july 8 zodiac

    People born on July 8 will control their friends and conquer their enemies.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on July 8

    Despite their energetic nature, they are kind and compromised in their demeanor, causing others to avoid opposing them. However, they will stand firm against their enemies and overcome obstacles in life. Withdrawn people, excessively sensitive: they need sympathy and friendship around them. They carefully select friends that they can feel together later. It should be added that they are very conscientious and quietly worry about everything related to their friends. They express a significant fatherly / maternal instinct and are happy to help young people in trouble. They often change their place of residence and their position in life. Still, they cannot be called inconsistent as they generally carry out everything they plan. They skillfully arrange projects and implement them. They never start any business without proper preparation. They are careful, they are often too careful and predictable, which is most visible when they are wrong or in disagreement with the law. They are quite noble in behavior, fond of showing some greatness. They should strive to control their sensuality and get rid of their flaws, such as excessive sensitivity and impulsiveness. Marriage could bring them fame. They are ready for fights, struggles and dangers in life. Eventually they will achieve victory and triumph over their worst enemies. They are successful in professions related to a wider audience, fluid, and generally water.

    Zodiac sign for those born on July 8

    If your birthday is July 8, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    July 8 - personality and character

    character:  dedicated, decent, level-headed, awkward, unstable, playful profession:  pianist, hairdresser, shoemaker colors:  cream, silver, scarlet stone:  beryl animal:  buffalo plant:  rosemary lucky numbers:  7,17,39,47,51,57 super lucky number:  17

    Holidays and observances - July 8

    • Hadrian of Nicomedia
    • Saint Kilian (640-689, bishop), Saint Colmდ¡n and Saint Totnano.
    • Saint Edgar the Pacific
    • Translation of Saint Barbara (martyr)
    • Saint Eugene III
    • Saint Evodius of Antioch
    • Saint Procopius of Caesarea
    • Santa Sunniva
    • Saint Tybalt of Marly
    • San Quintდ­n (possible error, since the festival is October 31)

    July 8 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: George Antheil, American pianist and composer (d. 1959). 1901: Carmen Martდ­nez Sancho, Spanish mathematician and teacher (f. 1995) 1904: Henri Cartan, French mathematician (f. 2008). 1906: Philip Johnson, American architect (d. 2005). 1907: George Romney, American businessman (d. 1995). 1908: Louis Jordan, American saxophonist and singer (d. 1975). 1908: Nelson Rockefeller, American politician (d. 1979). 1909: Josდ© Santiago Crespo, Spanish priest (d. 1978). 1913? Alejandra Soler Gilabert, Spanish Republican teacher (d. 2017) 1914: Jyoti Basu, Indian politician (d. 2010). 1914: Billy Eckstine, American jazz singer (d. 1993). 1919: Walter Scheel, German politician (d. 2016). 1921: Edgar Morin, French philosopher and sociologist. 1922: Mariano Medina, Spanish meteorologist (d. 1994). 1923: Manuel Alvar, Spanish philologist (f. 2001). 1923 - Harrison Dillard, American athlete. 1923: Antonio Herrero Losada, Spanish journalist (f. 2001). 1924: Johnnie Johnson, American blues musician and pianist (d. 2005). 1924: Anton Schwarzkopf, German engineer (d. 2001). 1925: Marco Cდ©, Italian cardinal (d. 2014). 1925: Alina Surmacka Szczesniak, American food science specialist of Polish origin (d. 2016) 1926: Elisabeth Kდ¼bler-Ross, American psychiatrist of Swiss origin (d. 2004). 1926: Juanito Navarro, Spanish actor (d. 2011). 1927: Willy De Clercq, Belgian politician and MEP (d. 2011). 1928: David Brockhoff, Australian rugby player (d. 2011). 1928: დ?ngel Tulio Zof, Argentine soccer coach (f. 2014). 1930: Jerry Vale, American singer and actor (d. 2014). 1932: Franca Raimondi, Italian singer (d. 1988). 1934: Raquel Correa, Chilean journalist (d. 2012). 1934: Marty Feldman, English writer, comedian and actor (d. 1982). 1937: Hდ©ctor Noguera, Chilean film, theater and television actor. 1937: Enrique Zapata Ponce, Mexican painter and engraver. 1943: Ricardo Pavoni, Uruguayan soccer player. 1944: Jeffrey Tambor, American actor. 1945: Micheline Calmy-Rey, Swiss politician. 1947: Luis Fernando Figari, Peruvian Catholic layman. 1950: Pedro Miguel Echenique, Spanish scientist. 1951: Anjelica Huston, American actress. 1952: Jack Lambert, American football player. 1952: Nacho Martდ­nez, Spanish actor (f. 1996). 1953: Eberhard Bosslet, German artist living in the Canary Islands. 1956: Jean-Renდ© Bernaudeau, French cyclist. 1956: Carlos Herrera, Spanish journalist. 1957: Carlos Cavazo, Mexican-American guitarist. 1958: Kevin Bacon, American actor. 1959: Robert Knepper, American actor. 1961: Andrew Fletcher, British keyboardist, of the band Depeche Mode. 1962: Joan Osborne, American singer. 1966: Suzanne Krull, American actress, screenwriter and producer. 1967: Kaho Koda, Japanese voice actress. 1968: Michael Weatherly, American actor. 1968: Billy Crudup, American actor. 1969: George Fisher, American musician, of the band Cannibal Corpse. 1969: Mariano Roger, Argentine guitarist, of the Babasდ³nicos band. 1970: Beck, American musician. 1970: Seu Jorge, Brazilian musician, composer and actor. 1973: Kathleen Robertson, Canadian actress. 1974: Zhanna Friske, Russian singer and actress. 1976: Talal El Karkouri, Moroccan footballer. 1976: David Kennedy, American musician. 1976: Grettell Valdez, Mexican actress. 1977: Canco Rodrდ­guez, Spanish actor. 1977: Milo Ventimiglia, American actor. 1979: Freeway, American rapper. 1980: Robbie Keane, Irish footballer. 1981: Anastasia Myskina, Russian tennis player. 1982: Sophia Bush, American actress. 1982: Hakim Warrick, American basketball player. 1983: Salustiano Candia, Paraguayan soccer player. 1983: Dani Navarro, Spanish cyclist. 1985: Jamie Cook, American guitarist, of the band Arctic Monkeys. 1986: Jaime Garcდ­a, Mexican baseball player. 1988: Miki Roquდ©, Spanish footballer (f. 2012). 1990: Nicolდ¡s Colazo, Argentine footballer. 1990: Kevin Trapp, German footballer. 1991: Jamie Blackley, British actor 1992: Heung Min Son, Korean footballer. 1998: Jaden Smith, American actor and dancer, son of actor Will Smith.