july 5 zodiac

    People born on July 5 show great skills from their youth.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 5

    Their mind is inquisitive, endowed with special abilities that revolve around science. They have excellent memories and may have a career in abstract science. Studious, eager people: they want to acquire all the knowledge they can obtain, especially in their youth. Hard-working and talented: they bring together knowledge from many sources. They can express scientific talents at an early age. At the same time, they are very sensitive people who enjoy daydreaming and walking with their heads in the clouds. Although they are quite selfish, they can be easily influenced as their will is not particularly strong. They show significant attention to the smallest details at work. They have a talent for applied arts and crafts in general. Frugal, calculated: They are capable enumerators and can become skilled accountants, tellers, etc. They can also be excellent philologists or scholars, as well as competent physicians. Flaws: Despite all their broad interests, they are not great advocates of work, preferring sports and entertainment. Its character is as variable as the phases of the moon. After the periods of joy and confidence, there is some depression and pessimism, which could change quite quickly. They like to collect old things and family memories. Their excellent memory allows them to recall events forgotten by everyone else, which makes them excellent historians. They are people close to their family, they are often strongly influenced by their spouse, despite the fact that life does not spare them any painful experiences at home.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 5

    If your birthday is July 5, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 5 - personality and character

    character:  well-mannered, cheerful, truthful, cowardly, dour, mean profession:  cashier, engineer, pediatrician colors:  olive, pink, red stone:  cat's eye animal:  chameleon plant:  Coleus lucky numbers:  16,21,41,42,46,48 super lucky number:  25

    Holidays and Observances - July 5

    • Algeria: Independence Day.
    • Cape Verde: Independence Day.
    • Mexico: Physiotherapist Day.
    • Venezuela: Independence Day.
    • Isle of Man: Parliament Day.
    • Argentina: Defense Day, Daireaux Day.

