june 8 zodiac

    People born on June 8 are capable of making their way in life.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on June 8

    They are somewhat feminine, with a dual and changing nature. Wit, adaptability, lively mind, and physical prowess are the most prominent character traits. They are hardworking people, with an active, subtle, intelligent and fast mind. The overflow of intellectual energy flows through them. They have a longing for the right thing and they can do the right thing. They can set their own goals, as well as command respect. They have excellent financial skills and can be very successful in this area. They always have the opportunity to show their entrepreneurship and individuality. Undoubtedly, they are pleasant and kind people, with a mission to make life more pleasant and interesting, both for themselves and for others. What should they be wary of? They easily tire of their sensitive and intellectual nature, as well as their care for the work done. A child born on this day must be treated gently. Later, when he grows up, he will be both obedient and adaptable.

    Zodiac sign for those born on June 8

    If your birthday is June 8, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    June 8 - personality and character

    character:  diligent, searching, educated, indifferent, self-centered, fierce; profession:  tailor, porter, sculptor; colors:  purple, blue, daffodil; stone:  morganite; animal:  armadillo; plant:  star jasmine; lucky numbers:  7,30,32,46,51,55 super lucky number:  3

    Holidays and observances - June 8

    • Peru: Architect's Day.
    • Colombia: Student's Day.
    • United Nations: World Oceans Day.
    • Norfolk Island: Bounty Day, national holiday.

    June 8 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Josდ© დ?ngel Ceniceros, Mexican politician (d. 1979). 1903: Marguerite Yourcenar, French writer and translator (d. 1987). 1910: Marდ­a Luisa Bombal, Chilean writer. 1910: John W. Campbell, American publicist and painter (d. 1971). 1911: Edmundo Rivero, Argentine tango singer and guitarist (f. 1986). 1911: Antonio Rosდ³n, Spanish politician (f. 1986). 1916: Francis Crick, British biologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1962 (d. 2004). 1916: Luigi Comencini, Italian filmmaker (d. 2007). 1918: Robert Preston, American actor (d. 1987). 1921: Haji Mohammad Suharto, Indonesian dictator between 1967 and 1998 (d. 2008). 1921: Alexis Smith, Canadian actress (f. 1993). 1925: Barbara Bush, American woman, wife of George W. Bush (d. 2018). 1927: Guillermo Luca de Tena, journalist and businessman of the Spanish press (d. 2010). 1927: Jerry Stiller, American actor and comedian. 1928: Gustavo Gutiდ©rrez, Peruvian priest, founder of liberation theology. 1930: Wilna Saavedra, Chilean politician (d. 2011). 1930: Robert Aumann, German mathematician. 1930: Vijayan Mash, Hindu writer, speaker and scholar (d. 2007) 1931: Dana Wynter, American actress (d. 2011). 1933: Joan Rivers, American actress. 1936: Kenneth Geddes Wilson, American researcher, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1982. 1936: James Darren, American actor and director. 1939 - Norman Davies, British historian. 1940: Nancy Sinatra, American singer. 1943: Colin Baker, British actor. 1944: Boz Scaggs, American singer-songwriter and guitarist. 1944: Silvia Merlino, Argentine actress (f. 2007). 1944: Marდ­a Ostiz, Spanish singer. 1944: Marc Ouellet, Canadian cardinal. 1947: Eric Wieschaus, a Swiss biologist, a citizen of the United States. 1948: Hilario Camacho, Spanish musician (d. 2006). 1949: Emanuel Ax, American pianist. 1950: Sდ´nia Braga, Brazilian actress. 1950: Kathy Baker, American actress. 1950: Pedro Miguel Echenique, Spanish physicist. 1951: Miguel დ?ngel Moratinos Cuyaubდ©, Spanish politician and diplomat. 1951: Tony Rice, American guitarist and composer, of the band David Grisman Quintet. 1951: Rubდ©n Stella, Argentine actor. 1951: Bonnie Tyler, Welsh singer. 1952: Josდ© Manuel Rojas, former Costa Rican soccer player. 1953: Ivo Sanader, Croatian Prime Minister. 1954: Greg Ginn, American songwriter and songwriter, of the band Black Flag. 1955: Josდ© Antonio Camacho, Spanish footballer and coach. 1955: Tim Berners-Lee, British physicist. 1955: Griffin Dunne, American actor. 1957: Scott Adams, American cartoonist. 1957: Alejandro Lerner, Argentine singer-songwriter. 1957: Jorge El Pipa Higuaდ­n, Argentine footballer. 1958: Keenen Ivory Wayans, American actor and director. 1958: Jakko Jakszyk, British soloist. 1960: Mick Hucknall, British singer-songwriter, of the band Simply Red. 1961: Tatanka, American professional wrestler. 1962: Nick Rhodes, British musician, of the band Duran Duran. 1962: Kristine W, American singer. 1963: Kaდ­ti Garmpდ­, Greek singer. 1963: Frank Grillo, American actor. 1964: Humberto Tortonese, Argentine comedian. 1965: Rob Pilatus, American singer, of the band Milli Vanilli (d. 1998). 1966: Julianna Margulies, American actress. 1967: Marco Uriel, Mexican actor. 1967: Carlos Portaluppi, Argentine actor. 1969: JP Manoux, American actor. 1970: Kelli Williams, American actress. 1970: Gabrielle Giffords, American politician. 1970: Seu Jorge, Brazilian singer-songwriter. 1970: Kwame Kilpatrick, American politician. 1971: Mark Feuerstein, American actor. 1973: Lexa Doig, Canadian actress. 1973: Emma Garcდ­a, Spanish television presenter. 1973: Bryant Reeves, American basketball player. 1973: Jerდ³nimo Gil, Venezuelan actor. 1974: Rodolfo Graieb, Argentine footballer. 1975: Shilpa Shetty, Indian actress and model. 1976: Lindsay Davenport, American tennis player. 1977: Kanye West, American rapper and producer. 1978: Maria Menounos, actress and Greek-American television presenter. 1978: Cristდ³bal Lander, Venezuelan actor and model. 1979: Derek Trucks, American guitarist, of the Allman Brothers Band. 1980: Sergio Mantecდ³n, Spanish footballer. 1981: Alex Band, American singer, of the band The Calling. 1981: Sara Watkins, American violinist, of the band Nickel Creek. 1982: Dickson Etuhu, Nigerian footballer. 1982: Nadia Petrova, Russian tennis player. 1982: Irina Lazareanu, Romanian model. 1983: Kim Clijsters, Belgian tennis player. 1983: Pantelis Kapetanos, Greek footballer. 1984: Andrea Casiraghi, Monegasque nobleman. 1984: Javier Mascherano, Argentine footballer. 1987: Issiar Dia Senegalese footballer. 1987: Ty Segall, American singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer and producer. 1988: Reinaldo Zavarce, Venezuelan actor, singer and model. 1989: Timea Bacsinszky, Swiss tennis player. 1989: Richard Fleeshman, British actor. 1990: Jonathan Freudman, Venezuelan soap opera actor. 1999: Gabriela Borges, American singer, dancer and actress.