june 6 zodiac

    People born on June 6 are eloquent, resourceful, prone to extremes.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on June 6

    His memory is excellent. Whatever they hear, they take it into account. They can be easily adapted to any circumstance. They can be excellent agents or traders. They feel better writing, spreading the latest news, teaching others, etc. Many prominent writers, journalists, editors, and artists are born today. Such people are peaceful and want to help others, doing works for the common good. The span of their work is usually quite long. His mannerism is confident and friendly, but can easily turn into abstinence, hesitancy, and coldness. However, they are generally in a good mood and positive with other people. They are sensual and can be prone to strong emotions. They show a tendency to extremes. Although they work hard, this often does not bring them much benefit. They can also become a commercial success. What threatens them? That despite so much work, these people may not be successful enough, either due to their lack of foresight or circumstances beyond their control.

    Zodiac sign for those born on June 6

    If your birthday is June 6, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    June 6 - personality and character

    character:  vigilant, energetic, outspoken, unpredictable, rude, excitable; profession:  novelist, flight attendant, gravedigger; colors:  yellow, white, turquoise; stone:  quartz; animal:  turkey; plant:  coconut palm; lucky numbers:  5,11,14,21,23,28 super lucky number:  3

    Holidays and observances - June 6

    • Russian Language Day at the United Nations.
    • Sweden: National Flag Day.
    • Chile: National Trade Day.
    • Argentina: Argentine Engineering Day.
    • Bolivia: Teacher's Day.
    • World Transplant Day.

    June 6 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Luis Gutiდ©rrez Soto, Spanish architect (f. 1977). 1901: Jan Struther, British writer, creator of the character of Mrs. Miniver (d. 1953). 1901: Achmed Sukarno, Indonesian politician, first president between 1945 and 1968 (d. 1970). 1903: Aram Khachaturyan, Russian composer (d. 1978). 1904: Lesley Blanch, British writer and adventurer (d. 2007). 1908: Roberto Echevarrდ­a, Spanish soccer player (d. 1981). 1909: Isaiah Berlin, British philosopher and writer of Latvian origin (d. 1997). 1910: Jaume Vicens Vives, Spanish historian (d. 1960). 1911: Jean Cayrol, French poet (d. 2005). 1923: Virginia Cleo Andrews, American writer (d. 1986). 1924: Serge Nigg, French composer (d. 2008). 1925: Josდ© Marდ­a Rodrდ­guez Mდ©ndez, Spanish writer and playwright (d. 2009). 1929: Jorge Villamil, Colombian composer (d. 2010). 1930: John Elliott, British historian and Hispanicist. 1931: Vდ­ctor Mora, Spanish comic scriptwriter and novelist (d. 2016). 1932: Argentino Larrabure, Argentine military man kidnapped for a year; executed (f. 1975). 1933: Heinrich Rohrer, Swiss physicist, 1986 Nobel Laureate in Physics (f. 2013). 1934: Albert II, Belgian aristocrat, king between 1993 and 2013. 1936: Sotir Kosta, Albanian sculptor. 1936: Maysa, Brazilian singer and songwriter (d. 1977). 1936: Malangatana Ngwenya, Mozambican artist and poet (d. 2011). 1939: Louis Andriessen, Dutch composer. 1939: Jaume Aragall, Spanish tenor. 1939: Hდ©ctor Espino, Mexican baseball player (d. 1997). 1940: Manuel Ramდ­rez Jimდ©nez, Spanish jurist and political scientist (d. 2015). 1942: Norberto Rivera Carrera, Mexican cardinal. 1943: Josდ© de Jesდºs Gudino Pelayo, Mexican jurist (d. 2010). 1943: Richard Smalley, American chemist (d. 2005). 1944: Josep Maria Bachs, Spanish radio and television presenter (d. 2014). 1944: Phillip Allen Sharp, American biologist. 1945: Augusto Cდ©sar Lendoiro, president of the RCD de La Coruna. 1946: Patricia Poblete, Chilean economist. 1946: Tony Levin, American bassist, of the band King Crimson. 1947: Robert Englund, American actor. 1949: Vდ­ctor Manuel Rebolledo, Chilean politician. 1949: Noemდ­ Sanდ­n, Colombian politician. 1951: Carlos Pizarro Leongდ³mez, Colombian politician and guerrilla (f. 1990). 1951: Noritake Takahara, Japanese motor racing driver. 1956: Bjდ¶rn Borg, Swedish tennis player. 1956: Carlos Gattiker, Argentine tennis player (d. 2010). 1956: Bubbi Morthens, Icelandic singer and songwriter. 1960: Lola Forner, Spanish actress. 1960: Jozef Pribilinec, Slovak athlete. 1960: Steve Vai, American guitarist, of the bands Whitesnake and Alcatrazz. 1961: Tom Araya, Chilean singer and bassist, of the band Slayer. 1962: Jordi Arcarons, Spanish rally driver. 1962: Andrდ©s Jimდ©nez, Spanish basketball player. 1963: Gustavo de Arდ­stegui, Spanish diplomat and politician. 1963: Jason Isaacs, British actor. 1964: Jay Bentley, American musician, of the band Bad Religion. 1966: Tony Yeboah, player from Ghana. 1966: Astrid Gruber, Venezuelan television actress and model. 1966: Sean Yseult, American musician, of the White Zombie band. 1967: Paul Giamatti, American actor. 1969: Fernando Redondo, Argentine footballer. 1970: Eugeni Berzin, Russian cyclist. 1970: Albert Ferrer, Spanish footballer. 1970: James Shaffer, American guitarist, of the band Korn. 1970: Gonzalo Cardenas Gonzalez, Mexican photographer. 1971: Silvia Jato, Spanish television presenter and model. 1972: Cristina Scabbia, Italian singer, of the band Lacuna Coil. 1973: Patrick Rothfuss, American writer. 1973: Coraima Torres, Venezuelan actress. 1973: Kat Swift, American politician, candidate for president by the Green Party. 1974: Danny Strong, American actor. 1974: Juanra Bonet, Spanish actor, comedian and journalist. 1974: Rolando Fonseca, Costa Rican soccer player. 1976: Geoff Rowley, British skater. 1976: Z-Ro, American rapper. 1976: Jonathan Nolan, screenwriter of cinema. 1978: Leonora Balcarce, Argentine actress. 1978: Carl Barდ¢t, British musician of the bands Dirty Pretty Things, and The Libertines. 1978: Judith Barsi, American actress. 1978: Faudel, French singer and actor of Algerian descent. 1978: Andrew Reynolds, American skater. 1978: Mirko Saric, Argentine soccer player (f. 2000). 1979: Juan Martდ­n Jდ¡uregui, Argentine actor. 1979: Jorge Consejo, Mexican television actor. 1981: Johnny Pacar, American actor. 1981: Anja Juliette Laval, German porn actress. 1983: Michael Krohn-Dehli, Danish footballer. 1983: Gianna Michaels, American porn actress. 1984: Antonia Prebble, New Zealand actress. 1984: Noor Sabri, Iraqi soccer player. 1985: Drew Galloway, Scottish professional wrestler. 1985: Rodrigo Archubi, Argentine footballer. 1985: Sebastian Larsson, Swedish footballer. 1986: Kim Hyun Joong, South Korean singer, of the band SS501. 1987: Cდ¡ssio Ramos, Brazilian soccer player. 1987: Rubin Okotie, Austrian footballer of Pakistani origin. 1992: Hyuna, South Korean singer, of the band 4minute. 1993: Sebastiდ¡n Martდ­nez, Chilean soccer player.