march 20 zodiac

    People born on March 20 are ambitious, arbitrary: they don't pay attention to considerations.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 20

    Your mind is precise, clear, neutral. They are people of many talents, with great ambitions. They fiercely defend their views and beliefs. Your moral compass is often guided by selfishness. They persistently stay on their own path in life. Their passions are strong and commonly take over reason. What they can achieve with their outstanding ability is often ruined by their lack of flexibility and they pay no attention to any consideration. Unless they achieve a high level of intellectual development, they show great conceit, arrogance, and selfishness. Outstanding intellectual development gives them dictatorial tendencies. They are always very demanding, strict and unwavering people; They can be rude and sometimes weird, but they can achieve mastery at something if they do their part to develop their meaningful mental capacity. This birthday marks a milestone in people's lives: they will either overcome adversity and triumph over it, or they will cause their own demise. They show great skill in social and political affairs, quickly outperforming others. They know their abilities and minds very well, they make decisions so quickly and show such cunning in their actions that they can effectively fight people of a much higher position in all respects, using their momentary doubts or hesitation. But when they come into contact with completely new and unfamiliar problems, they may fail to do the job and fail. In love, they are demanding and conventional people, sensual, selfish and passionate. They do not remain faithful. A woman born on this day is usually independent, active and does not care about the formalities of the world. Your life at home is not always happy. He is courteous and noble to his subordinates and children, shows benevolence, but less thought. They will achieve the best results in cooperation and marriage with people born from July 23 to August 24 and from November 23 to December 22.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 20

    If your birthday is March 20, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    March 20 - personality and character

    character:  natural, judicious, defined, immoderate, passionate, indifferent profession:  photographer, policeman, surgeon colors:  brown, cyan, brown stone:  spinel animal:  pigeon plant:  holly tree lucky numbers:  11,13,30,51,52,56 super lucky number:  34

    Holidays and observances - March 20

    • Iran: New Year.
    • French Language Day at the United Nations
    • International Day of Happiness
    • International Francophonie Day

