march 15 zodiac

    People born on March 15 are fair, compassionate, and well-meaning.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 15

    There is a lot of sympathy and kindness in his nature. They want to live on good terms with everyone. They experience everything very acutely and deeply, although they rarely express their emotions outwardly. They usually go through various experiences and problems in their lives. But they are persevering people, capable of withstanding the attacks of their enemies. They also often achieve their goals without losing their wealth, honor, or reputation. His mind is inquisitive and sharp, with high ambitions, unwavering faith, and pure intentions. Even so, they are not always properly understood by their environment. They can become prominent people or achieve a good position, enjoying general respect. When they come from the highest spheres, they can achieve their career by victory over their enemies. When they come from lower backgrounds, they can make a fortune in the service of a powerful or prominent person. The interior of your soul is subtle and delicate, and sensitivity increases with age. What irritates other people, those born on this day bear calmly and passively. Both men and women born on this day generally have many children and are very attached to them. But they are too tolerant to be considered good parents. What threatens them: Although they exert a lot of effort and work hard in their lives, the results sometimes do not match the effort and expectations. The position you can acquire is not always stable and can put you at risk of turbulence or delayed remorse. The defects of this birthday are the attachment to pleasure, the well-prepared table or drugs. Such people enjoy the company of the opposite sex and, generally, it is subject to their will. When they cannot resist their passions and give in to their urges, they can weaken their sensitive organism. [caption id="attachment_19447" align="aligncenter" width="612"] March 15th. Image of march 15 wooden color calendar on white background. Spring day, empty space for text. World Consumer Rights Day.[/caption]

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 15

    If your birthday is March 15, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    March 15 - personality and character

    character:  energetic, dedicated, sober, arbitrary, mischievous, inflated profession:  lawyer, actuary, craftsman colors:  gold, cream, emerald stone:  diopside animal:  reindeer plant:  Spiderwort plant lucky numbers:  1,13,22,30,40,45 super lucky number:  19

    Holidays and Observances - March 15

    • Spain, Navarra: Fitero
    • Japan: Honen Matsuri
    • Roman calendar: La Hilaria, a holiday similar to Mother's Day.
    • Roman Calendar: Ides of March
    • Spain, Valencia: Fallas

