01/03 Birthday - Zodiac Information

March 1 Zodiac

People born on March 1 fight for freedom and don’t like limitations.

Horoscope and personality for those born on March 1

They are fair, impulsive and courageous people. They are quite laborious in their actions, although they occasionally have sloppy effects.

They have a very sensitive mind and feel the happiness and sadness of other people. They feel energetic to help those who suffer. They hate limitations, and they are very restless people. They exhibit artistic abilities and the range of their interests is quite wide. They are attracted to everything that is unusual and romantic. They are underwater and go on long journeys to enjoy beautiful views.

Beauty in all its forms strongly influences your soul. They value solitude and moments of silent contemplation, especially when they feel misunderstood and unappreciated by the environment. They provide a faithful friendship and can sacrifice for their loved ones. They have a lot of fun and, thanks to this, they can develop satirical skills. They do not want to harm or disturb others.

A woman who was born on this day enjoys comfort, entertainment, and pleasure; he often does not display a broader spectrum of mental interests or all his benevolence and kindness. The shortcomings of this birthday: irritations and sour moods. Such people have the ability to neglect their duties for entertainment and pleasure. They should always try to be composed, because when they lose their cool and surrender to their passions, they can run the risk of danger.

Zodiac sign for those born on March 1

If your birthday is March 1, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

March 1 - personality and character

character:  vigilant, brave, intelligent, double-sided, rude, evil;
profession:  beautician, veterinarian, scientist;
colors:  olive, black, claret;
stone:  chrysoberyl;
animal:  turkey;
plant:  Periwinkle flower;
lucky numbers:  7,11,12,31,42,51
super lucky number:  11

Holidays and Observances - March 1

  • International Day for Zero Discrimination
  • Colombia, Public Accountant Day.
  • World Self Harm Awareness Day
  • United Kingdom (Flag of Wales Wales): Saint David’s Day of Wales, patron of Wales.
  • World Grassroots Recycler Day
  • Argentine Catholic University: transfer of command of the Student Federation.
  • Spain, Balearic Islands: Community Day.

