july 23 zodiac

    People born on July 23 know a lot about others and value freedom above anything else.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 23

    Although your mind is lively, alert, intelligent and anxious, it is also fearless and willful, easily susceptible to deep emotion. Hardworking people, a bit impetuous and very intelligent. They value freedom above all else, they care little about the opinion of others. Paying no attention to their surroundings, they go through life in their own way, and their strong belief in themselves and their abilities sustains them in life's struggles. They are characterized by their accurate judgment of people, show significant intelligence and an exceptionally strong sense of justice. Although they are excellently versed in human nature, they cannot control themselves as their feelings are too warm and deep. They gladly live with memories, conduct historical studies, and recall the past. United to family traditions, a little distrustful towards people and modern times. They are deep by nature, quiet and withdrawn. They reluctantly get rid of certain things, unless they get something better in return. What threatens them: They may be in danger of difficulties related to long trips. Defects. Despite their self-confidence, their minds are changeable and unstable, and they show tendencies to change the set direction too often, which could eventually negatively influence their destiny. Their fault is also their excessive sensitivity, which makes them react negatively to people and their own actions. When they encounter obstacles in their path, they turn too easily. His position in life gradually stabilizes with age. They can be successful in the real estate market.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 23

    If your birthday is July 23, your zodiac sign is  Leo

    July 23 - personality and character

    character:  energetic, forgiving, resourceful, jealous, melancholic, irritable profession:  sociologist, watchmaker, glazier colors:  olive, red, pink stone:  garnet animal:  ostrich plant:  Torenia lucky numbers:  5,6,36,40,48,56 super lucky number:  4

    Holidays and observances - July 23

    • Mexico: Geographer's Day.
    • Argentina and Uruguay: Payador's Day.

    July 23 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1906: Vladimir Prelog, Swiss researcher of Yugoslav origin. 1919: Hდ©ctor Germდ¡n Oesterheld, Argentine comic writer and author. 1920: Amდ¡lia Rodrigues, Portuguese singer (f. 1999). 1921: Robert Brown, British actor (d. 2003). 1922: Damiano Damiani, Italian filmmaker (d. 2013). 1923: Cyril M. Kornbluth, American writer (d. 1958). 1925: Burt Glinn, American photographer (d. 2008). 1925: Quett Masire, former president of Botswana. 1926: Cedella Marley Booker, Jamaican singer and writer, mother of musician Bob Marley. 1928: Josდ© «Carrao» Bracho, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 2011). 1928: Franklin Caicedo, Chilean actor (f. 2013). 1930: Salvador Sammaritano, Argentine film critic and journalist (d. 2008). 1930: Josდ© Vinals, Spanish writer (d. 2009). 1931: Arata Isozaki, Japanese architect. 1931: Vდ­ktor Korchnდ³i, Soviet chess player. 1932: Jorge Arvizu, Mexican actor and comedian (d. 2014). 1937: Teolindo Acosta, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 2004). 1939: Betiana Blum, Argentine actress. 1939: Andrდ©s Percivale, Argentine television presenter and journalist. 1941: Sergio Mattarella, Italian president. 1943: Hugo Arana, Argentine actor. 1950: Felipe Solდ¡, Argentine politician. 1951: Manolo Flores, Spanish basketball player. 1953: Ana Botella, Spanish lawyer and politician. 1953: Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia. 1955: Rob Dickinson, Anglo-Argentine musician. 1957: Theo van Gogh, Dutch filmmaker. 1958: Gladys Florimonte, Argentine actress and comedian. 1959: Pedro Aznar, Argentine musician. 1961: Woody Harrelson, American film and television actor. 1961: Martin Gore, British musician and composer, of the band Depeche Mode. 1961: Gonzalo Arconada, Spanish soccer coach. 1963: Renato Borghetti, Brazilian accordionist and folklorist. 1965: Elvira Mდ­nguez, Spanish actress. 1965: Slash, British musician, of the bands Guns N 'Roses and Velvet Revolver. 1967: Philip Seymour Hoffman, American actor (f. 2014). 1968: Nick Menza, German drummer. 1968: Gary Payton, American basketball player. 1969: Marco Bode, German footballer. 1970: Charisma Carpenter, American actress. 1971: Alison Krauss, American singer and violinist. 1972: Marlon Wayans, American actor. 1973: Omar Epps, American actor and musician. 1973: Francis Healy, British musician, of the band Travis. 1973: Monica Lewinsky, American businesswoman, recognized for her affair with President Bill Clinton. 1973: David Etxebarria, Spanish cyclist. 1974: Maurice Greene, American athlete. 1976: Judit Polgდ¡r, Hungarian chess player. 1977: Nდ©icer Reasco, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1980: Michelle Williams, singer and American actress, of the band Destiny's Child. 1981: Natasha Yarovenko, Ukrainian actress. 1981: Steve Jocz, Canadian drummer, of the band Sum 41. 1981: Jarkko Nieminen, Finnish tennis player. 1982: Paul Wesley, American actor. 1984: Brandon Roy, American basketball player. 1987: Imanol Landeta, Mexican actor and singer. 1989: Daniel Radcliffe, British actor. 1990: Neil Perry, American drummer, of the band The Band Perry. 1995: Aina Suzuki, Japanese voice actress. 1996: Danielle Bradbery, American singer.