july 28 zodiac

    People born on July 28 are wise, cunning, proud - they can lead lonely lives.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 28

    They can take control of themselves in time and set their own goals and paths in life. Not very sociable: they often lead a lonely life. They have a philosophical demeanor. Wise, alert, intelligent people, also capable of being very clever. They are interested in scientific studies. Their skills make them stand out. They often passionately study the fine arts, but they can also conduct research with great patience and intelligence. In general, they are people gifted with organization skills, careful, intelligent and clever, who attract those around them. However, they can also be jealous and vindictive, so one must skillfully approach them. They want to emerge as the first and fight for it, subtly defeating their rivals. They always strive for a position at the top. They are not free from lust and. like we said, they are also quite stingy. However, these character traits, if properly guided, can serve you excellently in your practical life. It can often happen that they achieve their goals in life thanks to deception and cunning. When someone hurts or cheats them, they respond with pride and contempt, but in general they are quite benevolent people who forgive easily. What threatens them? It can often happen that they have many painful experiences that could even force them to leave their homeland. What should they aspire to? To live your life in an orderly way, fighting for peace, harmony and avoiding any position that has a great responsibility. Their bodies are generally quite resistant, and they regain health quickly after ailments, which shows their great amount of vital energy. As for diseases, heart disorders may appear. [caption id="attachment_19094" align="aligncenter" width="612"] 3D Rendering[/caption]

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 28

    If your birthday is July 28, your zodiac sign is  Leo

    July 28 - personality and character

    character:  cautious, resourceful, loyal, embarrassed, willful, vile profession:  administrator, glazier, biologist colors:  black, yellow, purple stone:  bixbite animal:  dog plant:  juniper lucky numbers:  5,6,7,9,19,55 super lucky number:  19

    Holidays and Observances - July 28

    • Argentina: National Gendarmerie Day.
    • World Hepatitis Day.
    • Peru: Independence of Peru
    • Spain (Cantabria): Institutions Day.

