july 3 zodiac

    People born on July 3 are ambitious, hopeful, characterized by their artistic abilities.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 3

    They are characterized by a good memory and their behavior is a bit unstable, subject to change; even so, they are quite hard-working people and are happy to embark on trips. They are active, anxious and impulsive. They usually have great innate artistic abilities. In every moment of their life they trust and are full of hope, but they are not good at working on their own. They are very ambitious, but often lack the right experience and discretion. Sociable, cheerful: they like the artistic tendencies of young people, entertainment and spectacle, as well as they are interested in everything that is beautiful and they have a good ear for music. They enjoy fishing and life under water. However, they may be in danger during the distant sea voyages that they may be forced to make. Favorable speculations may allow them to make a profit, and fate will often help them with a stroke of luck. They want to achieve recognition, even fame. They show great stubbornness and consistency in their struggles despite their changeable character. They defend the interests of their children and family with particular ferocity. They would like to do whatever they want, they don't like to be controlled. What threatens them? That they will not always be successful in their endeavors, they will encounter unexpected obstacles, they will run the risk of a deep delay in the realization of their plans. Their bodies are not particularly strong, and significant effort always puts them at risk of exhaustion. At that point, your stomach is what suffers the most, especially from states of terror, confusion or nervous irritation. Possible diseases include digestive disorders, rheumatism, and poor blood circulation.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 3

    If your birthday is on July 3, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 3 - personality and character

    character:  generous, perceptive, bright, cowardly, narrow-minded, arrogant profession:  glazier, ophthalmologist, colors:  orange, yellow, sky blue stone:  diopside animal:  lion plant:  foxglove lucky numbers:  4,14,28,31,47,48 super lucky number:  22

    Holidays and Observances - July 3

    • Argentina: Announcer's Day (Announcer's Day).
    • Argentina: Bioengineer's Day.