March 1 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

1902: Carlos de Haya González, Spanish aviator (d. 1938).
1904: Glenn Miller, American composer and trombonist, of the Glenn Miller Orchestra (d. 1944).
1906: Pham Van Dong, Vietnamese politician and military man, 2nd Prime Minister (d. 2000).
1909: Eugene Esmonde, British pilot and military man (d. 1942).
1909: Rosa Grana Garland, Peruvian designer (d. 2003).
1910: Mapy Cortés, Puerto Rican actress and dancer (f. 1998).
1910: Juan de Dios Guevara, Peruvian chemist (d. 2000).
1910: David Niven, British actor (d. 1983).
1910: Archer John Porter Martin, British chemist and academic, 1952 Nobel Prize Winner (d. 2002).
1911: Rina Ketty, French-Italian singer (d. 1996).
1914: Ralph Ellison, American writer and critic (d. 1994).
1914: Carlos Moyano Llerena, Argentine lawyer and economist (d. 2005).
1916: Bernardo Gandulla, Argentine soccer player (d. 1999).
1917: Robert Lowell, American poet and academic (d. 1977).
1918: Roger Delgado, British actor (d. 1973).
1918: Joao Goulart, Brazilian politician and lawyer, president of his country (f. 1976).
1920: Howard Nemerov, American poet (d. 1991).
1921: Jack Clayton, British actor and filmmaker (d. 1995).
1921: Terence Cardinal Cooke, American Catholic Archbishop (d. 1983).
1921: Richard Wilbur, American poet, translator and academic.
1922: Néstor Luján, Spanish journalist and gourmet (d. 1995).
1922: Isaac Rabin, Israeli military, politician and prime minister (1974-1977 and 1992-1995), Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1994 (d. 1995).
1922: Fred Scolari, American basketball player (d. 2002).
1924: Deke Slayton, American astronaut (d. 1993).
1925: Martín Chirino, Spanish sculptor (d. 1976).
1926: Allan Stanley, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2013).
1927: Vinicio Adames, Venezuelan musician.
1927: Harry Belafonte, American singer, songwriter and actor.
1927: Robert Bork, American judge and professor (d. 2012).
1927: Héctor Gance, Argentine actor.
1927: Salvador Pániker, Spanish thinker and writer.
1928: Jacques Rivette, French film director (d. 2016).
1929: Georgi Markov, Bulgarian dissident (d. 1978).
1929: José Ángel Sánchez Asiaín, Spanish banker.
1930: Ricardo González, Argentine boxer.
1930: Gastone Nencini, Italian cyclist.
1931: Juan Iglesias Marcelo, Spanish politician.
1934: Joan Hackett, American actress (d. 1983).
1935: Robert Conrad, American actor.
1936: Jean-Edern Hallier, French writer (d. 1997).
1939: Leo Brouwer, Cuban musician, guitarist, conductor and composer.
1941: Robert Hass, American poet and academic.
1942: Jerry Fisher, American singer, of the band Blood, Sweat & Tears.
1943: Felipe Alcaraz, Spanish politician.
1943: Gil Amelio, American businessman.
1943: Ana María Giunta, Argentine actress (d. 2015).
1943: José Ángel Iribar, Spanish footballer.
1943: Akinori Nakayama, Japanese gymnast and coach
1943: Rashid Sunyaev, Russian physicist and astronomer.
1944: Roger Daltrey, British singer, of the band The Who.
1945: Dirk Benedict, American actor.
1945: Uriarte, Spanish soccer player.
1946: Gerry Boulet, Canadian author, performer and composer (d. 1990).
1946: Wilver Calle Girón, Peruvian military man.
1947: Alan Thicke, Canadian actor and lyricist.
1948: Burning Spear, Jamaican musician and singer.
1949: Ángel Gabilondo Pujol, Spanish philosopher and politician.
1949: Carlos Soria, Argentine politician (d. 2012).
1951: Sergey Kurdakov, Soviet KGB agent (d. 1973).
1952: Martin O’Neill, British coach.
1952: Norberto Díaz, Argentine actor (d. 2010).
1952: Brian Winters, American basketball player and coach.
1953: José Higueras, Spanish tennis player.
1953: Carlos Queiroz, Portuguese soccer player and coach.
1954: Catherine Bach, American actress.
1954: Carles Benavent, Spanish musician.
1954: Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, American soprano (d. 2006).
1954: Ron Howard, American filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and actor.
1955: Clara Sánchez, Spanish writer.
1955: Denis Mukwege, Congolese gynecologist.
1956: Tim Daly, American actor.
1956: Dalia Grybauskaite, Lithuanian politician.
1958: Aníbal Ibarra, Argentine politician.
1958: Nik Kershaw, British composer and guitarist.
1958: Bertrand Piccard, Swiss psychiatrist.
1959: Nick Griffin, British politician.
1962: Silvina Chediek, Argentine journalist and television host.
1962: Russell Coutts, New Zealand navigator.
1963: Rob Affuso, American drummer for the band Skid Row.
1963: Thomas Anders, German singer, of the band Modern Talking.
1963: Antonio Castillo, Venezuelan baseball player.
1964: Paul Le Guen, French footballer and coach.
1964: Luis Medina Cantalejo, Spanish soccer referee.
1964: Pedro Saborido, Argentine producer and screenwriter.
1965: Robert Huffman, American professional wrestler.
1965: Booker T, American wrestler.
1966: Zack Snyder, American director, screenwriter and producer.
1967: George Eads, American actor.
1967: Abu Nidal, Palestinian terrorist.
1967: Aron Winter, Dutch footballer.
1969: Javier Bardem, Spanish actor.
1970: Manuel García, Chilean singer-songwriter.
1970: María Fernanda Heredia, Ecuadorian writer.
1971: Thomas Ades, British pianist, conductor and composer.
1971: Tyler Hamilton, American cyclist.
1973: Jack Davenport, British actor.
1973: Ryan Peake, Canadian guitarist, of the band Nickelback.
1973: Carlo Resoort, Dutch DJ.
1973: Chris Webber, American basketball player.
1974: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, American actor.
1975: Tate Stevens, American singer and guitarist.
1975: Valentina Monetta, singer from San Marino.
1977: Esther Canadas, Spanish model.
1978: Jensen Ackles, American actor.
1978: Donovan Patton, American actor.
1979: Éowyn, American singer.
1979: Mikkel Kessler, Danish boxer.
1979: Bruno Langlois, Canadian cyclist,
1979: Magüi Serna, Spanish tennis player.
1980: Shahid Afridi, Pakistani cricket player.
1980: Gennaro Bracigliano, French footballer.
1980: Djimi Traoré, Malian footballer.
1980: Kase-O, Spanish MC.
1981: Will Power, Australian racing driver.
1982: Juan Manuel Ortiz, Spanish footballer.
1983: Daniel Carvalho, Brazilian soccer player.
1983: Lupita Nyong’o, Mexican-Kenyan actress.
1983: Davey Richards, American wrestler.
1984: Claudio Bieler, Argentine footballer.
1984: Patrick Helmes, German footballer.
1984: Naima Mora, American model.
1985: Andreas Ottl, German footballer.
1986: Ayumu Goromaru, Japanese rugby player.
1986: Big E Langston, American professional wrestler.
1986: Jonathan Spector, American footballer.
1987: Sammie, American singer.
1987: Kesha, American singer and songwriter.
1989: Emma, Australian professional wrestler.
1989: Emeraude Toubia, Canadian actress, presenter, model and beauty queen of Mexican descent.
1989: Daniella Monet, American actress.
1989: Carlos Vela, Mexican soccer player.
1990: Harry Eden, British actor.
1993: Josh McEachran, British footballer.
1993: Lucas Melano, Argentine footballer.
1994: Justin Bieber, Canadian singer and songwriter.
1996: Ye Shiwen, Chinese swimmer.