march 11 zodiac

    People born on March 11 are proud, warriors, they act skillfully.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 11

    They are strong and haughty people of character, with an authoritarian demeanor that is far from peaceful. They are prominent people, who act quickly and skillfully. Their minds are inquisitive and sharp, and they have very high executive skills. They are extremely decisive: When they direct their efforts towards a single goal, they can achieve excellent results. But even so, they are not always successful in their private lives. They continually build lofty and fantastic projects thanks to their exuberant imaginations. There are rarely people born on this day who do not have special secrets or participate in secret experiences. They can skillfully learn the secrets of others, as well as hide their activities in mystery, stay in hiding and out of sight. They are very determined and stubborn, so their actions can be disconcerting to people of different temperament and character. Although they cannot be accused of arrogance, it is difficult to satisfy them. It is even more difficult to learn their true intentions and what they are really looking for. They can fight their way through any adversity, with their unerring instincts leading them to their goal. Your life is full of unusual events and experiences. Skillful, adaptable, friendly: they enjoy changes and all things exciting. A woman born on this day is very elegant and her mental life is subtle. You don't always feel happy. What should they watch out for? Your nature is often dual, with contradictory tendencies, and your feelings can be in conflict with the mind. They are active people, often dissatisfied, show a tendency to arguments and conflicts and may be in danger of injury, especially at night. The duality of their life can also be expressed in that they have been adopted by people other than their parents, possibly having two houses or two apartments later in life, or having two professions at the same time.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 11

    If your birthday is March 11, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    March 11 - personality and character

    character:  tough, self-sufficient, sensitive, hesitant, puffed up, importunate profession:  motor driver, bookkeeper, translator colors:  purple, cream, white stone:  goshenite animal:  pigeon plant:  Serviceberry tree lucky numbers:  7,8,12,20,24,30 super lucky number:  14

    Holidays and observances - March 11

    • European Union: European Day of the Victims of Terrorism, according to the European Union.