    July 5 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Bernardus Johannes Alfrink, Dutch cardinal (d. 1987). 1900: Adela Riera, Spanish librarian (d. 1959). 1901: Julio Libonatti, Argentine soccer player (d. 1981). 1901: Sergey Obraztsov, Russian theater director and puppeteer (d. 1992). 1902: Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., American politician (d. 1985). 1902: Shoei Mishina, Japanese historian and mythologist (d. 1971). 1902: Ion Moვ£a, Romanian politician (d. 1937). 1902: Panama Al Brown, Panamanian boxer (d. 1951). 1904: Ernst Mayr, German biologist (d. 2005). 1904: Milburn Stone, American actor (d. 1980). 1904: Harold Acton, British writer (d. 1994). 1905: Isa Miranda, Italian actress (d. 1982). 1906: Renდ© Kდ¶nig, German sociologist (d. 1992). 1906: Alejandro Prieto Llorente, professor, businessman and Mexican public accountant (d. 2007). 1907: Yang Shangkun, Chinese politician (d. 1998). 1908: Henry of Orleans, French aristocrat and politician, Orleanist pretender to the French throne (d. 1999). 1909: Bill Wheatley, American basketball player (d. 1992). 1910: Robert K. Merton, American sociologist (f. 2003). 1910: Georges Vedel, French professor of public law (f. 2002). 1911: Luis Dდ­ez del Corral, Spanish political scientist (f. 1998). 1911: Georges Pompidou, French politician and president (d. 1974). 1911: Anდ­bal Otero, Spanish linguist and writer (d. 1974). 1911: Giorgio Borg Olivier, Maltese jurist and politician, Prime Minister of Malta (d. 1980). 1913: Elwood Cooke, American tennis player (d. 2004). 1913: Smiley Lewis, American rhythm and blues musician (d. 1966). 1914: Annie Fischer, Hungarian classical pianist (d. 1995). 1914: Herrerita, Spanish soccer player (d. 1991). 1914: Alain de Boissieu, French military (d. 2006). 1915: John Woodruff, American athlete (d. 2007). 1915: Babe Paley, American socialite (d. 1978). 1917: Stella Sierra, Panamanian poet and writer (d. 1997). 1918: Zakaria Mohieddin, Egyptian military and political officer (d. 2012). 1918: George Rochberg, American composer of contemporary academic music (d. 2005). 1919: Bep Voskuijl, a Dutch citizen who helped hide Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis (d. 1983). 1919: Franz Halberg, Romanian-American biologist (d. 2013). 1920: Rafael Alonso, Spanish actor (f. 1998). 1920: Mary Louise Hancock, American politician (d. 2017). 1920: Neal C. Wilson, American Adventist pastor (d. 2010). 1921: Vდ­ktor Kulikov, Soviet military man, commander-in-chief of the Warsaw Pact (d. 2013). 1921: Vito Ortelli, Italian cyclist (d. 2017). 1922: Edwin Thompson Jaynes, American physicist (d. 1998). 1923: Olimpo Cდ¡rdenas, Ecuadorian singer (d. 1991). 1923: Josდ© Sდ¡nchez Adell, Spanish professor, philosopher and historian (f. 2005). 1924: Edward Cassidy, Australian cardinal. 1924: Jდ¡nos Starker, American cellist of Hungarian origin (d. 2013). 1924: Cesarino Romano, Italian physician (d. 2008). 1925: Marco Bisceglia, Italian priest, activist in defense of homosexuals (f. 2001). 1925: Fernando de Szyszlo, Peruvian plastic artist (d. 2017). 1926: Salvador Jorge Blanco, Dominican politician and writer (d. 2010). 1926: Diana Lynn, American actress (d. 1971). 1926: Miguel Maticorena, Peruvian historian and professor (d. 2014). 1926: Ivo Pitanguy, Brazilian plastic surgeon (d. 2016). 1927: Malek Haddad, Algerian writer and poet (d. 1978). 1927: Per Olof Ultvedt, Finnish painter, sculptor and set designer (d. 2006). 1928: Rutilio Grande, Salvadoran priest (f. 1977). 1928: Juris Hartmanis, Latvian scientist. 1928: Pierre Mauroy, French politician (d. 2013). 1928: Jeremy Moore, British serviceman, commander of the British ground forces during the Falklands War (d. 2007). 1928: Warren Oates, American actor (d. 1982). 1928: Ricard Terrდ©, Spanish photographer (d. 2009). 1929: Jacqueline Harpman, Belgian writer (d. 2012). 1929: Ed Smith, American basketball player (d. 1998). 1929: Jimmy Carruthers, Australian boxer (d. 1990). 1929: Katherine Helmond, American actress. 1929: Jovan Raვ¡koviე‡, Yugoslav politician and psychiatrist (d. 1992). 1931 - James Burke, American gangster of Irish descent (d. 1996). 1931: Josდ© Antonio Fernდ¡ndez Romero, Spanish translator (d. 2011). 1932: Philippe Erulin, French military officer (d. 1979). 1932: Gyula Horn, Hungarian politician, prime minister between 1994 and 1998 (d. 2013). 1932: Jaime Llano Gonzდ¡lez, Colombian composer of popular music (d. 2017). 1933: Carmen Alardდ­n, Mexican poet (f. 2014). 1933: Sheldon Dorf, American cartoonist, creator and founder of Comic-Con International: San Diego (d. 2009). 