march 14 zodiac

    People born on March 14 are friendly, willing to help, express strategies with ability.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 14

    People born on this day can be very brave, heroic, capable of ruling over others and subjecting them to their will. Such people often withdraw: they follow their own goals and stubbornly realize their own special projects and intentions. They are generally patriotic, and although they are quite friendly, they can suddenly get angry, at which point they become ruthless and immune to persuasion. They skillfully use their strategic and tactical skills, which can bring them success in military careers and in everyday life, bringing their plans to life with great subtlety and stealth. They are often successful due to their great intuition and the ability to quickly learn about the political and social situation. They are enthusiastic collectors of various items and pay a lot of attention to detail, which is distracting and completely disconnects them. Friendly, Sociable People: They can be cold and selfish, jealously guarding their businesses and skillfully fighting both real and invented enemies. They are especially skilled in the area of subtle innuendo. In general, they are very suspicious. They have significant talents in many areas. His senses are very sharp. The sight of a starry sky impresses them a lot. What should they watch out for? Not indulging in useless dreams when everyone else is busy with positive work, or passively giving in to the flow when others are trying hard and rowing hard. They might regret their passivity and fruitless dreams. They should remember the old mystical proverb: sometimes it is more difficult to tear off a flower garland than it is to crumble the strongest iron chains. In this case, the flowers represent the bonds of the senses and emotions.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 14

    If your birthday is on March 14, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    March 14 - personality and character

    character:  good-hearted, inventive, vigilant, quarrelsome, silent, vile profession:  astronaut, driver, journalist colors:  gold, silver, white stone:  topaz animal:  ferret plant:  Borage lucky numbers:  10,15,18,26,41,59 super lucky number:  3

    Holidays and Observances - March 14

    • World Endometriosis Day
    • In Korea and Japan, White Day is celebrated on March 14, which is similar to Valentine's Day.
    • Argentina: Border Schools Day.
    • Day of ? dedicated to the number pi because of the way it is written, in the format used in the United States, on March 14 (3.14).

