june 28 zodiac

    People born on June 28 are sensitive, loving, a little careless, and fond of poses.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on June 28

    They enjoy showing their best possible side in everything. They are a proposal of visual arts, beautiful decorations, elegant costumes and beautiful surroundings. They are quite vain people, which is quickly noticed by their environment. They are eccentric and enjoy posing. It should be noted, however, that they are even impatient. Noble, kind to others, attached to their home, fond of comforts and harmonious surroundings. Sensitive, loving and affable, they are characterized by a good memory. They are a bit clumsy, but can develop great power and activity. At that point, they persistently stick to their goals and tasks. Although they have a good heart, they are careless and flamboyant, which hurts them. They know how to live and tend to extremes and excesses. They have a pretty risky attitude and enjoy adventures. Whatever you decide in life, you can achieve it. They successfully achieve wealth, but are often unable to use it properly. Their trips, both land and sea, allow them to develop and reach a high cultural level. His body is not particularly resistant and he is very sensitive.

    Zodiac sign for those born on June 28

    If your birthday is June 28, your zodiac sign is  Cancer

    June 28 - personality and character

    character:  impeccable, intelligent, natural, brutal, selfish, dissipated profession:  farmer, policeman, hairdresser colors:  olive, silver, beige stone:  ruby animal:  starfish plant:  linden trees lucky numbers:  12,17,31,42,43,58 super lucky number:  33

    Holidays and observances - June 28

    • International Day for Sexual Diversity.
    • International LGBT Pride Day.
    • Peru: National Cebiche Day.

