july 30 zodiac

    People born on July 30 have organizational skills and can achieve a leadership position.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 30

    They cleverly cling to "the golden mean" in life, maintaining balance and avoiding extremes. They are solid, broad, brave and strong-willed people. Noble and benevolent, always friendly and attractive. There is a lot of courage in his character, as well as energy and perseverance. And their ability to use these qualities allows them to enter realms where they can become important people who gather others around them. They defend the truth, they despise everything that is petty and they do not like excuses. They are characterized by their precise judgment, although not very tolerant. Imperious: they fight for power in life. Therefore, they generally put themselves in front of everyone else and achieve a leadership position, thanks to their versatile skills and, above all, their strong willpower. Profession: You will be successful as organizers, company directors, officers or doctors. They feel better in a profession that provides benefits to others and provides them with pleasure and entertainment, such as artists, musicians, organizers of public events, dramatic works, etc. Their youth is generally not as successful as their later life, where they reap the rewards of their effort. They are people born to play a prominent role, capable of gaining recognition and perhaps even fame. When they reach greater spiritual development, they can become inspired, splendid, and glorious individuals with prophetic qualities. At that point, their spirits penetrate the universes and rule human souls.

    Zodiac sign for people born on July 30

    If your birthday is July 30, your zodiac sign is  Leo

    July 30 - personality and character

    character:  friendly, serene, tolerant, distrustful, passive, susceptible profession:  judge, lawyer, shoemaker colors:  teal, cyan, blue stone:  peridot animal:  ostrich plant:  coconut palm lucky numbers:  5,18,26,28,29,30 super lucky number:  13

    Holidays and Observances - July 30

    • World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
    • International Friendship Day (according to Resolution A / RES / 65/275 of the United Nations General Assembly, signed on May 3, 2011).

    July 30 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Emilio Cebriდ¡n Ruiz, Spanish composer. 1903: Henri Caffarel, French priest (d. 1996). 1903: Juan Palmero, Argentine lawyer and politician (f. 2003). 1904: Salvador Novo, Mexican poet. 1905: Pedro Quartucci, Argentine actor (d. 1983). 1909: Cyril Northcote Parkinson, British historian. 1910: Edgar de Evia, American photographer. 1915: Juan Verdaguer, Uruguayan actor and comedian (d. 2001). 1921: Joan Triadდº, Spanish writer and literary critic (d. 2010). 1922: Mario Boyდ©, Argentine soccer player (d. 1992). 1922: Sabino Augusto Montanaro, Paraguayan politician (d. 2011). 1926: Nina Kulagina, Russian psychic (d. 1990). 1926: Lilia Michel, Mexican actress (d. 2011). 1929: Sid Krofft, Canadian television producer. 1930: Tony Lip, American actor (d. 2013). 1931: Dominique Lapierre, French writer. 1933: Alberto Etcheverry, Argentine footballer (d. 2014). 1934: Gonzalo Suდ¡rez, Spanish writer and screenwriter. 1936: Buddy Guy, guitarist and singer of American blues. 1936: Pilar de Borbდ³n, Infanta of Spain and Duchess of Badajoz 1939: Peter Bogdanovich, American filmmaker. 1940: Clive Sinclair, computer pioneer and British inventor. 1941: Paul Anka, Canadian singer. 1941: Rosa Maria Sarda, Spanish actress and television presenter. 1942: Josდ© Luis Bollea, Argentine singer, director and composer (d. 2010). 1942: Danny Daniel, Spanish singer and songwriter. 1943: Giovanni Goria, Italian politician (d. 1994). 1945: Luis Gonzales Posada, Peruvian lawyer and politician. 1946: Conrado Alonso Buitrდ³n, Spanish politician. 1947: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austrian actor, politician and bodybuilder, nationalized American. 1947: Franდ§oise Barrდ©-Sinoussi, French biologist, researcher and doctor, 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine. 1948: Jean Reno, Spanish-French actor. 1950: Gabriele Salvatores, Italian filmmaker. 1952: Roberto Madrazo, Mexican lawyer and politician. 1952: Ilan Chester, Venezuelan singer-songwriter and musician. 1954: Ken Olin, American actor, filmmaker and producer. 1955: Elena Irureta, Spanish actress. 1957: Nery Pumpido, Argentine footballer. 1957: Rat Scabies, British musician, of the band The Damned. 1958: Kate Bush, British singer and songwriter. 1958: Daley Thompson, British athlete. 1959: Pablo Mieres, Uruguayan sociologist and politician. 1960: Richard Linklater, American filmmaker. 1960: Leopoldo Alfredo Bravo, Argentine politician and diplomat (d. 2010). 1961: Laurence Fishburne, American actor. 1961: Vდ­ctor Trujillo, comedian, announcer, television presenter and Mexican dubbing actor. 1961: Renდ© Casados, Mexican actor 1963: Lisa Kudrow, American actress. 1963: Chris Mullin, American basketball player. 1964: Vivica A. Fox, American actress. 1964: Jდ¼rgen Klinsmann, German footballer. 1967: Andrew E., Filipino actor, comedian and rapper. 1967: Aki Ville Yrjდ¤nდ¤, Finnish poet and singer-songwriter. 1967: Daniel Sirera, Spanish politician. 1968: Robert Korzeniowski, Polish athlete. 1968: Sean Moore, British drummer, of the band Manic Street Preachers. 1969: Simon Baker, Australian actor. 1970: Christopher Nolan, British filmmaker. 1971: Elvis Crespo, Puerto Rican singer. 1971: Tom Green, Canadian comedian. 1971: Christine Taylor, American actress. 1972: Fabiola Campomanes, Mexican actress 1972: Daniel Lugo, Puerto Rican actor. 1973: Andrea Gaudenzi, Italian tennis player. 1973: დ?mit Davala, Turkish footballer and coach. 1974: Hugo Morales, Argentine soccer player and Olympic medalist. 1974: Radostin Kishishev, Bulgarian footballer. 1974: Hilary Swank, American actress. 1975: Gabriela Pazmino, Ecuadorian television host 1977: Jaime Pressly, American actress and model. 1977: Marvis Thornton, American basketball player. 1977: Diana Bolocco, Chilean television host. 1979: Roberto Bruce, Chilean journalist (f. 2011). 1979: Maya (Yamazaki Masahito), Japanese singer, of the band LM.C. 1979: Maya Naser, Syrian journalist (d. 2012). 1979: Ian Watkins, British singer, of the band Lostprophets. 1981: Nicky Hayden, American motorcyclist (d. 2017). 1982: Yvonne Strzechowski, Australian actress. 1982: Victoria Maurette, Argentine actress and singer. 1983: Mariano Andდºjar, Argentine soccer player. 1984: Marდ­a Leდ³n, Spanish actress. 1984: Gina Rodriguez, American actress. 1985: Fabiana Vallejos, Argentine soccer player. 1993: Andrდ© Gomes, Portuguese footballer 1999: Joey King, American actress.