    March 11 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1905: Hდ©ctor Sgarbi, Uruguayan sculptor and politician (d. 1982). 1907: Josდ© Marდ­a Penaranda, Colombian composer. 1907: Jessie Matthews, British actress (d. 1981). 1910: Robert Havemann, German chemist (d. 1982). 1912: Xavier Montsalvatge, Spanish composer (f. 2002). 1914: Pedro Escudero, Argentine filmmaker, theater director and screenwriter (d. 1989). 1914: დ?lvaro del Portillo, Spanish priest of Opus Dei. 1915: Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider, American computer scientist (d. 1990). 1916: Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister between 1964 and 1970 (d. 1995). 1920: Nicolaas Bloembergen, Dutch physicist and professor, won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1981. 1921: დ?stor Piazzolla, Argentine composer and bandoneonist (f. 1992). 1921: Frank Harary, American mathematician (f. 2005). 1922: Cornelius Castoriadis, French philosopher of Greek origin. 1922: Josდ© Luis Lდ³pez Vდ¡zquez, Spanish actor (d. 2009). 1922: Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, Malaysian Prime Minister (d. 1976). 1926: Ralph David Abernathy, American civil rights activist (d. 1990). 1927: Josep Maria Subirachs, Catalan painter and sculptor (d. 2014). 1928: Albert Salmi, American actor (d. 1990). 1929: Ubaldo de Lდ­o, Argentine tango guitarist and composer (f. 2012). 1931: Rupert Murdoch, Australian-born American businessman. 1931: Janosch, Silesian writer and draftsman. 1932: Leroy Jenkins, American jazz violinist. 1933: Sandra Milo, Italian actress. 1935: Nancy Kovack, American actress of classic cinema. 1936: Antonin Scalia, American jurist. 1936: Orestes Omar Corbatta, Argentine soccer player (d. 1991). 1936: Hollis Frampton, American filmmaker. 1936: Harald zur Hausen, German scientist. 1937: Carlos Larranaga, Spanish actor. 1939: Leonardo Flaco Jimდ©nez, American musician. 1940: Alberto Cortez, Argentine composer and singer. 1943: Arturo Merzario, Italian racing driver. 1945: Pirri, Spanish footballer. 1945: Josდ© Mari Chan, Filipino singer. 1947: Tristan Murail, French composer. 1948: Cდ©sar Gerდ³nimo, Dominican baseball player. 1948: Dominique Sanda, French actress and model. 1950: Bobby McFerrin, American singer. 1950: Jerry Zucker, American director. 1952: Douglas Adams, British novelist (d. 2001). 1952: Ricardo Martinelli, Panamanian politician. 1953: Lდ¡szlდ³ Bდ¶lდ¶ni, Romanian footballer. 1953: Derek Daly, Irish motorsport driver. 1955: Nina Hagen, German singer. 1956: Rob Paulsen, American voice actor. 1957: Juan Carlos Barreto, Mexican actor. 1957: The Lady Chablis, American drag queen. 1957: Cheryl Lynn, American singer. 1957: Nicolდ¡s Repetto, Argentine television host. 1958: Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, Iraqi politician, acting president. 1958: Juan Josდ© Galeano, Argentine lawyer and criminal, convicted of collecting bribes in the case of the terrorist attack on the AMIA. 1959: Nina Hartley, American pornographic actress and feminist. 1959: Dejan Stojanoviე‡, Serbian-American writer, philosopher and journalist. 1961: Elias Koteas, Canadian actor. 1963: Fernando Guillდ©n Cuervo, Spanish actor. 1963: Alex Kingston, British actress. 1964: Peter Berg, American filmmaker. 1964: Leena Lehtolainen, Finnish writer. 1964: Vinnie Paul, American musician, of the band Pantera. 1964: Shane Richie, British actor. 1965: Juanchi Baleirდ³n, Argentine singer, of the band Los Pericos. 1965: Catherine Fulop, Venezuelan actress, vedette, host, photographer and model. 1965: Wallace Langham, American actor. 1965: Emilia Mazer, Argentine actress. 1966: Shurik'N, French rapper. 1967: Cynthia Klitbo, Mexican actress. 1967: John Barrowman, Scottish actor. 1967: Renzo Gracie, Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter. 1968: Lisa Loeb, American singer. 1969: Terrence Howard, American actor. 1969: Soraya, American singer of Colombian origin (f. 2006). 1971: Osqui Guzmდ¡n, Argentine actor. 1971: Johnny Knoxville, actor and American stuntman. 1972: Benjamin Diamond, French singer. 1973: Martin Hiden, Australian footballer. 1974: Bobby Abreu, Venezuelan baseball player. 1976: Maximiliano de la Cruz, Uruguayan actor, comedian and television host. 1976: Thomas Gravesen, Danish footballer. 1977: Andre Nickatina, American rapper. 1977: Becky Hammon, American basketball player. 1978: Didier Drogba, ivory footballer. 1978: Albert Luque, Spanish footballer. 1978: Christopher Rice, American writer. 1979: Elton Brand, American basketball player. 1979: Fred Jones, American basketball player. 1979: Benji Madden, American guitarist, of the band Good Charlotte. 1979: Joel Madden, American singer, of the band Good Charlotte. 1980: Paul Scharner, Austrian footballer. 1981: David Anders, American actor. 1981: Russell Lissack, British musician, of the band Bloc Party. 1981: LeToya Luckett, American singer, founder of the band Destiny's Child. 1981: Paul Wall, American rapper and DJ. 1982: Thora Birch, American actress. 1984: Anna Tsuchiya, Japanese model, actress and singer. 1984: Pablo Lდ³pez, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1985: Armando Panceri, Argentine soccer player. 1987: Estefanდ­a Villareal, Mexican actress. 1988: Canserbero, Venezuelan rapper (d. 2015). 1988: Fდ¡bio Coentrao, Portuguese soccer player. 1989: Anton Yelchin, Russian actor (d. 2016). 1991: Qian Lin, singer and Chinese idol, of the band Morning Musume. 1991: Jack Rodwell, British footballer. 1992: Sacha Parkinson, British actress. 1994: Andrew Robertson, Scottish footballer. 1997: Guillermo Campra, Spanish actor. 1997: Matreya Fedor, Canadian actress.