march 18 zodiac

    People born on March 18 can cleverly use everything for their own benefit.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 18

    Its nature expresses a certain duality. On the one hand, they are very active, cunning, intelligent people, with a significant diplomatic ability, always ready to be in front and lead others, as well as to strive to apply logic in their lives. On the other hand, they show significant sensitivity, nervousness, give in to their emotions and anguish, allow their environment to influence them. They combine kindness with cunning. Such duality causes them an imbalance of character, which is often connected with sudden outbursts of anger. They also suffer from anxiety, worry, and general confusion. His health is quite delicate. They catch colds easily and states of mental restlessness have a negative effect on their body. When they get sick they become impatient and irritated. They worry easily and expect the worst outcome. What threatens them: That nothing can lead them to perfection and that they cannot adequately develop their abilities due to mental deficiencies or character defects. They have certain secret intentions or hidden ideas that are essentially false and consequently all their good intentions and efforts can go to waste. What should they aspire to? Concentrate and remain silent: this will allow you to reach the inner power. They should also try to learn the perfect art of leisure and calm their nerves completely, which could have a very positive influence on their health. How to raise a child born on this day? Parents and educators should, above all, prepare such a child for real life and not allow him to indulge too much in fantasy. His mental capacities are significant, he displays great alertness, intelligence, organizational skills, and his intensive mental life gives him an ever-existing tendency for excesses and he amplifies every fact through his imagination. They are children as proud as they are sensitive: they do not allow anyone to limit or control them. Therefore, they must collect their life experience on their own and learn to deal with reality. Instead of keeping them away from the hot iron, let them run towards it; it's better to let them burn. Painful experiences will be a valuable lesson for the future.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 18

    If your birthday is March 18, your zodiac sign is  Pisces
    character:  obedient, talented, forgiving, concerned, calculating, shy profession:  singer, agronomist, director colors:  green, orange, blue stone:  spinel animal:  parrot plant:  hyacinth lucky numbers:  4,6,8,29,50,51 super lucky number:  30

