Why Does Libra Fear to Fall in Love

Let’s say that dreamy people like you have a very, very high concept of what true Libra love is, and you know it. For you, the stories in which everything is perfect are good, admit it, nothing happens, they do not have to be stories of princesses and princes that are perfect and well made up, there are also love stories of warrior characters, not everything has to be reduced to pink flowers and hearts with cotton clouds on top, but the stories that end with a happy ending and that are never carried away by evil are Libra for you, and you know it very well.

Very well said, everything related to the stories you make in your head when you fall in love with someone; we are going to go on to the main course, what scares you in love.

Very easy, coming from a person who doubts even the stars, it cannot be anything other than the fear of choosing the wrong person. 

That is Libra, the fact of giving everything for someone and that someone turns out NOT to be the right person kills you inside, you are really afraid of choosing badly and being an accessory to stories that are anything but true.

Very few people know you, Libra; you are always very nice, with a good face when there are evils and a very, very lover of good vibes.

Superficially you are almost perfect /, or really, everything super well put measured perfection and much more, and the simple fact that someone digs deeper and with that treasure that you call a heart can scare you. 

Only the idea of ​​falling in love with someone who does not know how to see the good in you scares you but falling in love with someone who wants to play and who does not take into account the great effort you made in his day to enter your heart, you Libra finishes off because that fear scares you.