How Libra Wants to Make the World a Better Place

We are talking about one of the zodiac signs that most defend peace and fight against injustices, prejudices, and immoralities.

Libra would like to change the world and make it a place where only peace, love, freedom, and fair values exist. He knows that it is something merely impossible, but little by little, he will instill his values in others and fight for everything unfair to society.

Libra is a sign that is characterized by its empathy, by its way of putting itself in the shoes of others and helping others to solve their problems. For this reason, Libra will always defend those who have no voice, those who are defenseless, and those who have no means to fight and change the world.

Libra does not want to rule the world; it would be too many decisions and too much power; Libra wants to end everything that hurts others.

I wish there were many more Libra around the world because that way, the world would be a place full of peace and where there would be no conflicts. Libra is a clear advocate for support and help.

You will always maintain a positive attitude towards life, even if deep down you want to give up and are beginning to feel defeated.

Libra is one of those people who work so that we all have our respect so that no one criticizes us without knowing us, and we are all treated the same way. Libra is already fed up with a world full of people who judge without knowing, abuse their power, and think they are better than anyone else.

Libra wants to end that story that seems never to end

He does not want another second to pass where someone is being unfair, where there are defenseless people, and where there are people who have more than others. Libra needs to feel at peace and in balance with himself and the world around him.