july 6 zodiac

    People born on July 6 are sensitive, subtle, sensual; they know how to cooperate with others.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 6

    They will not lack ideas or projects to implement in life and they will have great achievements. Humorous, extensively talented - successful in any area. It must be added that they are just people with high and pure ideals, with a noble and often poetic attitude. They like all things subtle and artistic, and they marvel at the beauty of nature. They are clouded by strong emotions, and their sensual life is very intense. Their unusual sensitivity makes it easy for them to form friendships. They understand well the soul of their friends and help them with their experiences. They have a great love for cooperation with others. Their prominent skills make them excellent astronomers or biologists. They also show a talent for applied arts, especially goldsmithing. They are very attached to family traditions and maintain strong emotional relationships with their relatives. His family generally enjoys general respect. Elevation often awaits them in their youth, and they sometimes inherit an influential position. If their birth is more humble and outside of a family that enjoys respect and prosperity, they marry a person of a much higher social position or who enjoys fame and recognition. In any case, they can acquire a good life position. In general, they marry quite early, often to a person who loves the fine arts.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 6

    If your birthday is July 6, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 6 - personality and character

    character:  uncompromising, attentive, bold, rude, selfish, crazy profession:  veterinarian, secretary, economist colors:  red, olive, brown stone:  jasper animal:  reindeer plant:  Boston ivy lucky numbers:  1,17,18,40,44,58 super lucky number:  11

    Holidays and Observances - July 6

    • Peru: Teacher's Day.
    • July 6 is the Day of the Stolen Kiss, which is celebrated in the United Kingdom and is a separate celebration although similar to that of the International Day of the Kiss, on April 13.
    • Paraguay: Minguero Day, in the city of Minga Guazდº (Alto Paranდ¡) in homage to the date of birth of the founder of the city; Father Guido Coronel.
    • Comoros: Independence Day.
    • World Zoonoses Day.
    • Malawi: Independence Day, and Republic Day.

    July 6 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1905: Juan O'Gorman, Mexican painter and architect (d. 1982). 1906: Charlo, Argentine actor and singer (f. 1990). 1907: Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter. 1908: Miguel Schweitzer, Chilean jurist and politician (f. 1997). 1912: Heinrich Harrer, Austrian mountaineer. 1914: Josდ© Garcდ­a Nieto, Spanish writer. 1916: Morgan Sparks, American scientist. 1917: Heribert Barrera, Spanish politician (d. 2011). 1918: Francisco Moncion, founding member of the New York City Ballet (f. 1995) 1919: Ernst Haefliger, Swiss tenor. 1919: Oswaldo Guayasamდ­n, Ecuadorian painter (d. 1999). 1921: Pepa Noia, Argentine activist, founder of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (d. 2015). 1921: Nancy Reagan, American first lady. (f. 2016). 1922: Miguel დ?ngel Garcდ­a Guinea, Spanish archaeologist. 1923: Wojciech Jaruzelski, Polish president. 1924 - Louis Bellson, American jazz and rock drummer. 1924: Joan Bernet Toledano, Spanish cartoonist (d. 2009). 1925: Bill Haley, American musician (d. 1981). 1927: Janet Leigh, American actress (d. 2004). 1927: Nilo Soruco, Bolivian singer (f. 2004). 1930: Herbert Erhardt, German footballer (d. 2010). 1931: Della Reese, American actress and singer. 1933: Antonio Dდ­az-Miguel, Spanish basketball player and coach. 1935: Julio Mahდ¡rbiz, Argentine television presenter (d. 2013). 1935: Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) Tibetan religious and politician. 1937: Vladimir დ?shkenazi, Icelandic conductor of Russian origin. 1938: Takuma Nakahira, Japanese photographer. 1940: Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakh President. 1945: Burt Ward, American actor. 1946: George W. Bush, politician and American president. 1946: Gerardo Romano, Argentine film, theater and television actor. 1946: Peter Singer, Australian philosopher. 1946: Sylvester Stallone, American actor. 1946: Toquinho, Brazilian musician. 1947: Nდ©stor Chდ¡vez, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 1969). 1948: Arnaldo Baptista, Brazilian musician and composer, of the band Os Mutantes. 1950: Juan Carlos Mendizდ¡bal, Argentine television presenter and presenter (d. 2012). 1951: Geoffrey Rush, Australian actor. 1952: Hilary Mantel, British writer. 1954: Francisco Reyes, Chilean actor. 1958: Arnaldo Otegi, Spanish politician of nationalist ideology. 1961: Juan Palomino, Argentine actor. 1963: Fabiდ¡n Ramდ­rez, Colombian guerrilla. 1964: Bernardo Bonezzi, Spanish composer (d. 2012). 1964: Javier Velasco Yeregui, Spanish priest and theologian (f. 2009). 1967: Heather Nova, British singer-songwriter. 1970: Inspectah Deck, American rapper, of the band Wu-Tang Clan. 1974: Zდ© Roberto, Brazilian soccer player. 1974: Estდ­baliz Espinosa, Spanish writer. 1975: 50 Cent, American rapper. 1975: Sebastiდ¡n Rulli, Argentine actor. 1976: Rory Delap, javelin thrower and Irish footballer. 1977: Maksim Mirni, Belarusian tennis player. 1978: Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry, American actresses. 1978: Joseba Albizu, Spanish cyclist. 1979: Nic Cester, Australian singer and guitarist, of the band Jet. 1980: Pau Gasol, Spanish basketball player. 1980: Leandro Rivera, Spanish actor. 1981: Romდ¡n Shirდ³kov, Russian footballer. 1982: Malena Pichot, Argentine actress, comedian and screenwriter. 1983: Gregory Smith, Canadian actor. 1984: Lauren Harris, British singer. 1984: D. Woods, American singer, of the band Danity Kane. 1987: Kate Nash, British singer. 1990: Gastდ³n Vietto, Argentine actor and singer. 1992: Manny Machado, American baseball player of Dominican origin. 1992: Rigoberto Mendoza, Dominican basketball player. 1992: Daniel Villalva, Argentine soccer player. 1994: Camilla and Rebecca Rosso, British actresses.