    March 15 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Gilberto Freyre, Brazilian sociologist and writer (d. 1987). 1900: Ernst Neufert, German architect (d. 1986). 1900: Wolfgang Schadewaldt, German philologist (d. 1974). 1902: Henri Saint Cyr, Swedish horseman (d. 1979). 1902: Roberto Tდ¡lice, Uruguayan journalist, author, film critic, playwright and writer (f. 1999). 1905: Berthold von Stauffenberg, lawyer and German Nazi opponent (d. 1944). 1906: Antoni Campana Bandranas, Catalan photographer (d. 1989). 1907: Zarah Leander, Swedish actress and singer (d. 1981). 1908: Diego del Gastor, Spanish guitarist (d. 1973). 1912: Louis Paul Boon, Flemish novelist and journalist (d. 1979). 1912: Lightnin 'Hopkins, American musician (d. 1982). 1913: Manდ© Bernardo, Argentine plastic artist, theater director and puppeteer (d. 1991). 1913: Macdonald Carey, American actor (d. 1994). 1913: Rosita Contreras, Argentine actress (d. 1962). 1913: Ramდ³n Gabilondo, Spanish soccer player (f. 2004). 1914: Joe E. Ross, American comedian (d. 1982). 1916: Harry James, American big band conductor and trumpeter (d. 1983). 1916: Blas de Otero, Spanish poet (d. 1979). 1918: Richard Ellmann, American biographer (d. 1987). 1919: Lawrence Tierney, American actor (d. 2002). 1920: Lawrence Sanders, American writer (d. 1998). 1920: Edward Donnall Thomas, American physician, 1990 Nobel Prize in Medicine (d. 2012). 1921: Josდ© Javier Lდ³pez Jacoiste, jurist, professor of Civil Law, and Spanish notary (f. 2016). 1922: Alberto Morდ¡n, Argentine tango singer (f. 1997). 1924: Walter Gotell, German actor (f. 1997). 1924: Josდ© Ignacio Rucci, Argentine union leader and politician (d. 1973). 1925: Bert Bolin, Swedish meteorologist (d. 2007). 1930: Zhorდ©s Alfiდ³rov, Russian physicist, Nobel laureate in physics in 2000. 1930: Martin Karplus, Austrian-American theoretical chemist. 1931: Fernando Hinestrosa Forero, Colombian politician and jurist. (f. 2012). 1932: Alan Bean, American astronaut. 1932: Vicente Rojo Almazდ¡n, Mexican painter. 1933: Philippe de Broca, French filmmaker. 1933: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, American jurist. 1936: Francisco Ibდ¡nez, Spanish cartoonist. 1938: Jesus Maria Ramon Valdes, Mexican politician (f. 2016) 1939: Alicia Freilich, Venezuelan writer and journalist. 1940: Juan Gallardo, Mexican singer and actor (f. 1999) 1941: Mike Love, American musician (The Beach Boys). 1942: Montserrat Figueras, Spanish singer. (f. 2011). 1943: David Cronenberg, Canadian actor and filmmaker. 1943: Iron Sheik, professional wrestler. 1945: Eduardo Franco, Uruguayan singer and composer, of the group Los Iracundos. 1945: Juan Luis Rodrდ­guez-Vigil, Asturian president. 1947: Ry Cooder, American guitarist. 1948: Sergio Vieira de Mello, Brazilian diplomat. 1950: Ricardo Soulდ©, Argentine rock musician. 1952: Howard Devoto, British musician, of the bands Buzzcocks, Magazine, and Luxuria. 1953: Heather Graham Pozzessere, British writer. 1955: Dee Snider, American vocalist, of the band Twisted Sister. 1957: Joaquim de Almeida, Portuguese actor. 1957: Juan Josდ© Ibarretxe, Spanish politician. 1957: Vდ­ctor Munoz, Spanish soccer player and soccer coach. 1957: David Silverman, American cartoonist. 1959: Renny Harlin, Finnish film director. 1959: Ben Okri, Nigerian writer. 1961: Terry Cummings, American basketball player. 1962: Terence Trent D'Arby, American singer. 1962: Marდ­a Laura Santillდ¡n, journalist and Argentine television host. 1962: Denzel Crocker, Dimmsdale High School teacher. 1963: Bret Michaels, American singer, of the band Poison. 1963: Mitsuki Yayoi, Japanese voice actress. 1964: Rockwell, American musician. 1965: Svetlana Medvedeva, first lady of Russia. 1965: Pascal Tayot, French judoka. 1967: Sergio Espejo, Chilean minister. 1967: Naoko Takeuchi, Japanese cartoonist. 1968: Mark McGrath, American musician, of the bands Sugar Ray and The Wondergirls. 1968: Sabrina Salerno, Italian singer. 1968: Jon Schaffer, American guitarist, of the bands Iced Earth and Demons and Wizards. 1969: Timo Kotipelto, Finnish singer, of the band Stratovarius. 1969: Elvir Lakoviე‡ Laka, Bosnian singer. 1969: Kim Raver, American actress. 1971: Penny Lancaster, British model. 1972: Mark Hoppus, bassist and American singer, of the bands Blink-182 and Plus-44. 1973: Agustდ­n Aranzabal, Spanish soccer player. 1975: Eva Longoria, American actress and model. 1975: Veselin Topalov, Bulgarian chess player. 1975:, American singer. 1976: Jennifer 8. Lee, American journalist. 1977: Joe Hahn, American musician, of the Linkin Park band. 1978: Noდ© Hernდ¡ndez, Mexican marcher. (f. 2013). 1978: Takeru Kobayashi, Japanese food competitor. 1978: Sid Wilson, American musician, of the band Slipknot. 1980: Adriდ¡n Guillermo, Argentine soccer player. 1981: Cristiდ¡n Arriagada, Chilean actor. 1981: Young Buck, American rapper. 1981: Mikael Forssell, Finnish footballer. 1981: Veronica Maggio, Swedish singer. 1982: Malდº, Spanish singer. 1982: Rafael Pდ©rez, Dominican baseball player. 1983: Florencia Bertotti, Argentine actress. 1983: Sean Biggerstaff, British actor. 1983: Daryl Murphy, Irish footballer. 1984: Kostas Vasileiadis, Greek basketball player. 1985: Curtis Davies, British footballer. 1985: Javier Garrido Behobide, Spanish footballer. 1985: Kellan Lutz, American actor. 1985: James Maclurcan, Australian actor. 1986: Carlos Rivera, Mexican singer and actor. 1986: Jai Courtney, Australian actor 1988: Yuvanna Montalvo (actress), Venezuelan actress, singer and model. 1989: Caitlin Wachs, American actress. 1991: Kie Kitano, Japanese actress, singer, model and gravure idol. 1993: Michael Fulmer, American baseball player. 1993: Paul Pogba, French footballer for Manchester United 1994: დ?lvaro Medrდ¡n, Spanish footballer for Alavდ©s. 1995: Momoka Ariyasu, actress and Japanese idol, of the band Momoiro Clover Z.