june 16 zodiac

    People born on June 16 are eloquent, humorous, enjoy commanding and ruling others.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on June 16

    The feelings and the intellect come together in a natural harmonious whole. They have a significant development: they are truly inspired people. They have a gift for speech. They are very sensitive to opinions. Intelligent, humorous, impulsive: they like to make others known and rule others. Ambitious: they try their best to achieve a good position. Great defenders of the arts. They often show some artistic ability. They also show skills related to literature and public speaking. Flaws: They are overly talkative and mean people. They are quarrelsome and are inclined to cause disputes. They are stubborn by nature, feeling little sympathy for other people. Tireless, jealous, vengeful. These character traits cause them dangers. What threatens them? They feel great internal restlessness that often leads to irritability and nervousness. If they do not maintain their character, they can become indecisive, hesitant, uncertain and superficial. What should they aspire to? Develop a capacity for mental concentration, as long as you want to become really wise people. A child born on this day must have proper training.

    Zodiac sign for those born on June 16

    If your birthday is June 16, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    June 16 - personality and character

    character:  impeccable, natural, cautious, carefree, disdainful, disheveled profession:  janitor, welder, scientist colors:  black, gold, scarlet stone:  red emerald animal:  sea otter plant:  Sweet williams flowers lucky numbers:  1,5,10,16,44,58 super lucky number:  9

    Holidays and observances - June 16

    • Bloomsday: in honor of Leopold Bloom, protagonist of the novel Ulysses by the writer James Joyce.
    • International Day of the African Child.
    • International Day of Solidarity with the Struggling People of South Africa.
    • South Africa: Youth Day.
    • Panama: National Day of the Troubadour and Poet of the Tenth Panamena (Decree No. 73, of November 6, 1989).
    • Argentina: Engineer's Day, Biotechnology Day
    • International Day of Family Remittances