    July 28 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Dorothy Macmillan, British aristocrat (d. 1966). 1901: Pedro Arnal de Castro, Venezuelan educator (d. 1949). 1901: Eduardo Vდ­ctor Haedo, Uruguayan politician, painter and journalist (f. 1970). 1901: Rudy Vallდ©e, American singer and saxophonist (d. 1986). 1902: Vდ­ctor Chumillas, Spanish religious and blessed (d. 1936). 1902: Albert Namatjira, Australian painter (d. 1959). 1902: Karl Popper, British philosopher (d. 1994). 1903: Silvina Ocampo, Argentine writer (f. 1993). 1903: Duane Thompson, American actress (d. 1970). 1904: Elyesa Bazna, Albanian spy (d. 1970). 1904: Pavel Cherenkov, Soviet physicist, 1958 Nobel Prize winner for physics (d. 1990). 1904: Selwyn Lloyd, British politician (d. 1978). 1906: Manuel Gonzდ¡lez-Mesones, Spanish politician (d. 1980). 1907: Blanche Mehaffey, American actress (d. 1958). 1907: Earl Tupper, American inventor (d. 1983). 1909: Malcolm Lowry, British novelist (d. 1957). 1910: Bill Goodwin, American actor and broadcaster (d. 1958). 1911: Ann Doran, American actress (d. 2000). 1911: La Nina de La Puebla, Spanish cantaora (f. 1999). 1913: Hდ©ctor Domingo Maya, Argentine politician (d. 1985). 1914: Dino Formaggio, Italian philosopher (d. 2008). 1915: Dick Sprang, American cartoonist (d. 2000). 1915: Charles Hard Townes, American physicist, Nobel laureate in physics in 1964. 1916: David Brown, American film producer (d. 2010). 1917: Irving Copi, American philosopher (f. 2002). 1917: Gloria Fuertes, Spanish poet (f. 1998). 1918: Tomდ¡s დ?lvarez de los Rდ­os, Cuban writer (f. 2008). 1918: George Rowland Stanley Baring, British banker and diplomat (d. 1991). 1918: Josდ© Manuel Siso Martდ­nez, Venezuelan intellectual and politician (d. 1971). 1920: Andrew V. McLaglen, British filmmaker. 1920: Sidდ³nio Muralha, Portuguese writer (d. 1982). 1921: Melba Hernდ¡ndez Rodrდ­guez, Cuban lawyer, activist and diplomat. 1921: Emir Rodrდ­guez Monegal, Uruguayan literary critic (d. 1985). 1922: Sonny Hertzberg, American basketball player (d. 2005). 1922: Jacques Piccard, Swiss explorer, engineer and oceanographer (d. 2008). 1922: Edwin Vდ¡squez Cam, Peruvian marksman (f. 1993). 1923: Roberto Drago, Peruvian soccer player. 1924: Luigi Musso, Italian racing driver (d. 1958). 1925: Andrდ© Boucourechliev, French composer (d. 1997). 1925: Baruch Samuel Blumberg, American physician and researcher, 1976 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology (d. 2011). 1925: Rolf Ludwig, German actor (d. 1999). 1925: Bruno Pesaola, Argentine footballer and coach. 1925: Enrique Ponte, Spanish footballer. 1925: Juan Alberto Schiaffino, Uruguayan soccer player (f. 2002). 1927: John Ashbery, American poet. 1927: Ermes Muccinelli, Italian footballer (d. 1994). 1927: David Vinas, Argentine writer and historian (d. 2011). 1928: Ernesto Deira, Argentine artist (d. 1986). 1928: Venancio Muro, Spanish actor (d. 1976). 1929: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, American First Lady (d. 1994). 1929: Enrique Gimeno, Spanish conductor and musician (f. 2007). 1929: Angდ©lica Gorodischer, Argentine writer. 1929: Josდ© Solდ©, Mexican set designer. 1930: Juan Carlos De Seta, Argentine actor and conductor (d. 1990). 1930: Jean Roba, Belgian cartoonist. 1931: Ramდ³n Carranza, Argentine soccer player. 1932: Jacob Neusner, American historian. 1934: Helen Escobedo, Mexican sculptor (d. 2010). 1934: Ronald Flowers, British footballer. 1934: Raდºl Macდ­as, Mexican boxer (d. 2009). 1934: Elida Gay Palmer, Argentine actress (f. 1995). 1935: Luis Sდ¡nchez-Harguindey, Spanish physician and politician (f. 2003). 1935: Josდ© Marდ­a Iraburu, Spanish priest and theologian. 1936: Rosa Marდ­a Britton, Panamanian doctor. 1936: Norberto Galasso, Argentine historian. 1936: Garfield Sobers, Barbadian cricket player. 1937: Felipe Cazals, French filmmaker. 