1933: Paul-Gilbert Langevin, French musicologist, music critic and physicist (d. 1986). 1933: Jean-Paul Pier, Luxembourgish mathematician (d. 2016). 1933: David GP Taylor, British businessman and diplomat (d. 2011). 1934: Vladislao Cap, Argentine soccer player (d. 1982). 1934: Tom Krause, Finnish bass-baritone singer (d. 2013). 1935: Brendan McCann, American basketball player. 1935: Chamlong Srimuang, Thai politician. 1935: Shirley Collins, British singer. 1935: Michael Wenning, South African American Presbyterian minister (d. 2011). 1936: Frederick Ballantyne, Vincentian politician and physician, current governor of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 1936: Shirley Knight, American actress. 1936: Tommy LiPuma, American music producer (d. 2017). 1936: James Mirrlees, British economist, Nobel laureate in economics in 1996. 1936: Richard Stearns, American scientist. 1936: Piet Fransen, Dutch footballer (d. 2015). 1937: Jo De Roo, Dutch cyclist. 1938: დ“scar Hahn, Chilean poet, essayist and literary critic. 1939: Jimmy Lloyd, British boxer (d. 2013). 1939: Pavel Morozenko, Soviet actor (d. 1991). 1940: James Herbert Brennan, Irish writer. 1940: Chuck Close, American photographer. 1940: Eddie Miles, American basketball player. 1941: Epeli Nailatikau, Fijian military and politician, current president of Fiji. 1941: Elke Neidhardt, actress and director of a German-Australian opera (d. 2013). 1942: Hannes Lდ¶hr, German footballer (d. 2016). 1943: Robbie Robertson, Canadian singer and guitarist, of the band The Band. 1944: Enrique Irazoqui, Spanish actor. 1945: Fდ©lix Artuso, Argentine soldier assassinated by mistake at the end of the Falklands War (d. 1982). 1945: Humberto Benდ­tez Trevino, Mexican politician. 1945: Michael Blake, American author and screenwriter (d. 2015). 1946: Gerardus' t Hooft, Dutch physicist, 1999 Nobel Prize winner for physics. 1946: Giuseppe Furino, Italian footballer. 1946: Pierre-Marc Johnson, Canadian politician, Prime Minister of Quebec. 1946: Daniela Hodrovდ¡, Czech writer. 1947: Sony Labou Tansi, Congolese playwright, novelist and screenwriter (d. 1995). 1948: Jesse Green, Jamaican musician. 1948: Liliana Abud, Mexican writer and actress. 1948: Ernesto Mastrდ¡ngelo, Argentine footballer. 1948: William Hootkins, American actor (d. 2005). 1948: Blu Mankuma, American actor, singer and songwriter. 1949: Abhay Ashtekar, Indian physicist. 1949: Mohamed Ali Akid, Tunisian footballer (d. 1979). 1950: Carlos Caszely, Chilean soccer player and journalist. 1950: Huey Lewis, American singer, of the band Huey Lewis & The News. 1950: Abraham Skorka, Argentine rabbi and writer. 1950: Michael Monarch, American guitarist, of the band Steppenwolf. 1952: Moisდ©s Naდ­m, Venezuelan writer. 1954: Randy Credico, American comedian and politician. 1954: Hamdin Sabahi, Egyptian politician. 1954: Jimmy Crespo, American guitarist. 1955: Sebastian Barry, Irish playwright, novelist and poet. 1955: Mia Couto, Mozambican writer. 1956: Horacio Cartes, Paraguayan politician, businessman and sports leader, president of his country. 1956: Terry Chimes, British bassist, of the band The Clash. 1958: Bill Watterson, American cartoonist and cartoonist. 1958: Luz Marდ­a Jerez, Mexican film, theater and television actress. 1958: Veronica Guerin, Irish journalist (d. 1996). 1959: Marc Cohn, American singer-songwriter. 1959: Juan Ignacio Torres Landa, Mexican politician (d. 2013). 1960: Pruitt Taylor Vince, American actor. 1960: The Golden Triplets, Argentine actresses, singers and television presenters. 1960: Song Sokze, South Korean writer, poet and painter. 1961: Meir Banai, Israeli musician, singer and composer (d. 2017). 1963: Marcelo Buquet, Uruguayan actor. 1963: Edie Falco, American actress. 1964: Uxue Barkos, journalist and Spanish deputy. 1964: Jerry Sags, American professional wrestler. 1964: Piotr Nowak, Polish footballer. 1964: Ronald D. Moore, producer of television and American scriptwriter. 1964: Filip De Wilde, Belgian footballer. 1964: Valeri Medvedtsev, Russian biathlete. 1965: Kathryn Erbe, American actress. 1965: Raymond Brady Brown, American basketball player. 1966: Claudia Wells, American actress. 1966: Gianfranco Zola, Italian footballer. 1968: Ken Akamatsu, Japanese cartoonist. 1968: Michael Stuhlbarg, American actor. 1968: Hunter Ellis, American television presenter. 1968: Petrდ´nio Gontijo, Brazilian actor. 1968: Susan Wojcicki, American businesswoman, CEO of YouTube. 1968: Alex Zდ¼lle, Swiss cyclist. 1968: Bernie Paz, Peruvian actor. 1969: Chusa Barbero, Spanish actress. 1969: Alejandro Fiore, Argentine actor. 