    June 16 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Henri Lefebvre, French philosopher (d. 1991). 1902: George Gaylord Simpson, American paleontologist (d. 1984). 1902: Barbara McClintock, American geneticist, 1983 Nobel Prize in Medicine (d. 1992). 1903: Helen Traubel, American soprano (d. 1972). 1907: Jack Albertson, American actor (d. 1981). 1910: Juan Velasco Alvarado, Peruvian president between 1968 and 1975 (f. 1977). 1912: Enoch Powell, British politician (d. 1998). 1915: Mariano Rumor, Italian politician (d. 1990). 1915: John Tukey, American mathematician (d. 2000). 1917: Phaedon Gizikis, Greek general, President of Greece (d. 1999). 1917: Katharine Graham, editor of the Washington Post and Newsweek (d. 2001). 1917: Irving Penn, American photographer (d. 2009). 1920: John Howard Griffin, American journalist (d. 1980). 1920: Josდ© Lდ³pez Portillo, Mexican president between 1976 and 1982 (f. 2004). 1920: Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Indian musician (d. 1989). 1922: Frances Rafferty, American actress (d. 2004). 1924: Faith Domergue, American actress (f. 1999). 1925: Argelio Garcდ­a Rodrდ­guez, Cuban humorist (f. 1992). 1925: დ–sten Sjდ¶strand, Swedish writer (d. 2006). 1925: Rosa Wunder, Peruvian actress (d. 2011). 1926: Efraდ­n Rდ­os Montt, Guatemalan politician and general (d. 2018). 1929: Antonio Pდ©rez Crespo, Spanish politician (f. 2012). 1934: Leonor Gonzდ¡lez Mina, Colombian artist. 1934: William Sharpe, American researcher, Nobel laureate in economics in 1990. 1935: Bill Cobbs, American actor. 1935: Jim Dine, American painter. 1937: Erich Segal, American writer (d. 2010). 1937: Simeon of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Bulgarian king. 1938: Torgny Lindgren, Swedish writer (d. 2017). 1938: Joyce Carol Oates, American writer. 1938: Jaime Tohდ¡, Chilean politician. 1940: Ludovic Booz, Haitian sculptor. 1940: Cდ©sar Pდ©rez de Tudela, Spanish mountaineer. 1942: Giacomo Agostini, Italian motorcyclist. 1944: Henri Richelet, French painter. 1946: Rick Adelman, American basketball player. 1946: Gდ©rard Grisey, French composer (d. 1998). 1946: Mark Ritts, American actor (d. 2009). 1948: Leopoldo Marდ­a Panero, Spanish writer (d. 2014). 1949: Jairo, Argentine singer. 1950: Emilio Josდ©, Spanish singer 1950: Mithun Chakraborty, Indian actor. 1951: Charlie Dominici, American musician, of the bands Dream Theater and Dominici. 1951: Roberto Mano de Piedra Durდ¡n, Panamanian boxer. 1951: Titდ­ Fernდ¡ndez, Argentine sports journalist. 1952: Jerry Hadley, American tenor (f. 2007). 1952: Salvador Pineda, Mexican film, television and theater actor. 1952: Yorgos Papandrდ©u, Greek politician. 1952: Gino Vannelli, Canadian musician. 1953: Marდ­a Grana, Argentine tango singer. 1953: Juan Munoz, Spanish sculptor (d. 2001). 1955: Laurie Metcalf, American actress. 1956: Mesrob II Mutafyan of Constantinople, Turkish Archbishop. 1956: Marდ­a Valenzuela, Argentine actress. 1957: Jordi Hurtado, Spanish television presenter. 1958: Darrell Griffith, American basketball player. 1958: Jდ³hannes Helgason, Icelandic guitarist and pilot. 1959: Javier Lombardo, Argentine actor. 1959: The Ultimate Warrior, American professional wrestler (d. 2014). 1962: Patrick Ericson, Spanish writer. 1962: Femi Kuti, Nigerian singer. 1962: Arnold Vosloo, South African actor. 1963: Jim Fullington, American professional wrestler. 1964: Nდ©stor de Vicente, Argentine footballer (d. 2011). 1966: Jan ვ½eleznდ½, Czech athlete. 1968: Mokona, Japanese mangaka. 1968: James Patrick Stuart, American actor. 1968: Darდ­o Sztainszraiber, Argentine philosopher and television host. 1970: Clifton Collins Jr., American actor. 1970: Cobi Jones, American footballer. 1970: Phil Mickelson, American golfer. 1971: Tupac Shakur, American rapper (f. 1996). 1972: John Cho, Southcoran actor. 1973: Eddie Cibrian, American actor. 1973: Nikos Machlas, Greek footballer. 1975: Anthony Carter, American basketball player. 1976: Giovanni Hernდ¡ndez, Colombian footballer. 1976: Edwin Tenorio, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1978: Daniel Brდ¼hl, Spanish-German actor. 1978: Jasmine Leong, Chinese singer. 1979: Patricio Fontanet, Argentine singer, of the Callejeros band. 1980: Brandon Armstrong, American basketball player. 1980: Cristian Campestrini, Argentine footballer. 1980: Darდ© Nibombდ©, Togolese footballer. 1980: Martin Stranzl, Austrian footballer. 1981: Benjamin Becker, German tennis player. 1981: Ben Kweller, American singer, of the bands Radish and The Bens. 1981: Miguel Villalta, Peruvian soccer player. 1982: Matt Costa, American musician. 1982: Franco Peppino, Argentine footballer. 1982: Missy Peregrym Canadian actress and model. 1982: Albert Rocas, Spanish handball player. 1983: Armend Dallku, Albanian footballer. 1983: Verდ³nica Echegui, Spanish actress. 1984: Steven Whittaker, Scottish footballer. 1986: Cristian Manuel Chდ¡vez, Argentine footballer. 1986: Urby Emanuelson, Dutch footballer. 1986: Fernando Muslera, Uruguayan soccer player. 1987: Kelly Blatz, American actor. 1987: Diana DeGarmo, American actress and singer. 1987: Per Ciljan Skjelbred, Norwegian footballer. 1988: Keshia Chantდ©, Canadian singer and actress. 1988: Fდ¡tima Torre, Mexican actress. 1989: Odion Jude Ighalo, Nigerian footballer. 1989: Xuso Jones, Spanish singer. 1990: John Newman, British singer. 1991: Joe McElderry, singer and British model. 1994: Caitlyn Taylor Love, American actress and singer.