1937: Francis Veber, French director and screenwriter. 1938: Luis Aragonდ©s, Spanish soccer player and coach (f. 2014). 1938: Julio Cდ©sar Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish television presenter. 1938: Alberto Fujimori, former Peruvian president. 1938: Robert Hughes, Australian art critic and writer (d. 2012). 1938: Chuan Leekpai, Thai politician. 1938: Mabel Manzotti, Argentine actress and politician (d. 2012). 1939: Gდ¶sta Ekman, Swedish actor. 1940: Eduardo Endდ©riz, Spanish-Uruguayan soccer player (d. 1999). 1941: Michael Mukasey, American lawyer and judge. 1941: Riccardo Muti, Italian conductor and musician. 1943: Mike Bloomfield, American musician, of the band The Electric Flag (d. 1981). 1943: Bill Bradley, basketball player and American politician. 1943: Hდ©ctor Pedro Vergez, former Argentine military, criminal during the civic-military dictatorship (1976-1983). 1943: Richard Wright, British keyboardist, of the band Pink Floyd (d. 2008). 1944: Josდ© Miguel Bravo de Laguna, Spanish politician. 1944: Franz Hasil, Austrian footballer. 1944: Fidel Herrდ¡ez Vegas, Spanish bishop. 1945: Roberto Bendini, Argentine military man. 1945: Jim Davis, American cartoonist. 1946: Adolfo Scilingo, Argentine military man. 1947: Roberto Gramajo, Argentine soccer player. 1947: Darდ­o Jaramillo, Colombian writer. 1947: Coco Legrand, Chilean humorist. 1947: Carlos Morean, Venezuelan singer and composer. 1948: Andrდ©s Aberasturi, Spanish journalist. 1948: Inaki Esnaola, Spanish lawyer and politician. 1948: Ruud Geels, Dutch footballer. 1948: Sylvia Schmelkes, Mexican sociologist. 1948: Luis Solari, Peruvian doctor and politician. 1948: Sally Struthers, American actress. 1949: Martდ­n Costabal, Chilean politician. 1949: Jorge D'Alessandro, Argentine footballer and coach. 1949: Mario Delgado Aparaდ­n, Uruguayan writer. 1949: Simon Kirke, British drummer, of the Bad Company band. 1949: Rik Van Linden, Belgian cyclist. 1949: Steve Peregrin Took, British drummer and singer-songwriter (d. 1980). 1949: Fofito, Spanish clown. 1950: Cristდ³bal Montoro, Spanish politician. 1950: Hდ©ctor Ortiz Ortiz, Mexican politician. 1951: Santiago Calatrava, Spanish engineer, architect and sculptor. 1951: Doug Collins, American basketball player and coach. 1951: Philip J. Crowley, military and American politician. 1951: Ray Kennedy, British footballer. 1951: Alfredo Pდ©rez Rubalcaba, Spanish politician. 1952: Yoshitaka Amano, Japanese graphic artist. 1952: Eduardo Fernდ¡ndez, Uruguayan guitarist. 1952: Maha Vajiralongkorn, Thai crown prince. 1953: Franდ§ois al-Hajj, Lebanese general (d. 2007). 1954: Bruce Abbott, American actor. 1954: Hugo Chდ¡vez Frდ­as, Venezuelan president (d. 2013). 1954: Gerd Faltings, German mathematician. 1954: Eduardo Manuitt, Venezuelan politician. 1954: Steve Morse, American guitarist, of the band Deep Purple. 1954: Antonio Ortega Martდ­nez, Mexican politician. 1954: Alfonso Sanz, Spanish diplomat. 1955: Ubaldo Nestor Sacco, Argentine boxer (f. 1997). 1955: Vდ­ctor Roura, Mexican writer and journalist. 1956: Guadalupe Larriva, Ecuadorian activist (d. 2007). 1957: Raდºl Santi, Colombian singer. 1958: Christopher Dean, British skater. 1958: Terry Fox, Canadian athlete and political activist (d. 1981). 1958: Michael Hitchcock, American actor and screenwriter. 1958: Carlos Pellegrდ­n, Chilean bishop. 1959: Josდ© Manuel Espinosa, Spanish footballer. 1959: Willian Lara, Venezuelan journalist and politician (d. 2010). 1959: Marcel Sisniega, Mexican filmmaker and writer (d. 2013). 1960: Alex Czerniatynski, Belgian footballer. 1960: Matilde Ribeiro, Brazilian activist. 1960: Yoichi Takahashi, Japanese cartoonist. 1961: Julio Aguilera, Venezuelan-American painter and sculptor. 1961: Yannick Dalmas, French motorsport driver. 1961: Nieves Ibeas, Spanish politician. 1961: Inaki Vijandi, Spanish cyclist. 1961: Harlem Yu, Taiwanese singer-songwriter. 