1969: RZA, American rapper, of the band Wu-Tang Clan. 1969: Michael O'Neill, ex-footballer and British football coach. 1969: Glenn Magnusson, Swedish cyclist. 1970: Mac Dre, American rapper. 1970: Valentდ­ Massana, Spanish athlete. 1971: Derek McInnes, Scottish footballer. 1971: Robbie Koenig, South African tennis player. 1972: Letha Weapons, American porn actress. 1972: Robert Esmie, Canadian athlete. 1973: Marcus Allbდ¤ck, Swedish footballer. 1973: Rდ³isდ­n Murphy, Irish singer, of the band Moloko. 1973: Joe, singer-songwriter of rhythm and blues and American record producer. 1974: Mდ¡rcio Amoroso, Brazilian soccer player. 1974: Roberto Locatelli, Italian motorcycle racer. 1975: Hernდ¡n Crespo, Argentine soccer player. 1975: Ai Sugiyama, Japanese tennis player. 1975: Pedro Sarabia, Paraguayan soccer player and coach. 1975: Andrდ©i Tissin, Russian canoeist (d. 2008). 1976: Martდ­n Andrizzi, Argentine footballer. 1976: Bizarre, American rapper, of the band D12. 1976: Nuno Gomes, Portuguese footballer. 1977: Nicolas Kiefer, German tennis player. 1977: Royce da 5'9 ჴ€³, American rapper. 1978: Allan Simonsen, Danish motor racing driver (d. 2013). 1978: Miika Koppinen, Finnish footballer. 1978: Andreas Johansson, Swedish footballer. 1979: Shane Filan, American singer, of the band Westlife. 1979: Amდ©lie Mauresmo, French tennis player. 1979: Stiliyan Petrov, Bulgarian footballer. 1979: Mike Cahill, American screenwriter and film director. 1980: Yoel Razvozov, Israeli judoka. 1980: Hannes Reichelt, Austrian skier. 1980: Fabiდ¡n Rდ­os, Colombian actor and model. 1980: David Rozehnal, Czech footballer. 1980: Jason Wade, American singer, of the band Lifehouse. 1981: Gianne Albertoni, Brazilian actress and model. 1981: Ryan Hansen, American actor. 1981: Kelly Kline, American porn actress. 1982: Tuba Bდ¼yდ¼kდ¼stდ¼n, Turkish actress. 1982: Alexander Dimitrenko, German boxer. 1982: Raდºl Garcდ­a de Mateos, Spanish cyclist. 1982: Alberto Gilardino, Italian footballer. 1982: Philippe Gilbert, Belgian cyclist. 1982: Junri Namigata, Japanese tennis player. 1982: Javier Paredes, Spanish footballer. 1982: Beno Udrih, Slovenian basketball player. 1983: Jonდ¡s Gutiდ©rrez, Argentine soccer player. 1983: Zheng Jie, Chinese tennis player. 1983: Marcela Kloosterboer, Argentine actress. 1983: Raphael Nuzzolo, Swiss footballer. 1983: Taavi Peetre, Estonian shot putter. 1984: Danay Garcდ­a, Cuban actress. 1984: Kanon (Shinya Sano), Japanese bassist, of the band An Cafდ©. 1984: Yu Yamada, model and Japanese singer. 1984: Hossein Rajabian, Iranian film director, screenwriter and producer 1984: Carlos Ferro (actor), television director and music video director, of Mexican origin. 1985: Nick O'Malley, British bassist, of the band Arctic Monkeys. 1985: Erick Chapa, Mexican actor. 1985: Franდ§ois Arnaud, French-Canadian actor. 1985: Stephanie McIntosh, Australian actress and singer. 1985: Lucდ­a Pდ©rez, Spanish singer. 1985: დ‰lodie Godin, French basketball player. 1985: Isaac Tutumlu, Spanish racing driver. 1985: Charyl Chacდ³n, Venezuelan presenter, model, broadcaster and actress. 1986: Piermario Morosini, Italian footballer (d. 2012). 1986: Ashkan Dejagah, German-Iranian footballer. 1986: Adam Young, American musician, of the band Owl City. 1986: Irina Buryachok, Ukrainian tennis player. 1986: Yuri Cheban, Ukrainian canoeist. 1986: Samuel Honrubia, French handball player. 1987: Alexander Kristoff, Norwegian cyclist. 1987: Andrija Kaluე‘eroviე‡, Serbian footballer. 1987: Carlos Carmona Bonet, Spanish footballer. 1988: Henri Bienvenu, Cameroonian footballer. 1988: Samir Ujkani, Albanian-Kosovar footballer. 1988: Ish Smith, American basketball player. 1988: Ylenia Padilla, Spanish singer 1989: Charlie Austin, British footballer. 1989: Adam Cole, American professional wrestler. 1989: Dejan Lovren, Croatian footballer. 1989: Sean O'Pry, American model. 1989: Alexey Tsatevitch, Russian cyclist. 1989: George Efrem, Cypriot footballer 1990: Stevi Perry, American model. 1990: Park Kyungri, South Korean singer. 1991: Jason Dolley, American actor and musician. 1991: Felipe Rivero, Venezuelan baseball player. 1992: Alberto Moreno, Spanish footballer. 1992: Lდ©o Stronda, Brazilian rapper, of the band Bonde da Stronda. 1992: Ladislav Krejე?დ­, Czech footballer. 1993: Luka Cindriე‡, Croatian handball player. 1994: Juan Delgado Martდ­nez, Uruguayan soccer player. 1994: Louisa James, British athlete. 1994: Shohei Otani, Japanese baseball player 1994: Stanko Zeე?eviე‡, Bosnian footballer (d. 2013). 1995: Giovanni Simeone, Argentine footballer. 1995: Hyuk, South Korean singer and actor. 1997: Park Ji Min, South Korean singer.