14/06 Birthday - Zodiac Information

June 14 Zodiac

People born on June 14 are happy, capricious, nervous - pleasant in projects.

Horoscope and personality for those born on June 14

Friendship plays an important role in their life: they usually have faithful friends. His demeanor is social and natural, jovial. Although they often fight, they are not selfish.

They are happy in happy company. They strive for development and subtlety, and their behavior is unusually sensitive. Their great nervousness and their double mental nature make them prone to periodic depression, states of terror or sadness. These mental traits make women uncontrollable, nervous, and even at risk of hysteria.

Men, in more severe cases, are at risk for neurasthenia. People born today can very efficiently convince others of the validity of their opinion. Although they enjoy commanding others, they do not display arrogance or tyranny while doing so.

Even so, they have a tendency to extremes and quirks. They must be careful with the imagination, which can be worrying and strong. At that point, they worry unnecessarily and torment themselves. They come under a strong influence from their spouse. They enjoy gambling and are scared of games. However, they find disappointment in love, and the greatest pain and misery awaits them in relation to the opposite sex. They must be people who reap the fruit of their work and effort.

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Zodiac sign for those born on June 14

If your birthday is June 14, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

June 14 - personality and character

character:  penetrating, faithful, self-sufficient, curious, capricious, bad
profession:  janitor, railway man, janitor
colors:  olive, cyan, purple
stone:  malachite
animal:  parrot
plant:  poplar
lucky numbers:  32,37,39,46,47,56
super lucky number:  7

Holidays and observances - June 14

  • WHO: World Blood Donor Day.
  • United States: Flag Day.
  • Spain: National Day of Spanish Sign Languages.

June 14 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

1900: Eugenio Ímaz, Spanish translator, essayist, philosopher and university professor (d. 1951).
1903: Alonzo Church, American mathematician (d. 1995).
1906: Margaret Bourke-White, American photojournalist (d. 1971).
1907: René Char, French poet (d. 1988).
1909: Burl Ives, American actor (d. 1995).
1909: Francisco Rojas Villegas, Chilean physician and politician (f. 1993).
1913: Stanley Black, British composer and pianist (d. 2002).
1914: Pauline Moore, American actress (d. 2001).
1916: Dorothy McGuire, American actress (d. 2001).
1917: Atle Selberg, Norwegian mathematician (d. 2007).
1918: Fulgencio Berdugo, Colombian soccer player (d. 2003).
1918: Maruja Pino Pineiro, Galician writer (d. 2010).
1919: Sam Wanamaker, American actor (d. 1993).
1921: Gene Barry, American actor (d. 2009).
1922: Kevin Roche, Irish architect.
1925: Serge Moscovici, French social psychologist (d. 2014).
1925: Dalton Trevisan, Brazilian writer.
1926: Hermann Kant, German writer (d. 2016).
1928: Ernesto Che Guevara, Cuban guerrilla, doctor and politician of Argentine origin (d. 1967).
1928: José Fernando Bonaparte, Argentine paleontologist.
1932: Javier Echevarría Rodríguez, Spanish bishop, prelate of Opus Dei (f. 2016).
1933: Jerzy Kosinski, Polish writer (d. 1991).
1936: Renaldo “Obie” Benson, American singer, of the band The Four Tops (d. 2005).
1937: Espartaco Santoni, Venezuelan actor, film producer and hospitality businessman (f. 1998).
1937: Jorgen Leth, Danish filmmaker.
1940: Bruno Lomas, Spanish rock singer (d. 1990).
1944: Jordi Bernet, Spanish cartoonist.
1945: Rod Argent, British musician, of the band The Zombies.
1945: Jörg Immendorff, German sculptor (d. 2007).
1945: Lorenzo Quinteros, Argentine actor.
1946: Donald Trump, television personality and American businessman, president of his country since 2017.
1946: Ahmad Zahir, Afghan singer (d. 1979).
1949: Carlos Abascal, Mexican politician (f. 2008).
1949: Luis Ospina, Colombian director, editor, film producer and screenwriter.
1949: Alan White, British drummer, of the Yes band.
1951: Iván Arenas, Chilean industrial designer and television presenter.
1952: Lalo Mir, Argentine radio and television host.
1954: Will Patton, American actor.
1956: Juan Carlos Baglietto, Argentine singer-songwriter.
1959: Marcus Miller, American jazz musician.
1961: Boy George, British musician, of the Culture Club band.
1963: Jesús Méndez, Venezuelan baseball player.
1964: Armando Casas, Mexican film director.
1966: Traylor Howard, American actress.
1966: Julio Llorente, Spanish footballer.
1968: Yasmine Bleeth, American actress.
1969: Steffi Graf, German tennis player.
1969: MC Ren, American rapper, of the band NWA.
1970: Mariano Iúdica, Argentine television host.
1972: Matthias Ettrich, German computer scientist.
1973: Coti, Argentine singer and composer.
1976: Massimo Oddo, Italian footballer.
1977: Francesca Guillén, Mexican actress.
1978: Diablo Cody, American screenwriter.
1979: Osvaldo Benavides, Mexican actor.
1979: Paradorn Srichaphan, Thai tennis player.
1979: Manuela Imaz, Mexican actress.
1980: Alejandro Alpízar, Costa Rican soccer player.
1980: Matias Novoa, Chilean actor.
1981: Elano Blumer, Brazilian soccer player.
1982: Lang Lang, Chinese pianist.
1982: Jamie Green, British motorsport driver.
1983: Louis Garrel, French actor and director.
1984: Siobhán Donaghy, British singer, of the band Sugababes.
1984: Jesús Guzmán, Venezuelan baseball player.
1988: Adrián Aldrete, Mexican soccer player.
1988: Kevin McHale, American actor and singer.
1989: Madison Ivy, German pornographic actress.
1989: Lucy Hale, American actress.
1991: Jesy Nelson, British singer, of the group Little Mix.
1992: Gaby Mellado, Mexican film and television actress.
1993: Ryan McCartan, singer, actor and songwriter.
1999: Tzuyu, Taiwanese singer, of the South Korean group Twice.