june 2 zodiac

    People born on June 2 are excellent debaters, but they should be wary of superficiality.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on June 2

    They are characterized by intelligence. They want to understand everything with their thoughts, very eloquent, expressing public speaking and leadership skills. They are excellent debaters. They also have satirical skills and skillfully defend their opinions, pitching arguments with sarcasm and humor. To tell the truth, these people are too sure of their wisdom, they think they are always right and they know everything! However, they are inclined to constantly change their minds. Also, they are often balanced between two conflicting beliefs. Such duality is common in their lives. They are very noble people. Full of hope, they plan their future thoroughly. They also like experiment and show a capacity for mechanics. What threatens them? Above all, they are in danger of losing loved ones or being separated from them. Due to circumstances that cannot be overcome, several positive opportunities will be missed. Recklessness puts them in danger of pain and loss. Witty, intellectual, full of temperament and good speakers but, at the same time, they are suspicious and hesitant people. They can achieve a certain degree of social recognition through philanthropic activities.

    Zodiac sign for those born on June 2

    If your birthday is June 2, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    June 2 - personality and character

    character:  energetic, modest, honest, wasteful, strict, self-centered profession:  chimney sweep, electrician, structural engineer colors:  red, beige, yellow stone:  diopside animal:  squid plant:  hibiscus flower lucky numbers:  7,13,23,27,32,41 super lucky number:  26

    Holidays and observances - June 2

    • International Sex Worker Day
    • Spain: National Organ and Tissue Donor Day.
    • Italy: Republic Day
    • Argentina: Day of the Graduate in Economic Sciences, Day of the Volunteer Firefighter, National Day of the Dog, Day of the Sick Person of Myasthenia Gravis