    July 3 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Alessandro Blasetti, Italian filmmaker (d. 1987). 1900: Miguel Rostaing La Torre, Peruvian soccer player (d. 1983). 1901: Julio Martდ­nez Oyanguren, Uruguayan guitarist (d. 1973). 1901 - Ruth Crawford Seeger, American composer (d. 1953). 1905: Clorinda Mდ¡laga de Prado, First Lady of Peru (d. 1993). 1906: Jack Earle, American actor (d. 1952). 1906: Alberto Lleras Camargo, Colombian journalist and statesman (d. 1990). 1906: George Sanders, British actor (d. 1972). 1906: Florence Gwendolen Rees, Welsh zoologist and parasitologist (f. 1994) 1908: Hდ©ctor Croxatto, Chilean scientist (f. 2010). 1913: Dorothy Kilgallen, American journalist, actress and writer (d. 1965). 1914: Antonio Colino Lდ³pez, Spanish engineer and academic (d. 2008). 1914: Joaquდ­n A. Gonzდ¡lez, Mexican tenor and sculptor (f. 1999). 1914: Joan Vinyoli, Spanish poet (d. 1984). 1915: Carlos Garcდ­a Cuervas, Argentine military man (d. 1971). 1916: John Kundla, American basketball player. 1917: Joao Saldanha, Brazilian soccer coach (d. 1990). 1918: Benjamin C. Thompson, American architect (d. 2002). 1919: Irajდ¡ Damiani Pinto, Brazilian paleontologist. 1919: დ“scar Quinones, Peruvian painter and sculptor (d. 1987). 1919: Gabriel Valdდ©s, Chilean lawyer and politician (d. 2011). 1920: Gaby, Spanish clown (f. 1995). 1920: Julio Oyhanarte, Argentine lawyer and politician (d. 1997). 1921: Jorge Boudon, Chilean actor and comedian (d. 2007). 1921: Susan Peters, American actress (d. 1952). 1922: Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo, Belgian painter (d. 2010). 1922: Gastდ³n Pons Muzzo, Peruvian chemist (d. 2004). 1922: Howie Schultz, American basketball player (d. 2009). 1924: Amalia Aguilar, Cuban actress. 1924: SR Nathan, Singaporean politician. 1924: დ?ngel Tavira, Mexican composer and violinist (d. 2008). 1925: Nდ©ffer Krდ¶ger, Uruguayan musicologist and concert performer (f. 1996). 1925: Josდ© Vento Ruiz, Spanish painter (f. 2005). 1926: Vladimir Bogomolov, Soviet writer (d. 2003). 1927: Juan Antonio Flores Santana, Dominican Archbishop (d. 2014). 1927: Balivada Kantha Rao, Telugu writer (d. 2000). 1927: Tim O'Connor, American actor. 1927: Ken Russell, British filmmaker (d. 2011). 1928: Rafael Santa Cruz, Peruvian bullfighter (d. 1991). 1930: Kinji Fukasaku, Japanese filmmaker (d. 2003). 1930: Carlos Kleiber, German conductor and musician (d. 2004). 1930: Eloy Ybდ¡nez Bueno, Spanish diplomat. 1931: Luciano Comaschi, Italian footballer. 1932: Richard Mellon Scaife, American businessman. 1934: Ricardo Barrios Arrechea, Argentine doctor and politician. 1935: Harrison Schmitt, American astronaut and politician. 1935: Cheo Feliciano, Puerto Rican singer and songwriter. 1935: Josდ© Antonio Morales Erlich, Salvadoran politician. 1936: Luis Aranda, Argentine actor (d. 2012). 1936: Jerდ³nimo Saavedra, Spanish politician. 1937: Tom Stoppard, British playwright of Czech origin. 1938: Horacio Aguirre, Argentine composer (d. 1992). 1938: Sjaak Swart, Dutch footballer. 1939: Brigitte Fassbaender, German conductor and soprano. 1939: Lდ¡szlდ³ Kovდ¡cs, Hungarian politician. 1939: Angelo Benedicto Sormani, Brazilian soccer player. 1940: Lamar Alexander, American politician. 1940: Fontella Bass, American singer-songwriter (d. 2012). 1940: Jerzy Buzek, Polish politician. 1940: Peer Raben, German composer (d. 2007). 1940: Cდ©sar Tovar, Venezuelan baseball player. 1941: Joao Alves Filho, Brazilian politician. 1941: Liamine Zდ©roual, Argentine military and politician. 1941: Judith H. Myers, Canadian biologist and ecologist 1942: Didar Sandhu, Hindu musician (d. 1991). 1942: Paco Stanley, Mexican television host (d. 1999). 1943: Susana Alexander, Mexican actress. 