june 11 zodiac

    People born on June 11 enjoy play and pursue happiness.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on June 11

    They have ambitious aspirations, they enjoy traveling, and although they are quite withdrawn, they are always ready to defend their interests. They are smooth, with a retained power, always ready for an instant manifestation in life. They are people who yearn for adventure, with a fascination for sports. They do not shy away from gambling and enjoy pursuing happiness through a risky harvest. His behavior is not very social; they prefer isolation from others ... They devise different distractions for themselves in a peculiar way, often quite original and unusual. Flaws: They are reckless and do not pay attention to what others do or think. Despite their activity, they often lack initiative. What threatens them: More than anything, that they might not be free. Other than that, they are negligent and will miss out on some opportunities in life. They often enter into two marriages, one of them not very happy. Most of the time they have children, but they can be a source of distress and misunderstandings. A child born on this day should be treated with delicacy and kindness. Then your skills will be able to develop properly and will change accordingly. [caption id="attachment_19222" align="aligncenter" width="612"] June 11 - Calendar Icon - Vector Illustration[/caption]

    Zodiac sign for those born on June 11

    If your birthday is June 11, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    June 11 - personality and character

    character:  truthful, tolerant, kind, reckless, violent, picky profession:  beautician, chimney sweep, pilot colors:  teal, silver, crimson stone:  ruby animal:  dog plant:  lady's cloak lucky numbers:  16,20,25,33,35,40 super lucky number:  27

    Holidays and observances - June 11

    • Roman Empire: Matralia, in honor of Mater Matuta, goddess of the dawn.
    • Spain: Jaდ©n. Virgin of the Chapel.
    • Argentina: Neighbor's Day, anniversary of the second founding of Buenos Aires.
    • Spain: Logrono. Festivities of San Bernabდ©.

    June 11 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Leopoldo Marechal, Argentine novelist and playwright (d. 1970). 1900: Carmen Polo, Spanish woman, wife of Francisco Franco. 1909: Carlos Lemos, Spanish actor. 1910: Carmine Coppola, American composer and conductor (d. 1991). 1910: Jacques Cousteau, French oceanographer and explorer (d. 1997). 1911: Manuel Ballesteros Gaibrois, Spanish historian and anthropologist. 1913: Risდ« Stevens, American soprano. 1914: Nenდ© Cascallar, Argentine author and screenwriter (d. 1982). 1914: Gregorio Lდ³pez Raimundo, Aragonese politician. 1915: Josდ© Caballero, Spanish painter (d. 1991). 1915: Nicholas Metropolis, American mathematician and physicist of Greek origin (d. 1999). 1917: Jaime Duque Grisales, Colombian pilot, founder of the Jaime Duque Park (f. 2007) 1917: Rubდ©n Lდ³pez Sabariego, Cuban worker tortured and assassinated by US officers at the Guantდ¡namo naval base (f. 1961). 1919: Richard Todd, Irish actor (d. 2009). 1920: Hazel Scott, Hindu singer (d. 1981). 1920: Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah, Nepalese king. 1922: John Bromfield, American actor (d. 2005). 1922: Michael Cacoyannis, Cypriot filmmaker (d. 2011). 1924: Jovita Luna, actress, singer and Argentine star (d. 2006). 1925: William Styron, American writer. 1927: German Lopezarias, Spanish journalist (f. 2003). 1928: Salvador Garmendia, Venezuelan writer. 1928: Fabiola de Mora y Aragდ³n, Spanish aristocrat, queen consort of Belgium. 1929: Antonio Pujia, Italian-Argentine sculptor. 1932: Francisco Alberto Caamano, Dominican politician. 1933: Gene Wilder, American actor (d. 2016). 1934: Enrique de Laborde de Monpezat, prince consort of Denmark. 1935: Nდºria Espert, Spanish theater director and actress. 1935: Eulogio Martდ­nez, Paraguayan soccer player (d. 1984). 1936: Jaime Camino, Spanish filmmaker. 1936: Chad Everett, American actor (d. 2012). 1937: Robin Warren, Australian physician, 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine. 1939: Jackie Stewart, British motor racing driver. 1942: Cacho Castana, Argentine composer, singer and actor. 1945: Adrienne Barbeau, American actress. 1949: Frank Beard, American drummer, of the band ZZ Top. 1956: Joe Montana, American football player. 1958: Jamaaladeen Tacuma, American musician. 1958: Rafael Sდ¡nchez Navarro, Mexican actor. 1959: Hugh Laurie, British actor. 1961: Marდ­a Barranco, Spanish actress. 1962: Gabriel Elorriaga Pisarik, Spanish politician. 1964: Jean Alesi, French Formula 1 driver. 1964: Carlos Barragდ¡n: Argentine journalist, humorist and screenwriter. 1965: Ignacio Gadano, Argentine actor. 1965: Manuel Uribe, Mexican citizen, heaviest man in the world (d. 2014). 1968: Alois of Liechtenstein, Liechtensteinian prince. 1969: Peter Dinklage, American actor. 1969: Steven Drozd, American drummer, of the band The Flaming Lips. 1970: Chris Rice, American singer. 1971: Kenjiro Tsuda, actor and Japanese voice actor. 1975: Choi Ji Woo, South Korean actress and model. 1977: Ryan Dunn, American actor (d. 2011). 1977: Julio Voltio, Puerto Rican singer. 1978: Joshua Jackson, Canadian actor. 1981: Emiliano Moretti, Italian footballer. 1982: Joey Graham, American basketball player. 1982: Diana Taurasi, American basketball player. 1984: Vდ¡gner Love, Brazilian soccer player. 1985: Violeta Isfel, Mexican actress. 1986: Shia LaBeouf, American actor. 1986: Marcia Orjeda Ramirez, in Peru. 1987: Ezequiel Carrera, Venezuelan baseball player. 1988: Yui Aragaki, Japanese actress, singer and model. 1990: Sherina Munaf, Indonesian actress and singer. 1992: Eugene Simon, British actor. 1994: Ivana Baquero, Spanish actress.