    June 2 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Raymond Asso, French lyricist (d. 1968). 1901: Wenceslao Tejerina Fotheringham, Argentine surgeon (d. 1985). 1902: Eugenio Asensio, Spanish philologist (f. 1996). 1903: Max Aub, Spanish writer (d. 1972). 1904: Johnny Weissmდ¼ller, American swimmer and actor (d. 1984). 1906: Augusto Codecდ¡, Argentine actor (d. 1978). 1906: Frantiვ¡ek Plდ¡niე?ka, Czech footballer (d. 1996). 1906: Carlo Scarpa, Italian architect (d. 1978). 1907: Saდºl Montes Bradley, Argentine publicist (d. 1945). 1908: Marcel Langiller, French footballer (d. 1980). 1911: Eladio Vicuna Arდ¡nguiz, Chilean bishop (f. 2008). 1913: Vicente Gerbasi, Venezuelan poet (f. 1992). 1913: Barbara Pym, British novelist (d. 1980). 1913: Walter Andreas Schwarz, German musician (d. 1992). 1913: Joaquდ­n Solano Chagoya, Mexican horseman (d. 2003). 1916: Carlos Leდ³n, Chilean writer (d. 1988). 1918: Benkt Sparre, Swedish botanist (d. 1986). 1920: Marcel Reich-Ranicki, German critic (d. 2013). 1920: Tex Schramm, American football coach (d. 2003). 1920: Johnny Speight, British screenwriter (d. 1998). 1922: Juan Antonio Bardem, Spanish filmmaker (f. 2002). 1922: Clair Cameron Patterson, American geochemist (d. 1995). 1922: Francisco Piquer Chanza, Spanish actor (d. 2009). 1922: Judith Westphalen, Peruvian painter (d. 1976). 1925: Doris Hart, American tennis player. 1925: LeRoy Ellis, American basketball player (d. 1992). 1926: Raul Hilberg, Austrian Jewish historian (d. 2007). 1927: Isidre Flotats, Spanish footballer. 1928: Carlos Barral, Spanish writer, editor and politician (d. 1989). 1929: Ken McGregor, Australian tennis player (d. 2007). 1930: Charles Conrad, American astronaut (d. 1999). 1930: Hugo Garaycoa, Peruvian priest. 1930: Jimmy Jones, American composer (d. 2012). 1931: Amado Garcდ­a Guerrero, Dominican military man (d. 1961). 1933: Horacio Ferrer, Uruguayan poet, author and writer (d. 2014). 1934: Murray Ian Hill Brooker, Australian botanist. 1934: Edgar Perea, Colombian sports writer and journalist (d. 2016). 1936: Rex Gildo, German singer and actor (f. 1999). 1937: Rosalyn Higgins, British jurist. 1937: Sally Kellerman, American actress. 1938: Kevin Brownlow, British historian. 1938: Carlos Garaikoetxea, Spanish politician. 1939: Antonio Alegre Cremades, Spanish painter (f. 2006). 1940: Constantine II, Greek aristocrat, king in exile. 1941: Stacy Keach, American actor. 1941: Charlie Watts, British musician and drummer, of the Rolling Stones band. 1942: Tony Buzan, American writer. 1943: Josდ© Miguel Insulza, Chilean politician. 1943: Crescenzio Sepe, Italian cardinal. 1944: Nils Candia Gini, Paraguayan politician. 1944: Marvin Hamlisch, American composer and pianist (d. 2012). 1944: Ricardo Monti, Argentine playwright. 1944: Alfonso Muga, Chilean professor and engineer. 1945: Josდ© Luis Corcuera, Spanish politician. 1946: Lasse Hallstrდ¶m, Swedish filmmaker. 1946: Peter Sutcliffe, British serial killer. 1947: Juan Gabriel Valdდ©s, Chilean politician. 1947: Oscar Domingo Paris, Argentine musician (f. 2002) 1947: Rosa Villacastდ­n, Spanish journalist. 1949: Omar Calabrese, Italian semiologist (d. 2012). 1949: Neil Shicoff, American tenor. 1951: Edgardo Codesal Mდ©ndez, Mexican referee. 1951: Rubდ©n Mattos, Argentine singer and composer. 1951: Arnold Mდ¼hren, Dutch footballer. 1951: Raდºl Saldდ­var, Chilean politician. 1951: Khattiya Sawasdiphol, Thai military (d. 2010). 1952: Lourdes Almeida, Mexican photographer. 1952: Ana Cristina Cesar, Brazilian poet (d. 1983). 1952: Miguel დ?ngel Jenner, Spanish actor. 1952: Edgardo Mocca, Argentine political scientist and journalist. 1953: Osvaldo Andrade, Chilean politician. 1953: დ“scar Gacitდºa, Chilean painter. 1953: Francisco Garcდ­a Pდ©rez, Spanish professor and writer. 1953: Cornel West, American philosopher and activist. 1954: Jesდºs Eguiguren, Spanish professor. 1954: Vდ­ctor Garcდ­a Toma, Peruvian jurist. 1954: Dennis Haysbert, American actor. 1954: Mayra Martდ­, Venezuelan singer. 1955: Dana Carvey, American actor. 1955: Michael Steele, American musician, singer and bassist, of the bands The Bangles and The Runaways. 1955: Hernaldo Zდºniga, Nicaraguan musician. 1956: Enrique Cornejo Ramდ­rez, Peruvian economist and politician. 1956: Ernesto Labarthe, Argentine soccer player. 1956: Jan Lammers, Dutch racing driver. 1956: Fდ©lix Orte, Argentine soccer player (d. 1989). 1957: Bobby Sanabria, American percussionist. 1957: Roberto Visentini, Italian cyclist. 