    March 14 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Patxi Gamborena, Spanish soccer player (d. 1982). 1902: Luis Beltrდ¡n Prieto Figueroa, Venezuelan teacher and politician (f. 1993). 1903: Adolph Gottlieb, American painter and sculptor (d. 1974). 1903: Raimundo Rolდ³n, Paraguayan president (d. 1981). 1904: Doris Eaton Travis, American actress and dancer (d. 2010). 1905: Raymond Aron, French philosopher, sociologist and political commentator (d. 1983). 1908: Ed Heinemann, American engineer (d. 1991). 1908: Maurice Merleau-Pontდ½, French philosopher (d. 1961). 1911: Akira Yoshizawa, Japanese origami artist (d. 2005). 1912: Les Brown, American composer and saxophonist (d. 2001). 1914: Jaime Castillo Velasco, Chilean lawyer and politician (f. 2003). 1914: Bill Owen, British actor and composer (d. 1999). 1914: Lee Petty, driver and racing team owner (d. 2000). 1919: Leდ³n Guruciaga, Argentine teacher, journalist and writer of Basque origin (b. 1848). 1920: Hank Ketcham, American cartoonist (d. 2001). 1922: China Zorrilla, Uruguayan actress (d. 2014). 1923: Diane Arbus, American photographer (d. 1971). 1924: Jacques Antoine, French television producer (d. 2012). 1925: Onofre Lovero, Argentine theater director and actor (d. 2012). 1928: Frank Borman, American astronaut. 1928: Fდ©lix Rodrდ­guez de la Fuente, Spanish ethologist, naturalist and television presenter (d. 1980). 1928: Nelly Meden, Argentine actress (f. 2004). 1930: Jorge Barreiro, Argentine actor (d. 2009). 1933: Michael Caine, British actor. 1933: Vladas Douksas, Uruguayan footballer. 1933: Renდ© Felber, Swiss politician. 1933: Quincy Jones, American composer and music producer. 1933: Manuel Pineiro, Cuban politician and military man (f. 1998). 1934: Eugene Cernan, American astronaut (d. 2017). 1934: Leonid Rდ³gozov, Russian physician who underwent self-surgery (d. 2000). 1934: Dionigi Tettamanzi, Italian cardinal. 1938: Eleanor Bron, British actress and writer 1939: Pilar Bardem, Spanish actress. 1941: Wolfgang Petersen, German filmmaker. 1944: Manuel Raga, Mexican basketball player. 1945: Walter Parazaider, American saxophonist (Chicago). 1946: Gianni Bella, Italian singer-songwriter. 1946: Steve Kanaly, American actor. 1946: Wes Unseld, American basketball player. 1948: Tom Coburn, American physician and politician. 1948: Billy Crystal, American actor. 1948: Theo Jansen, Dutch sculptor. 1952: Jaime Caruana, Spanish economist. 1953: Julia Lდ³pez de la Torre, Spanish journalist (d. 2010). 1955: Daniel Bertoni, Argentine footballer. 1956: Tessa Sanderson, British athlete. 1957: Franco Frattini, Italian MEP and politician. 1957: Tad Williams, American writer. 1958: Albert II, Monegasque aristocrat. 1959: Tamara Tunie, American actress and director. 1960: Kirby Puckett, American baseball player. (f. 2006). 1961: Josდ© Luis Mendilibar Etxebarria, Spanish soccer player and coach. 1961: King Washam, American drummer, of the band Scratch Acid. 1962: Toni Salazar, Spanish singer, of the Azდºcar Moreno band. 1963: Pedro Duque, Spanish aeronautical engineer and astronaut. 1964: Roberto Gდ³mez Fernდ¡ndez, Mexican producer, director, actor and comedian. 1965: Aamir Khan, Indian actor and director. 1965: Kiana Tom, American actress and director. 1965: Kevin Williamson, American screenwriter. 1965: William Calderდ³n Salazar, Colombian journalist. 1966: Jonas Elmer, Danish actor and director. 1966: Gary Anthony Williams, American actor. 1967: Jorge Alfredo Vargas, Colombian news anchor. 1968: James Frain, British actor. 1969: Larry Johnson, American basketball player. 1969: Michael Bland, American drummer, of the band Soul Asylum. 1974: Grace Park, American actress. 1976: Antonio Sancho, Mexican soccer player. 1977: Zდ© Antდ³nio, Portuguese footballer. 1977: Ida Corr, Danish singer and songwriter. 1977: Naoki Matsuda, Japanese footballer (d. 2011). 1977: Andrდ©s Silvera, Argentine soccer player. 1978: Marდ­a Casado, Spanish journalist. 1978: Carlo Giuliani, Italian anti-globalization activist. 1978: Pieter van den Hoogenband, Dutch swimmer. 1979: Nicolas Anelka, French footballer. 1979: Arsდ©nio Cabungula Love, Angolan footballer. 1979: Anthony Carelli, Canadian professional wrestler. 1979: Chris Klein American actor. 1979: Santino Marella, Canadian wrestler. 1980: Mercedes McNab, Canadian actress. 1980: Munetaka Aoki, Japanese actor. 1982: Carlos Marinelli, Argentine footballer. 1982: Franდ§ois Sterchele, Belgian footballer (d. 2008). 1983: Jordan Taylor Hanson, American singer, of the band Hanson. 1984: Liesel Matthews, American actress and singer. 1985: Eva Angelina, American porn actress. 1985: Ian Black, Scottish footballer. 1985: Idaira, Spanish singer. 1985: Brianna Love, American porn actress. 1985: Ariel Rebel, Canadian erotic model. 1986: Jamie Bell, British actor. 1987: Magdalena Grant, Chilean journalist and host. 1988: Lautaro Acosta, Argentine soccer player. 1988: Stephen Curry, American basketball player. 1988: Sasha Gray, American actress and artist. 1988: Miguel Gonzდ¡lez, Colombian actor, presenter and singer. 1989: Colby O'Donis, American songwriter and guitarist. 1989: Patrick Patterson, American basketball player. 1990: Joe Allen, British footballer. 1990: Thali Garcდ­a, Mexican actress. 1991: Walter Kannemann, Argentine footballer. 1994: Ansel Elgort, American actor. 1997: Alfred Garcდ­a, Spanish singer. 1997: Simone Biles, American artistic gymnast.