    June 28 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Giovanni De Pra, Italian footballer (d. 1979). 1901: Antonio Acuna Carballar, Spanish politician (d. 1936). 1902: George Padmore, Trinidadian politician (d. 1959). 1902: Richard Rodgers, American composer (d. 1979). 1902: Monchდ­n Triana, Spanish soccer player (d. 1936). 1903: Andrდ© Maschinot, French footballer (d. 1963). 1904: Adrian Rollini, American musician (d. 1956). 1905: Francis Camps, British pathologist (d. 1972). 1905: Henry H. Carter, American Hispanicist (d. 2001). 1906: Maria Goeppert-Mayer, German physicist, Nobel Prize winner for physics in 1963 (d. 1972). 1907: Carlos Encinas Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish painter (f. 1998). 1907: Jimmy Mundy, American jazz composer (d. 1984). 1908: Juan Carlos Thorry, Argentine actor (d. 2000). 1909: Eric Ambler, British writer (d. 1998). 1909: Josდ© Antonio Elola-Olaso, Spanish politician (d. 1976). 1909: Francisco Grande Coviდ¡n, Spanish biochemist (f. 1995). 1909: Josდ© de Magalhaes Pinto, Brazilian banker and diplomat (f. 1996). 1909: Christopher Soglo, President of Benin (d. 1983). 1912: Sergiu Celibidache, Romanian conductor and musician (f. 1996). 1912: Carl Friedrich von Weizsდ¤cker, German physicist and philosopher (d. 2007). 1913: Roberto Grela, Argentine tango composer and guitarist (f. 1992). 1914: Aribert Heim, Austrian physician (d. 1992). 1915: Rafael Bernal, Mexican diplomat and writer (d. 1972). 1915: David Honeyboy Edwards, American guitarist, delta blues singer (d. 2011). 1916: Steve Calvert, American actor (d. 1991). 1916: Virgilio Rodrდ­guez Macal, Guatemalan journalist, novelist and diplomat (f. 1964). 1917: Stella Inda, Mexican actress and writer (f. 1995). 1918: Maxine Stuart, American actress (d. 2013). 1919: Alfredo Vera Vera, Ecuadorian politician (f. 1999). 1921: PV Narasimha Rao, Indian politician (d. 2004). 1922: Mauro Bolognini, Italian filmmaker (d. 2004). 1922: Robert Campbell, Scottish footballer and coach (d. 2009). 1923: Tomდ¡s Asiain, Spanish composer (f. 1989). 1923: Howard E. Bigelow, American mycologist (d. 1987). 1923: Conte Candoli, American trumpeter (d. 2001). 1923: Pete Candoli, American trumpeter (d. 2008). 1923: Antonio Hernდ¡ndez Carpe, Spanish painter (f. 1977). 1923: Giff Roux, American basketball player (d. 2011). 1924: Manuel Lდ³pez Villasenor, Spanish painter (f. 1996). 1925: Severino Dდ­az, Argentine soccer referee (d. 2008). 1925: Leდ³n Droz Blanco, Venezuelan military man (d. 1954). 1925: Giselher Klebe, German composer (d. 2009). 1925: Fidel Tello Repiso, Spanish painter. 1926: Mel Brooks, American screenwriter, actor and filmmaker. 1927: Jesდºs Nieto, Spanish dubbing actor (d. 1996). 1927: F. Sherwood Rowland, American scientist (d. 2012). 1927: Enrique Velasco Ibarra, Mexican politician (d. 2010). 1928: Hans Blix, Swedish diplomat and politician. 1928: Don Dubbins, American actor (d. 1991). 1928: John S. Bell, American physicist (d. 1990). 1929: Antonio Ferraz, Spanish cyclist. 1929: Tomდ¡s Marco Nadal, Spanish cartoonist (f. 2000). 1929: Glenn D. Paige, American political scientist. 1930: Taty Almeida, Argentine writer and activist, member of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. 1930: Josდ© Luis Artetxe, Spanish footballer. 1930: Fernando Delgado, Spanish actor (d. 2009). 1930: Norma Fontenla, Argentine dancer (d. 1971). 1930: Itamar Franco, Brazilian politician of Italian origin (d. 2011). 1930: Jack Gold, British filmmaker. 1930: Horacio Gდ³mez Bolanos, Mexican actor (f. 1999). 1931: Bobby Hurley, American basketball player. 1931 - Junior Johnson, American racing driver. 1931: Enrique Monsonდ­s, Spanish politician (f. 2011). 1932: Attila L. Borhidi, Hungarian botanist and politician. 1932: Carlos Hayre, Peruvian composer (d. 2012). 1932: Pat Morita, American actor (f. 2005). 1934: Carl Levin, American lawyer and politician. 1934: Jordi Parra, Spanish basketball player, coach and manager. 1936: Chuck Howley, American football player. 1937: Richard Bright, American actor (d. 2006). 1937: Carlos Monden, Chilean actor (d. 2011). 1937: Juan Josდ© Saer, Argentine novelist (d. 2005). 1938: Leon Panetta, American politician. 1938: Moy Yat, Chinese martial artist (d. 2001). 1939: Pedro Luis Barcia, Argentine linguist. 1939: Tata Cedrდ³n, composer and musician of Argentine tango. 1940: Josდ© Sanchis Sinisterra, Spanish playwright. 1940: Muhammad Yunus, Bengali banker and economist. 1941: David Lloyd Johnston, Canadian academic, lawyer and politician. 1941: Clifford Luyk, Spanish basketball player. 1941: Guadalupe Trigo, Mexican guitarist, singer, actor and composer (d. 1982). 