1958: Patricia Adriani, Spanish actress. 1958: Eduardo Gდ³mez, Chilean soccer player. 1958: Lex Luger, American wrestler. 1958: Papolo Vega, Dominican journalist (d. 1981). 1958: Aitor Amezaga, musician, arranger and composer. 1959: Rineke Dijkstra, Dutch photographer. 1959: Javier Laynez Potisek, Mexican jurist. 1959: Lydia Lunch, American actress and guitarist, of the bands Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, 8-Eyed Spy, and Harry Crews. 1959: Emilio Rached, Argentine politician. 1960: Olga Bondarenko, Russian athlete. 1961: Alejandro Agresti, Argentine filmmaker. 1961: Dora Mazzone, Venezuelan actress. 1961: Dez Cadena, American guitarist, of the band Black Flag. 1961: Liam Cunningham, Irish actor. 1963: Pepe Viyuela, Spanish actor and comedian. 1963: Ane Gabarain, Spanish actress. 1964: Caroline Link, German filmmaker and screenwriter. 1965: Joaquდ­n Cardiel, Spanish bassist, of the band Hდ©roes del Silencio. 1965: Jens-Peter Herold, German athlete. 1965: Jim Knipfel, American novelist, autobiographer, and journalist. 1965: Oyuki Konno, Japanese writer. 1965: Markel Olano, Basque politician. 1965: Manel Silvestre, Spanish water polo player. 1966: Pedro Guerra, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1967: Antonio Calderდ³n Burgos, Spanish soccer player and coach. 1968: Andy Cohen, television personality and American writer. 1968: Talant Dujshebaev, Spanish nationalized Kyrgyz handball player. 1968: დ?lvaro Ugaz Otoya, Peruvian journalist (d. 2009). 1970: Matthew Garrison, American bassist. 1970: B-Real, American rapper, of the band Cypress Hill. 1971: Josდ© Andrდ«a, Spanish-Bolivian singer, of the band Mდ¤go de Oz. 1971: Enrique Garcდ­a Rodrდ­guez, Spanish filmmaker. 1971: Anthony Montgomery, American actor. 1972: Mariano Alameda, Spanish teacher. 1972: Raდºl Ibდ¡nez, American baseball player. 1972: Wentworth Miller, British actor. 1973: Carlos Acosta, Cuban dancer. 1973: Neifi Pდ©rez, Dominican baseball player. 1974: Gata Kamsky, Russian-American chess player. 1975: Mariano Alameda, Spanish actor. 1975: Lisandro Alonso, Argentine filmmaker. 1975: Paz Bascunდ¡n, Chilean actress. 1976: Earl Boykins, American basketball player. 1976: Danel Castro, Cuban baseball player. 1976: Masenate Mohato Seeiso, queen consort of Letsie III of Lesotho. 1976: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Brazilian martial arts fighter. 1976: Tim Rice-Oxley, British keyboardist, of the band Keane. 1977: Maximiliano Estდ©vez, Argentine soccer player. 1977: AJ Styles, American wrestler. 1977: Zachary Quinto, American actor. 1978: Taj Burrow, Australian surfer. 1978: Nikki Cox, American actress. 1978: Dominic Cooper, British actor. 1978: Alejandro Delorte, Argentine soccer player. 1978: Justin Long, American actor. 1978: Deon Richmond, American actor. 1978: Marcelo Sosa, Uruguayan soccer player. 1978: Yi So-yeon, Korean scientist and astronaut 1979: Morena Baccarდ­n, Brazilian actress living in the United States. 1979: Fernando Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish footballer. 1979: Luis Durდ¡n Riquelme, Chilean footballer. 1979: Natalia Rodrდ­guez Martდ­nez, Spanish athlete. 1980: Caio Blat, Brazilian actor. 1980: Mariano Bogliacino, Uruguayan soccer player. 1980: Fabrizio Moretti, American drummer, of the band The Strokes. 1980: Bobby Simmons, American basketball player. 1980: Gastდ³n Stang, Argentine soccer player. 1980: Abby Wambach, American footballer. 1980: Tomasz Wrდ³blewski, Polish musician, of the bands Behemoth and Vesania. 1981: Nikolai Davydenko, Ukrainian tennis player. 1981: Nicolas Plestan, French footballer. 1981: Velvet Sky, American fighter. 1982: Jewel Staite, Canadian actress. 1982: Diego Toro, Colombian footballer. 1983: Leela James, American singer-songwriter. 1984: Mile Iliე‡, Serbian basketball player. 1984: Tyler Farrar, American cyclist. 1984: Erika Villaდ©cija, Spanish swimmer. 1985: Ana Cristina, American singer, dancer and actress. 1986: Julio Ceja, Mexican soccer player. 1987: Diego Cardozo, Argentine soccer player. 1987: Matthew Koma, American singer. 1988: Sergio Agდ¼ero, Argentine soccer player. 1989: Freddy Adu, American footballer of Ghanaian origin. 1990: Brittany Curran, American actress. 1990: Sebastiდ¡n Saavedra, Colombian pilot. 1992: Pajtim Kasami, Swiss footballer. 1993: Cristhian Bonilla, Colombian footballer. 1993: Rafael Valdez, Mexican actor. 1994: Jemma McKenzie-Brown, British actress 1995: Sterling Beaumon, American actor. 2000: Lilimar Hernandez, Venezuelan actress.