1943: Kurtwood Smith, American actor. 1944: Silvio Caiozzi, Chilean filmmaker. 1944: Michel Polnareff, French musician. 1945: Miguel Cestau, Spanish pelotari. 1945: Gualberto Garcდ­a, Spanish musician. 1945: Michael Martin, Baron Martin of Springburn, British politician. 1945: Saharon Shelah, Israeli mathematician. 1946: Alberto Breccia Guzzo, Uruguayan politician. 1946: John Klemmer, American saxophonist and composer. 1946: Leszek Miller, Polish politician. 1946: Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Brazilian actor and filmmaker. 1946: Bolo Yeung, Hong Kong actor. 1947: Dave Barry, American writer. 1947: Betty Buckley, American actress. 1947: Rob Rensenbrink, Dutch footballer. 1947: Ernesto Bondy Reyes, Honduran writer. 1948: Luis Martდ­nez Noval, Spanish politician. 1948: Ken Mangroelal, Surinamese writer. 1949: Ignacio Almada Bay, Mexican historian. 1949: Rodolfo Codina, Chilean admiral. 1949: Jacinto Gდ³mez, Peruvian politician. 1949: Masato Harada, Japanese actor and filmmaker. 1949: Luz Salgado, Peruvian politician. 1949: Jan Smithers, American actress. 1949: Bo Xilai, Chinese politician. 1950: James Hahn, American politician. 1951: Jean-Claude Duvalier, Haitian dictator and genocide. 1952: Marდ­a Cardinal, Mexican actress. 1952: Andy Fraser, British singer, songwriter and bassist, of the band John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers (d. 2015). 1952: Rohinton Mistry, Indian writer. 1952: Hugo Moraga, Chilean musician. 1953: Pep Munnდ©, Spanish actor. 1954: John Jaakke, Dutch sports manager. 1954: Susana Rotker, Venezuelan writer and journalist (d. 2000). 1955: Bruce Altman, American actor. 1955: Walter Veltroni, Italian politician. 1956: Loreto Valenzuela, Chilean actress. 1957: Laura Branigan, American singer (f. 2004). 1957: Miguel del Sel, Argentine humorist and politician. 1958: დ?ngel Acebes, Spanish politician. 1958: Agustდ­n Cuesta, Spanish basketball player. 1958: Juan Antonio Larranaga, Spanish footballer. 1958: Rick Sდ¡nchez, Cuban-American television presenter. 1958: Aaron Tippin, American singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. 1959: Josდ© Baselga, Spanish physician. 1959: Semilla Bucciarelli, Argentine bassist, of the band Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota. 1959: Ian Maxtone-Graham, American screenwriter and producer. 1959: Andrდ©s Albo Mდ¡rquez, Mexican politician. 1959: Stephen Pearcy, American singer, of the band Ratt. 1959: David Shore, Canadian writer and producer. 1960: Vince Clarke, singer, songwriter and British keyboardist, of the band Depeche Mode. 1960: Jorge Coke Contreras, Chilean soccer player. 1960: Josu Erkoreka, Spanish politician. 1960: Perrine Pelen, French skier. 1960: Ricardo Perdomo, Uruguayan soccer player and coach. 1961: Josდ© Antonio Sobrino, Spanish physicist. 1962: Tom Cruise, American actor. 1962: Thomas Gibson, American actor. 1963: Tracey Emin, British painter and photographer. 1964: Mario Pergolini, Argentine radio and television host and producer. 1964: Tom Curren, American surfer. 1964: Toshiharu Sakurai, Japanese voice actor. 1964: Yeardley Smith, American voice actress, singer and producer. 1965: Tommy Flanagan, Scottish actor. 1965: Shinya Hashimoto, Japanese wrestler (d. 2005). 1965: Connie Nielsen, Danish actress. 1966: Moisდ©s Alou, Dominican baseball player. 1966: Pablo Domდ­nguez Prieto, Spanish priest and theologian (f. 2009). 1966: Daniel Plaza, Spanish athlete. 1967: Vladan Alanoviე‡, Croatian basketball player. 1967: Henry Ariel Lდ³pez Bდ¡ez, Uruguayan soccer player. 1967: David Macpherson, Australian tennis player. 1968: Ramush Haradinaj, Kosovar politician and military man. 1968: Josდ© Manuel Villegas, Spanish politician. 