1942: David Kopay, American football player. 1942: Pedro Navascuდ©s, Spanish historian. 1942: Rupert Sheldrake, British writer, parapsychologist and biochemist. 1942: Frank Zane, American bodybuilder. 1943: Pietro Guerra, Italian cyclist. 1943: Donald Johanson, American paleoanthropologist. 1943: Klaus von Klitzing, German physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1985. 1943: Ismael Laguna, Panamanian boxer. 1943: Alfonso Santisteban, Spanish conductor and composer (f. 2013). 1944: Colette Cusset, French botanist. 1944: Philippe Druillet, French cartoonist. 1944: Luis Alberto Nicolao, Argentine swimmer. 1944: Carlos Palenque, singer, television presenter and Bolivian politician (f. 1997). 1944: Luis del Val, Spanish journalist. 1945: Raul Seixas, Brazilian musician (d. 1989). 1946: Bruce Davison, American actor and filmmaker. 1946: Jaime Guzmდ¡n, Chilean politician (f. 1991). 1946: Gilda Radner, American actress and singer (d. 1989). 1947: Peter Abrahams, American writer. 1947: Robin Ian MacDonald Dunbar, British anthropologist. 1948: Kathy Bates, American actress. 1948: Sergey Bodrov, Russian-American filmmaker. 1949: Don Baylor, American baseball coach. 1949: Jorge Bonaldi, Uruguayan guitarist, singer and composer. 1949: Tom Owens, American basketball player. 1950: David Lanz, American pianist. 1950: Juan Pascualli Gდ³mez, Mexican engineer and politician (d. 2010). 1950: Francisca Pleguezuelos Aguilar, Spanish politician. 1950: Mauricio Rojas, Swedish-Chilean economist and politician. 1951: Walter Alva Alva, Peruvian archaeologist. 1951: Lalla Ward, British actress and writer. 1952: Tomდ¡s Boy, Mexican soccer player. 1952: Pietro Mennea, Italian athlete and politician (d. 2013). 1952: Jean-Christophe Rufin, French physician, writer, academic and diplomat. 1952: Raდºl Wensel, Argentine footballer and coach. 1953: Aდ­da Ayala, Argentine journalist. 1953: Hდ©ctor Raდºl Rondდ¡n, Uruguayan cyclist. 1954: Anna Birulდ©s, Spanish politician and business executive. 1954: Alice Krige, British actress. 1954: Mario Marდ­n Torres, Mexican politician. 1954: Valentina Quintero, Venezuelan television presenter. 1954: Benoდ®t Sokal, Belgian cartoonist and video game designer. 1955: დ?lvaro Cuesta, Spanish politician. 1955: Thomas Hampson, American baritone. 1956: Bakir Izetbegoviე‡, Bosnian politician. 1956: Helmut Kickton, German choir director and organist. 1957: Luis Pagani, Argentine businessman. 1957: Gueorgui Purvanov, Bulgarian president. 1957: Jim Spanarkel, American basketball player. 1958: Raდºl Durდ¡n Reveles, Mexican architect and politician (d. 1996). 1959: Raდºl Vallejo, Ecuadorian writer and politician. 1960: Gabriel Donoso, Chilean polo player (f. 2006). 1960: John Elway, American football player. 1961: Jeff Malone, American basketball player and coach. 1961: Vდ­ctor Emilio Masalles Pere, Spanish bishop, economist and theologian. 1961: Willy Mდ¼ller, Argentine architect. 1962: Anisoara Cusmir-Stanciu, Ruaman athlete. 1963: Marco Barrientos, Mexican singer. 1963: Charlie Clouser, American keyboardist and composer (Nine Inch Nails). 1963: Beverley Craven, American singer. 1963: Babatunde Fashola, Nigerian politician and lawyer. 1964: Daniel Giacomino, Argentine politician. 1964: Mitsuaki Madono, Japanese actor. 1965: Luis Abarca, Chilean soccer player. 1965: Tetდ© Delgado, Spanish artist and actress. 1965: Jessica Hecht, American actress. 1965: Cyril Makanaky, Cameroonian footballer. 1965: Raდºl Quintillდ¡n, Spanish keyboard player (Federal Airlines). 1965: Joaquდ­n Talismდ¡n, Spanish musician. 1966: John Cusack, American actor. 1966: Andrew Lang, American basketball player. 1966: Asa Larsson, Swedish writer. 1966: Mary Stuart Masterson, American actress. 1967: Gil Bellows, Canadian actor. 1967: Miguel დ?ngel Martდ­nez Torres, Spanish cyclist. 1967: Lars Riedel, German athlete. 1967: Myriam Seco, Spanish archaeologist and Egyptologist. 1968: Luis Cansino, Spanish baritone. 1968: Chayanne, singer and Puerto Rican actor. 1968: Otto, Brazilian singer. 1968: Jay Schroeder, American football player. 1968: Adam Woodyatt, British actor. 1969: Marcela Carvajal, Colombian actress and director. 1969: Stდ©phane Chapuisat, Swiss footballer. 1969: Ayelet Zurer, American actress. 1970: Oliver Hartmann, American guitarist, of the band At Vance. 1970: Akiko Kimura, Japanese voice actor. 1970: Roope Latvala, Finnish guitarist. 1971: Fabien Barthez, French footballer. 1971: Bobby Hurley, American basketball player. 1971: Elon Musk, American physicist and entrepreneur. 1972: Pity დ?lvarez, Argentine singer-songwriter, of the band Intoxicados. 1972: Ngდ´ B? O Chდ¢u, Vietnamese mathematician. 