1961: Aitor Mazo, Spanish actor (f. 2015). 1963: Pablo Carbonell, Spanish actor. 1963: Beverley Craven, British musician and pianist. 1964: Lori Loughlin, American actress. 1964: Raდºl Sდºnico, Chilean politician. 1965: Daniel Cravero, Argentine footballer. 1965: Priscilla Chan, Hong Kong singer. 1965: Delfeayo Marsalis, American trombonist. 1965: Daniela Mercury, Brazilian singer. 1965: Pedro Troglio, Argentine footballer and coach. 1965: Marilდ³ Montero, Spanish television presenter. 1966: Jesდºs Cifuentes, Spanish musician, of the band Celtas Cortos. 1966: Humberto Moreira, Mexican politician. 1966: Miguel დ?ngel Nadal, Spanish footballer. 1966: Udo Riglewski, German tennis player. 1966: Shikao Suga, Japanese guitarist. 1967: Jesდºs Diego Cota, Spanish footballer. 1967: Taka Hirose, Japanese musician, of the band Feeder. 1968: Rachel Blakely, Australian actress and model. 1968: Javier Delgado Prado, Costa Rican soccer player. 1968: Chepe Gonzდ¡lez, Colombian cyclist. 1969: Alexis Arquette, American actor (f. 2016). 1969: Ray Rowe, American football player. 1969: Dana White, American businessman. 1970: Michael Amott, Swedish guitarist, of the band Arch Enemy. 1970: Simდ³n Brand, Colombian filmmaker and communicator. 1971 - Drew Karpyshyn, Canadian video game writer and designer. 1971: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, Spanish soccer referee. 1972: Elizabeth Berkley, American actress. 1972: Evan Farmer, Ethiopian actor and television presenter. 1972: Petra Magoni, Italian singer. 1974: Josდ© Luis Dდ­az, Argentine footballer. 1974: Rდ³bert Gulyდ¡s, Hungarian basketball player. 1974: Carmen Ruiz, Spanish actress. 1974: Sandra Russo (Katja Schone), Slovak pornographic actress. 1974: Alexis Tsipras, Greek politician. 1975: Marcelo Berza, Argentine soccer player. 1975: Lucდ­a Riano, Spanish television presenter. 1975: Leonor Watling, Spanish actress and singer, of the Marlango band. 1976: Isabel de Lannoy, Belgian nobleman. 1976: Jacoby Shaddix, American singer, of the band Papa Roach. 1977: Emanuel Ginobili, Argentine basketball player. 1978: Hitomi Yaida, Japanese composer and guitarist. 1979: Hugo Alcდ¢ntara, Brazilian soccer player. 1979: Birgitta Haukdal, Icelandic singer. 1979: Estefanდ­a Kდ¼ster, German model. 1980: Heiko Butscher, German footballer. 1980: Darina, Mexican composer. 1980: Stephen Christian, American musician, of the band Anberlin. 1981: Billy Aaron Brown, American actor. 1981: Michael Carrick, British footballer. 1981: Willie Green, American basketball player. 1981: Patrick Long, American racing driver. 1981: Samy S. Lynn, Spanish writer. 1981: Jo In-sung, South Korean actor. 1981: Mauro Urtasun, Uruguayan soccer player. 1982: Joseba Arriaga, Spanish soccer player. 1983: Andy Pando, Peruvian footballer. 1983: Vladimir Stojkoviე‡, Serbian footballer. 1984: Christine Love, Filipino singer. 1984: Leah Luv, American porn actress. 1984: John David Washington, American football player and American actor. 1985: Luis Gabriel Castro, Colombian footballer. 1985: Mathieu Debuchy, French footballer. 1985: Dustin Milligan, Canadian actor. 1986: Alexandra Chando, American actress. 1986: Daniel Grainger, British footballer. 1987: Pedro Rodrდ­guez Ledesma, Spanish footballer. 1988: Emanuel Biancucchi, Argentine soccer player. 1988: Natasha Nice, American porn actress. 1988: Richard Ruiz, Venezuelan soccer player. 1989: Albin Ekdal, Swedish footballer. 1990: Soulja Boy, American rapper. 1990: Yuliდ¡n Mejდ­a, Colombian soccer player. 1992: Spencer Boldman, American actor. 1992: Luis Tipton, Colombian footballer. 1993: Steven Adams, New Zealand basketball player. 1993: Harry Kane, British footballer. 1993: Cher Lloyd, British singer. 1993: Luis Zepeda, Honduran soccer player. 1994: Inaki Artola, Basque pelotari. 1995: Bradley Simpson, guitarist and British singer, of the band The Vamps. 1995: Renato Tapia, Peruvian soccer player.