june 13 zodiac

    People born on June 13 tend to have great ideas and successful plans.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on June 13

    They have the idea that they are simply at the right time. They are quite ambitious people, with some ideas about public activities, local politics or social work. His mind, although very lively and changeable, is positive and strong. They show trends in literature, art or science. Your profession is generally related to these areas. They are successful in correspondence, publications, books, magazines, and literary works, as well as small books, brochures, newspapers, etc. They can find success. They care about other people and often turn out to be very helpful. If they earn something for themselves, they are very disinterested, so they don't care much about financial losses. People born today may need some help. They are successful in cooperating with others. Their fault is the fact that they torment themselves unnecessarily by analyzing their own experiences and mental states.

    Zodiac sign for those born on June 13

    If your birthday is June 13, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    June 13 - personality and character

    character:  searching, cheerful, cautious, careless, disdainful, voluntary profession:  plasterer, sound engineer, politician colors:  cyan, gray, beige stone:  hematite animal:  fox plant:  Yarrow lucky numbers:  1,19,26,32,34,51 super lucky number:  1

    Holidays and observances - June 13

    • Spain: Robledo de Chavela (Madrid) - Patronal Festival.
    • Panama: Physical Day
    • Spain: Biescas (Huesca) - Pilgrimage to the Chapel of Santa Elena.
    • Portugal: Lisbon: Local fairs.
    • International Albinism Awareness Day
    • Argentina: Writer's Day.
    • European Skin Cancer Prevention Day
    • Spain: Caniles (Granada) - Patronal Festival.
    • Spain: Vadillo de la Guarena (Zamora) - Patronal Festival, San Antonio de Padua

    June 13 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1906: Bruno de Finetti, Italian mathematician (d. 1985). 1909: Antonio Anoveros Ataდºn, Spanish priest (d. 1987). 1910: Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, Spanish writer (f. 1999). 1911: Luis Walter დ?lvarez, American scientist, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1968 (f. 1998). 1914: Anna Maria Ortese, Italian writer (f. 1998). 1915: Don Budge, American tennis player (d. 2000). 1917: Enrique Alarcდ³n, Spanish film decorator (d. 1995). 1917: Augusto Roa Bastos, Paraguayan writer (f. 2005). 1918: Ben Johnson, American actor (d. 1996). 1918: Percy Rodrigues, Canadian actor (d. 2007). 1921: Antonio Ramდ­rez Gonzდ¡lez, Colombian doctor and surgeon (f. 2003). 1923: Antonio Pereira, Spanish writer (d. 2009). 1925: Gustavo Torner, Spanish painter and sculptor. 1926: Dalmiro Sდ¡enz, Argentine writer (d. 2016). 1927: Slim Dusty, Australian singer-songwriter (d. 2003). 1928: John Forbes Nash, American mathematician, Nobel laureate in economics in 1994 (d. 2015). 1931: Irvin D. Yalom, American writer, professor and psychotherapist. 1932: Jaime Penafiel, Spanish journalist. 1933: Raდºl Borrდ¡s, Argentine politician, Alfonsდ­n's Minister of Defense (d. 1985). 1933: Cდ©sar Girდ³n, Venezuelan bullfighter (d. 1971). 1934: Antonio Jimდ©nez Quiles, Spanish cyclist. 1935: Javier Aguirre Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish filmmaker. 1935: Jeanne-Claude (Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebდ³n), French Moroccan artist, painter and designer, wife of the artist Christo (d. 2009). 1935: Christo (Christo-Vladimirov Javacheff), Bulgarian artist and painter, husband of the artist Jeanne-Claude. 1935: Ugnდ© Karvelis, Lithuanian writer, literary critic, translator and diplomat, wife of the writer Julio Cortდ¡zar (d. 2002). 1941: Frans Verbeeck, Belgian cyclist. 1943: Malcolm McDowell, British actor. 1944: Ban Ki-moon, South Korean diplomat, current UN Secretary General. 1946: Aurora Furtado (26), Brazilian guerrilla, assassinated (d. 1972). 1946: Mario David Garcდ­a Velდ¡squez, Guatemalan journalist and politician. 1946: Cristina Hoyos, Spanish dancer. 1946: Montserrat Roig, Spanish writer (d. 1991). 1951: Stellan Skarsgard, Swedish actor 1953: Tim Allen, American actor, comedian and writer. 1954: Andrzej Lepper, Polish politician (d. 2011). 1958: Fernando Marდ­as Amondo, Spanish writer. 1959: Josდ© Weinstein, Chilean sociologist. 1960: Evaristo Pდ¡ramos, Spanish singer of punk music. 1962: Ally Sheedy, American actress. 1963: Bettina Bunge, German tennis player of Swiss origin. 1963: Alaska (Olvido Gara), Spanish singer of Mexican origin. 1965: Lukas Ligeti, Austrian composer and percussionist. 1966: Luis Merlo, Spanish actor. 1966: Grigori Perelmდ¡n, Russian mathematician. 1968: Pedro Vდ­llora, Spanish writer. 1968: David Gray, British singer-songwriter. 1968: Gianni Morbidelli, Italian motorsport driver. 1969: Cayetana Guillდ©n Cuervo, Spanish actress. 1969: Charlie Massდ³, singer and Puerto Rican television presenter, of the band Menudo. 1970: Juliდ¡n Gil, Argentine actor and model. 1970: Rivers Cuomo, American musician, singer and songwriter, of the band Weezer. 1971: Andoni Luis Aduriz, Spanish cook. 1972: Pedro Pablo Trevino Villarreal, Mexican lawyer and politician. 1972: Lourdes Reyes, Mexican actress. 1973: Ville Laihiala, Finnish singer, of the band Poisonblack. 1974: Selma Bjდ¶rnsdდ³ttir, Icelandic singer. 1974: Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known as Steve-O, British actor and comedian. 1978: Lucas Martდ­n Valdemarდ­n, Argentine footballer. 1978: Richard Kingson, Ghanaian footballer. 1980: Juan Carlos Navarro, Spanish basketball player. 1980: Florent Malouda, French footballer. 1980: Sarah Connor, German singer. 1981: Chris Evans, American actor. 1982: Kenenisa Bekele, Ethiopian athlete. 1983: Rebeca Linares, Spanish porn actress. 1984: Nery Castillo, Mexican soccer player. 1986: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, American actresses. 1986: Kat Dennings, American actress. 1986: Keisuke Honda, Japanese footballer.