1969: Gedeon Burkhard, German actor. 1970: Serhiy Honchar, Ukrainian cyclist. 1970: David Plaza, Spanish cyclist. 1970: Teemu Selდ¤nne, Finnish ice hockey player. 1970: Shawnee Smith, American actress. 1971: Claudia Acuna, Chilean singer. 1971: Julian Assange, spokesman and editor of the WikiLeaks website. 1973: Jorge Andrდ©s Martდ­nez Boero, motorcycle racer (f. 2012). 1973: Aquiles Machado, Venezuelan tenor. 1973: Mimi Miyagi, Filipino porn actress. 1973: დ“lafur Stefდ¡nsson, Icelandic handball player. 1973: Fyodor Tuvin, Russian footballer (d. 2013). 1973: Patrick Wilson, American actor and singer. 1974: Jamie Feick, American basketball player. 1974: Kenneth Jonassen, Danish badminton player. 1975: Jane Allsop, Australian actress. 1975: Josდ© Miguel Foncea, Chilean drummer, of the Lucybell band. 1975: Johnny Swinger, American wrestler. 1975: Jessy Terrero, American filmmaker. 1976: Andrea Barber, American actress. 1976: Sebastiდ¡n Pena, Argentine footballer. 1976: Wanderlei Silva, Brazilian martial artist. 1976: Hiroki Tsurumoto, Japanese composer. 1977: Lexi Bardot, American porn actress. 1977: Crisbel Henrდ­quez, Venezuelan actress. 1978: Pablo Galdo, Spanish pianist. 1978: Kim Kirchen, Luxembourg cyclist. 1978: Jesse Leach, American musician, of the band Killswitch Engage. 1978: Mizuki Noguchi, Japanese athlete. 1979: Berta Collado, Spanish presenter and reporter. 1979: Maximiliano Kosteki, Argentine activist (f. Assassinated in 2002). 1979: Sotirios Kyrgiakos, Greek footballer. 1979: Ludivine Sagnier, French actress. 1979: Desi Slava, Bulgarian singer and actress. 1980: Kevin Hart, American comedian. 1980: Jenny Jones, British skier (snowboard) 1980: Olivia Munn, American actress. 1980: Bostjan Nachbar, Slovenian basketball player. 1980: Roland Schoeman, South African swimmer. 1980: Jorge Suquet, Spanish actor. 1980: Keiji Suzuki, Japanese judoka. 1981: Brandon Jay McLaren, Canadian actor. 1981: Aoi Tada, Japanese singer. 1982: Takashi Yoshida, Japanese fighter. 1983: Sergio La Rosa, Peruvian writer. 1983: Edder Pდ©rez, Venezuelan soccer player. 1983: Paty Sirvent, Mexican singer, of the Jeans band. 1983: Edinson Vდ³lquez, Dominican baseball player. 1984: Michael Agazzi, Italian footballer. 1984: Kelly Divine, American porn actress. 1984: Churandy Martina, Dutch athlete from Curaდ§ao. 1984: Nicolas Roche, Irish cyclist. 1984: Corey Sevier, Canadian actor and producer. 1984: Fernando Vega, Spanish footballer. 1985: Yulianna Avdeeva, Russian pianist. 1986: Valeri Borchin, Russian athlete. 1986: Sascha Dum, German footballer. 1986: Marquinho (Marco Antდ´nio de Mattos Filho), Brazilian soccer player. 1986: Oscar Ustari, Argentine soccer player. 1986: Ola Toivonen, Swedish footballer. 1987: Rodolfo Cota, Mexican soccer player. 1987: Guido Milan, Argentine footballer. 1987: Sebastian Vettel, German Formula 1 driver. 1988: Thomas Heurtaux, French footballer. 1988: Winston Reid, New Zealand-Danish footballer. 1988: James Troisi, Australian footballer. 1989: Ivდ¡n Bolado, Equatorial Guinean footballer. 1989: Elle King, singer, songwriter and American actress. 1990: Fabio Aru, Italian cyclist. 1990: Mauro Bellone, Argentine soccer player. 1990: Carly Lauren, American model. 1990: Lucas Mendes, Brazilian soccer player. 1991: Diego de Buen, Mexican soccer player. 1991: Tomomi Itano, Japanese actress, singer, dancer and model, former member of the band AKB48. 1991: Anastasდ­a Pavliuchდ©nkova, Russian tennis player. 1991: Cassandra Sდ¡nchez-Navarro, actress of theater, film and television. 1992: Nathalia Ramos, Spanish-American actress and singer. 1992: Maasa Sudou, Japanese singer, of the band Berry 1994: დ“scar Hernდ¡ndez Polanco, Chilean footballer