. 1986: Lindsay Lohan, American actress, singer, model and designer. 1986: Rodrigo Valenzuela, professor of literature, lawyer, writer. 1986: Florian Fromlowitz, German footballer. 1987: Esteban Granero, Spanish soccer player. 1987: Ruslana Korshunova, Kazakh model (f. 2008). 1988: Porta, Spanish singer and rapper. 1988: Lee Chung-Yong, South Korean footballer. 1989: Dev, American singer-songwriter. 1989: Alex Morgan, American footballer. 1990: Irven დ?vila, Peruvian soccer player. 1990: Roman Lob, German singer. 1990: Margot Robbie, Australian actress. 1993: Deysi Cori, Peruvian chess player. 1995: Ito Ono, Japanese actress and model.