    Holidays and observances - March 18

    • Flag of Aruba Aruba: Flag Day.
    • Mexico: Oil Expropriation Day

    March 18 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1904: Sreე?ko Kosovel, Slovenian poet. 1905: Robert Donat, British actor (d. 1958). 1908: Pedro Cortina Mauri, Spanish politician (f. 1993). 1909: Ernest Gallo, American wine businessman. 1911: Gabriel Celaya, Spanish poet. 1911: Smiley Burnette, American singer (d. 1967). 1912: Josდ© Botella Llusiდ¡, Spanish researcher and gynecologist (f. 2002). 1913: Renდ© Clდ©ment, French filmmaker. 1913: Werner Mდ¶lders, German aviation pilot (d. 1941). 1918: Gonzalo J. Facio Segreda, Costa Rican politician. 1918: Luis Antonio Burდ³n Barba, Spanish jurist (f. 1995). 1920: Hugo Gდ¡lvez, Chilean lawyer (f. 1995). 1922: Egon Bahr, German politician (d. 2015). 1926: Peter Graves, American actor (d. 2010). 1928: Josდ© Marდ­a Cabodevilla, Spanish priest and theologian (f. 2003). 1928: Antonio Pacenza, Argentine boxer (f. 1999). 1928: Miguel Poblet, Spanish cyclist (f. 2013). 1928: Fidel V. Ramos, Filipino politician and military man. 1928: Josდ© Marდ­a Setiდ©n, Spanish bishop. 1929: Christa Wolf, German writer (d. 2011). 1930: Hდ©ctor Bianciotti, French writer of Argentine origin (d. 2012). 1931: John Fraser, Scottish actor. 1931: Mircea Anastasescu, Romanian expiragist. 1931: Marდ­a Elena Sagrera, Argentine actress (f. 2013). 1932: John Updike, American writer (d. 2009). 1933: Sergio Pitol, Mexican writer. 1936: Frederik de Klerk, South African politician, 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner. 1936: Andrდ©s Zaldდ­var, Chilean politician. 1937: Rudi Altig, German cyclist. 1937: Gerardo Sofovich, Argentine conductor and producer (d. 2015). 1938: Mark Donohue, American racing driver. 1938: Shashi Kapoor, Indian actor. 1938: Timo Mდ¤kinen, Finnish motor racing driver. 1938: Alcides Silveira, Uruguayan soccer player and coach (d. 2011). 1939: Ron Atkinson, British footballer and coach. 1941: Wilson Pickett, American soul singer (d. 2006). 1943: Pachi Armas, Argentine actor (d. 2010). 1944: Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, Israeli politician. 1945: Eric Woolfson, British singer, songwriter, record producer, of the band The Alan Parsons Project. 1947: Vicente Ramos, Spanish basketball player. 1948: Humberto Zuccarelli, Argentine soccer player. 1948: Guillermo Gaviria Zapata, Colombian accountant and politician. 1949: Rodrigo Rato, Spanish politician. 1949: Ase Kleveland, Norwegian singer and politician. 1950: Brad Dourif, American actor. 1951: Bill Frisell, American jazz musician. 1955: Guillermo Dდ¡vila, Venezuelan singer, actor and composer. 1955: Ana Obregდ³n, Spanish actress. 1956: Eduardo Alonso-Crespo, Argentine composer. 1956: Ingemar Stenmark, Swedish skier. 1957: Christer Fuglesang, Swedish astronaut. 1959: Luc Besson, French filmmaker. 1959: Irene Cara, American actress and singer. 1963: Jeff LaBar, American guitarist. 1963: Vanessa Williams, American actress and singer. 1964: Bonnie Blair, American speed skater. 1964: Courtney Pine, British jazz saxophonist. 1964: Alex Caffi, Italian racing driver. 1966: Jerry Cantrell, American guitarist of the group Alice in Chains. 1966: Alejandro Ferreiro, Chilean lawyer. 1966: Hugo Romeo Guerra, Uruguayan soccer player and coach. 1968: Christophe Pinna, French karate fighter. 1968: Ciro Pertusi, Argentine singer and guitarist of Attaque 77 and Jaurდ­a. 1969: Vassily Ivanchuk, Ukrainian chess player. 1969: Marდ­a Eugenia Molinari, actress and Argentine television host. 1969: Jimmy Morales, Guatemalan actor, writer, producer, director and politician. 1970: Queen Latifah, singer and American actress. 1971: Viviana Baldo, Argentine writer. 1971: Fabio Furia, Italian musician. 1971: Nik, Argentine cartoonist. 1973: Raდºl Chდ¡vez, Venezuelan baseball player. 1974: Philip Sweet, American guitarist, of the band Little Big Town. 1975: Anita Martდ­nez, actress, comedian, dancer and Argentine television host. 1976: Jovan Kirovski, American footballer. 1976: Giovanna Antonelli, Brazilian actress. 1977: Willy Sagnol, French footballer. 1977: Danny Murphy, British footballer. 1977: Antonio Barijho, Argentine footballer. 1978: Brian Scalabrine, American basketball player. 1978: Charlotte Roche, writer, actress and British presenter. 1979: Adam Levine, American singer, of the band Maroon 5. 1979: Danneel Harris, American actress. 1980: Sდ©bastien Frey, French footballer 1980: Marდ­a Luisa Godoy, Chilean journalist. 1980: Sophia Myles, British actress. 1980: Rapsusklei, Spanish rapper. 1980: Aleksდ©i Yagudin, Russian skater. 1981: Fabian Cancellara, Swiss cyclist. 1981: Jang Nara, Korean actress and singer. 1981: Kasib Powell, American basketball player. 1982: Timo Glock, German motorsport driver. 1982: Pedro Mantorras, Angolan footballer. 1983: Aleვ¡ Mejaე?, Slovenian footballer. 1986: Lykke Li, Swedish singer. 1987: Mauro Zდ¡rate, Argentine soccer player. 1989: Lily Collins, British actress. 1991: Solomon Hill, American basketball player. 1992: Kika Silva, model and panelist of Chilean television. 1993: Manuel Pდ©rez Ruiz, Mexican soccer player.