What Scares Leo About Their Future

Time. Time is what can scare you the most, Leo. It happens very quickly, and you do not have time to take advantage of it as you want. What memories of the past go with him that he does not know how to be at your height and does not let you express yourself and act as you want? It scares you that the time is not fair to you and turns against you, Leo, and you know it.

A lion is not afraid of anything, so they say, but deep down, you do fear many things Leo

Your internal strength makes you present yourself as a very self-confident person, but very few people know how butter your heart of fire lion really is ...

You are afraid of not finding that security and that fucking love that you had a long time ago. You are afraid of not wanting what you have now and that your mind will go to the past. 

You are afraid that your impulsiveness will do its thing and that it will destabilize the tranquility that you have found in some way here and now ...

Ask yourself something when you see that you will explode uncontrollably and without a real reason. Does this jealousy have sufficient reasons? Is it all the fruit of a thorn in the past that is still there?
Leo, what a great truth there is behind that jealousy that appears out of nowhere. They are only a matter of impulse because if they are born out of nowhere, there are still microscopic ashes that make them ignite again.

Please find a way to deal with your Leo jealousy or live with it to death

What Does It Mean to Dream About Jealousy?

One of two, but do not suffer for someone who does not pity you. On the contrary, you sweat your sorrows dancing and enjoying what is happening now. And if the door to your full happiness is closed again, you know Leo, don’t give up and go to another door.

Grab that door, smash it and smash everything through. You are a Leo, and a Leo always gets what he wants. 

In this case, less fear of not overcoming that love trance marked you happier with what you have now and how much is yet to come.