june 9 zodiac

    People born on June 9 have mental and diplomatic skills.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on June 9

    People born on June 9 should be prepared for the turning tides of fate. They stand out through their thirst for knowledge. His mental abilities are significant overall, both in science and in other areas. Their diplomatic skills allow them to shrewdly implement their plans. Their actions often gain a certain popularity, as they are people of social and humanitarian behavior. They show enthusiasm for travel and multitask. Just as they are subject to changes in their professions and tendencies, their possessions and material conditions vary. Losses and gains, failures and triumphs: they alternate and create an overall restless life. Despite all those changes, they will eventually find good recognition and success. The most important defects of this birthday is that they succumb to the illusions and creations of their own fantasy, as well as to the lack of foresight. What threatens them? They may be at risk of secret dangers, which are difficult to pin down in advance. There may be changes in your wealth in the future. Women born on this day always enjoy good health. They will have a long life and could have two marriages, one of these not very happy.

    Zodiac sign for those born on June 9

    If your birthday is June 9, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    June 9 - personality and character

    character:  easy, cautious, industrious, rude, hostile, reserved; profession:  sailor, nurse, surgeon; colors:  gray, yellow, beige; stone:  garnet; animal:  octopus; plant:  tuberous begonia; lucky numbers:  1,15,23,26,35,43 super lucky number:  1

    Holidays and observances - June 9

    • Cousin and Feliciano, Cousin Day in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador and other Latin American countries.
    • Spain: La Rioja: La Rioja Day.
    • Argentina: Geologist's Day.
    • International Archives Day. In commemoration of the creation of the International Council on Archives by UNESCO in 1948.
    • Murcia Region: Murcia Region Day.

    June 9 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Joaquდ­n Vaquero Palacios, Spanish painter (f. 1998). 1902: Skip James, American singer and guitarist (d. 1969). 1903: Marcia Davenport, American writer and critic (d. 1996). 1906: Robert Klark Graham, American eugenicist and businessman (d. 1997). 1908: Luis Kutner, American lawyer, writer and activist (d. 1993). 1909: Josდ© Luis Lდ³pez Aranguren, Spanish essayist (f. 1996). 1910: Robert Cummings, American actor, singer and director (d. 1990). 1915: Les Paul, American guitarist (d. 2009). 1916: Robert McNamara, American politician (d. 2009). 1917: Eric Hobsbawm, British historian (d. 2012). 1918: John Hospers, American philosopher and politician (d. 2011). 1921: Guido Mდ¼nch, Mexican astrophysicist. 1923: Torcuato Luca de Tena, Spanish journalist and writer (f. 1999). 1925: Keith Laumer, American writer (d. 1993). 1926: Mona Freeman, American actress (d. 2014). 1927: Franco Donatoni, Italian composer (f. 2000). 1929: Johnny Ace, American musician (d. 1954). 1929: Oscar Nდºnez, Argentine actor and theater director (d. 2012). 1930: Jordi Pujol, Spanish politician. 1933: Marisa de Leza, Spanish actress. 1934: Jesდºs Aguirre, Spanish writer, academic and aristocrat (f. 2001). 1934: Jackie Wilson, American musician and singer (d. 1984). 1937: Susan Barrantes, British socialite and writer (d. 1998). 1939: Ileana Cotrubaვ?, Romanian soprano. 1939: Charles Webb, American writer. 1941: Jon Lord, British musician, of the band Deep Purple (d. 2012). 1941: Tony Patrioli, Italian photographer. 1943: Joe Haldeman, American writer. 1943: Alejandro Llano Cifuentes, Spanish philosopher. 1943 - John Fitzpatrick, British motorsport driver. 1944: Mochდ­n Marafioti, Argentine musician and producer (f. 1997). 1945: Luis Ocana, Spanish cyclist (d. 1994). 1945: Nike Wagner, German actress. 1950: Trevor Bolder, British musician (d. 2013). 1950: Diana Santos, Mexican dubbing actress. 1951: James Newton Howard, American composer. 1952: Luis Pastor, Spanish musician. 1952: Uzi Hitman, Israeli singer (d. 2004). 1954: George Pდ©rez, American cartoonist and cartoonist. 1954: Gregory Maguire, American writer. 1956: Manuel Morდ³n, Spanish actor. 1956: Joaquდ­n Alonso, Spanish footballer. 1956: Patricia Cornwell, American writer. 1961: Michael J. Fox, Canadian actor. 1961: Aaron Sorkin, American screenwriter, set designer and producer. 1962: Silvia Cuevas Morales, Chilean-Australian writer. 1963: Johnny Depp, American actor. 1963: Gilad Atzmon, Israeli musician 1963: David Koepp, American director and screenwriter. 1964: Gloria Reuben, Canadian actress. 1966: Juan Cruz, Spanish filmmaker. 1967: Alejandro Ruiz, Mexican film, theater and television actor. 1969: Eric Wynalda, American footballer. 1973: Ramდ³n Lage, Spanish singer, of the band Avalanch. 1973: Laura Ponte, Spanish model. 1973: Sergio Galvდ¡n, Argentine footballer. 1974: Kristoff Raczynski, actor, conductor and Mexican producer of Polish origin. 1974: Samoth (Tomas Haugen) Norwegian musician. 1975: Otto Addo, Ghanaian footballer. 1977: Predrag Stojakoviე‡, Serbian basketball player. 1977: Amisha Patel, Indian actress. 1978: Matthew Bellamy, British musician, of the band Muse. 1978: Miroslav Klose, German footballer. 1978: Michaela Conlin, American actress. 1980: Marcos Gonzდ¡lez, Chilean soccer player. 1981: Natalie Portman, Israeli-American actress. 1983: Alektra Blue, American pornstar. 1984: Wesley Sneijder, Dutch footballer. 1984: Kaleth Morales, Colombian singer (f. 2005). 1987: Damiდ¡n Musto, Argentine soccer player. 1988: Cinthya Calderდ³n, Peruvian model. 1988: Mae Whitman, American actress. 1992: Gino Peruzzi, Argentine soccer player.