1972: Julie Doiron, Canadian singer and songwriter. 1972: დ“scar Esquivias, Spanish writer. 1972: Jon Heidenreich, American wrestler. 1972: David Hyatt, American programmer. 1972: Mark Merklein, American tennis player. 1972: Alessandro Nivola, American actor. 1972: Jorge San Esteban, Argentine footballer. 1973: Eduardo Aldდ¡n, Spanish television presenter, comedian and actor. 1973: [Sergio A. Ruiz Osorno] black belt karate do, embalming histopathologist technician, chess player. 1973: MisterChip (Alexis Martდ­n-Tamayo), journalist and sports data expert. 1973: Alberto Berasategui, Spanish tennis player. 1973: Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad, Norwegian bassist, of the band Satyricon. 1973: Lourdes Maldonado, Spanish journalist and presenter. 1973: Carlos Martდ­nez Mდ­nguez, Spanish politician. 1974: Manola Diez, Mexican actress. 1974: Rob Dyrdek, skateboarder and American actor. 1975: Ning Baizura, Malaysian singer. 1975: Richard Hidalgo, Venezuelan baseball player. 1975: Mercedes Margalot, Argentine field hockey player. 1975: Alicia Murillo, Spanish artist and activist. 1975: Jon Nდ¶dtveidt, Norwegian singer, songwriter and guitarist, of the band Dissection (d. 2006). 1976: Shinobu Asagoe, Japanese tennis player. 1976: Sheila Herrero, Spanish skater. 1976: Hans Sarpei, Ghanaian footballer. 1976: Satam al-Suqami, Saudi terrorist who participated in 9/11 (d. 2001). 1977: Measha Brueggergosman, Canadian soprano and actress. 1977: Fernando J. Lდ³pez, Spanish writer. 1977: Mark Stoermer, American bassist, of the band The Killers. 1978: Sergio Salas, Chilean soccer player. 1978: Ha Ji Won, South Korean actress and singer. 1979: Nდ©lida Bდ©jar, Spanish composer. 1979: Felicia Day, American actress and screenwriter. 1979: Alejandro Lago, Uruguayan soccer player. 1979: Tim McCord, American guitarist, of the band Evanescence. 1979: Leticia Judith Murray Acedo, Mexican model. 1979: James Spithill, Australian sailor. 1980: Maurizio Domizzi, Italian footballer. 1980: Birger Maertens, Belgian footballer. 1980: Flდ¡vio Saretta, Brazilian tennis player 1980: Rodney White, American basketball player. 1981: Vasil Kirienka, Belarusian cyclist. 1981: Guillermo Martდ­nez Lდ³pez, Cuban athlete. 1981: Brandon Phillips, American baseball player. 1981: Mara Santangelo, Italian tennis player. 1981: Kevin Truckenmiller, American singer, of the band Quietdrive. 1982: Anna Allen, Spanish actress. 1982: Rorys Aragდ³n, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1982: Diego Gallo Gonzდ¡lez, Uruguayan swimmer. 1982: Marino Garcდ­a, Colombian footballer. 1982: Irakli Garibashvili, Georgian politician. 1982: Vladimir Potkin, Russian chess player. 1982: Sixto Rojas, Paraguayan soccer player (f. 2007). 1983: Dorge Kouemaha, Cameroonian footballer. 1983: Carolina Soto, Chilean singer. 1983: Dmitri Yakovenko, Russian chess player. 1984: Andriy Pyatov, Ukrainian footballer. 1985: Arturo დ?lvarez, American and Salvadoran soccer player. 1985: Gloria Aura, Mexican actress and singer. 1985: Phil Bardsley, British footballer. 1985: Raდºl Gonzდ¡lez Guzmდ¡n, Venezuelan soccer player. 1985: Ahmed Kantari, Moroccan footballer. 1985: Ataru Nakamura, Japanese singer and actress. 1985: Ronald Quinteros, Peruvian soccer player. 1986: Kellie Pickler, American singer. 1986: Shadia Simmons, Canadian actress. 1987: Amanda Babin, American model. 1987: Jayann Bautista, Filipino singer. 1987: John Jairo Garcდ©s, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1987: Terrence Williams, American basketball player. 1988: Rogerio Leichtweis, Paraguayan soccer player. 1988: Nikolay Mihaylov, Bulgarian footballer. 1988: Alina Orlova, Lithuanian singer. 1988: Juana Repetto, Argentine actress, comedian and dancer. 1988: Kanon Wakeshima, Japanese singer. 1989: Sergio Asenjo, Spanish footballer. 1990: Daniel Cervantes, Mexican soccer player. 1990: Mდ¡rio Figueira Fernandes, Brazilian soccer player. 1990: Nicholas Purcell, American actor. 1990: Jasmine Richards, Canadian actress and singer. 1990: Daisy Turner, British actress and model. 1991: Kevin De Bruyne, Belgian footballer. 1991: Seohyun, South Korean singer. 1991: Kang Min Hyuk, South Korean singer. 1992: Oscar Hiljemark, Swedish footballer. 1992: Raquel Rodrდ­guez, Spanish gymnast. 1993: Bradley Beal, American basketball player. 1994: Juan Ignacio Cavallaro, Argentine soccer player. 1995: Kare Hedebrant, Swedish actor. 1995: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, South African model and winner of the Miss South Africa 2017 and Miss Universe 2017 titles. 1995: Krizza Neri, Filipino singer. 1996: Donna Vekiე‡, Croatian tennis player.