    March 20 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1904: Burrhus Frederic Skinner, American psychologist (d. 1990). 1908: Frank Stanton, American businessman (d. 2006). 1911: Alfonso Garcდ­a Robles, Mexican diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1982 (f. 1991). 1914: Wendell Corey, American actor (d. 1968). 1914: Victor Matthys, Belgian politician (d. 1947). 1915: Sviatoslav Richter, Ukrainian pianist (d. 1997). 1915: Rosetta Tharpe, the "grandmother of rock and roll" for being one of the forerunners (d. 1973). 1916: Pierre Messmer, French Prime Minister (d. 2007). 1917: Yigael Yadin, Israeli archaeologist and politician (d. 1984). 1918: Belus Smawley, American basketball player and coach (d. 2003). 1918: Bernd Alois Zimmermann, German composer. 1918: Marian McPartland, jazz pianist, composer and writer (d. 2013). 1920: Julio Bolbochდ¡n, Argentine chess player (d. 1996). 1920: Andrდ©e Chedid, French writer (d. 2011). 1921: Alfrდ©d Rდ©nyi, Hungarian mathematician who contributed to probability theory, graph theory, and number theory (f. 1970). 1924: Hermann Guggiari, Paraguayan sculptor (d. 2012). 1924: Jozef Kroner, Slovak actor and playwright. 1926: Enio Iommi, Argentine sculptor (d. 2013). 1927: Francisco Rodrდ­guez Pascual, Spanish anthropologist and humanist (f. 2007). 1927: Josep Guinovart, Spanish painter (f. 2007). 1927: Luis Bar Boo, Spanish actor. 1928: Inდ©s Arredondo, Mexican writer. 1928: James P. Gordon, American physicist known for his work in the fields of optics and quantum electronics (d. 2013) 1929: Jolly Land, Argentine singer (d. 2008). 1929: Germდ¡n Robles, Spanish actor and famous for being the Latin American "Vampire" (d. 2015). 1930: Clara Passafari, Argentine ethnologist, anthropologist, writer and poet (f. 1994). 1931: Karen Steele, American model and actress. 1935: Lolita Sevilla, Spanish singer and actress (d. 2013). 1935: დ“scar Chდ¡vez, Mexican singer, composer and actor, starred in the film "Los Caifanes." 1936: Lee Perry, Jamaican musician and music producer, pioneer of dub and reggae. 1937: Lina Morgan, Spanish actress (d. 2015). 1937: Lois Lowry, American writer of children's literature. 1938: Sergey Petrovich Novikov, Russian mathematician. 1939: Brian Mulroney, Canadian politician. 1939: Walter Jakob Gehring, Swiss biologist (f. 2014) 1940: Josდ© Manuel Otero, Spanish jurist and writer. 1940: Mary Ellen Mark, American photojournalist and activist (d. 2015) 1942: Mijaela Tesleoanu, Romanian dancer and ballet teacher (d. 2011). 1943: Jaime Chდ¡varri, Spanish actor, filmmaker and screenwriter. 1943: Gerard Malanga, American poet, photographer and film director and discoverer of The Velvet Underground. 1944: Erwin Neher, German biochemist, 1991 Nobel Prize in Medicine. 1944: John Cameron, English arranger composer, pianist and conductor. 1945: Pat Riley, American basketball coach. 1947: John Boswell, American historian. 1947: Horacio Vდ¡zquez Rial, Spanish writer and journalist born in Argentina. 1948: Josდ© Ramდ³n Garcდ­a Antდ³n, Spanish politician (d. 2009). 1948: John de Lancie, American actor 1949: Marcia Ball, American singer, songwriter and blues pianist. 1950: William Hurt, American actor. 1950: Carl Palmer, British musician, of the band Emerson, Lake and Palmer. 1951: Jimmie Vaughan, American blues guitarist. 1953: Luisa Kuliok, Argentine actress. 1953: Alicia Kozameh, Argentine writer. 1954: Liana Kanelli, journalist and Greek politician. 1956: Catherine Ashton, British politician. 1957: Spike Lee, American filmmaker. 1957: Theresa Russell, American actress. 1957: Chris Wedge, American actor and filmmaker. 1957: Jorge Melicio, Angolian sculptor, residing in Lisbon. 1958: Phil Anderson, Australian cyclist. 1958: Holly Hunter, American actress Oscar for Best Actress in 1993 for The Piano. 1959: Dave Beasant, British footballer. 1959: Steve Sting Borden, American wrestler. 1960: Carlos Montero, Argentine journalist. 1960: Norm Magnusson, American sculptor and painter. 1960: Norbert Pohlmann, German scientist. 1960: Roxanne Kernohan, model and actress (f. 1993) 1961: Martდ­n Lasarte, ex-footballer and Hispanic-Uruguayan coach. 1961: Slim Jim Phantom, American drummer, of the band Stray Cats.
    1962: Stephen Sommers, American director and screenwriter. 1963: Paul Annacone, American tennis player. 1963: Yelena Romდ¡nova, Russian athlete (d. 2007). 1963: David Thewlis, British actor. 1964: Natacha Atlas, Belgian singer. 1965: Benito Zambrano, Spanish screenwriter and filmmaker. 1965: Adrian Oxaal, American musician, guitarist of the band James 1966: Gert Lahousse, Belgian actor. 1966: Alka Yagnik, Indian singer. 1967: Mookie Blaylock, American basketball player. 1967: Yukito Kishiro, Japanese mangaka cartoonist. 1967: Ruddy Rodrდ­guez, actress ,? model,? Venezuelan singer and businesswoman.? 1968: Paul Merson, British footballer. 1968: AJ Jacobs, American journalist and writer. 1969: Mannie Fresh, music producer for Cash Money Records. 1971: Diego Bustos, Argentine sports journalist. 1972: Segundo Cernadas, Argentine actor. 1972: Alex Kapranos, British singer, of the band Franz Ferdinand. 1972: Pedro Lamy, Portuguese motor racing driver. 1974: Carsten Ramelow, German footballer. 1975: Arath de la Torre, Mexican actor. 1976: Chester Bennington, American musician, of the band Linkin Park (f. 2017) 1977: Lincoln Palomeque, Colombian actor. 1977: Nelson Erazo, American wrestler. 1978: Alejandra Oliveras, Argentine boxer. 1979: Silvia Abascal, Spanish actress. 1979: Freema Agyeman, British actress. 1979: Francileudo Santos, Brazilian soccer player. 1980: Jamal Crawford, American basketball player. 1982: Tomasz Kuszczak, Polish footballer. 1982: Rory Fallon, New Zealand footballer. 1982: Nick Wheeler, American guitarist, of the band The All-American Rejects. 1982: Renდ© Mussi, Mexican actor. 1983: Eiji Kawashima, Japanese footballer. 1983: Thomas Kahlenberg, Danish footballer. 1984: Christy Carlson Romano, American actress. 1984: Fernando Torres, Spanish footballer. 1984: Justine Ezarik, American Internet personality. 1985: Marდ­a del Cerro, actress, model, designer and Argentine television host. 1986: Benat Intxausti, Spanish cyclist. 1987: Emilia Attias, Argentine model and actress. 1988: Jakub Giersaვ‚, Polish actor. 1990: Marcos Rojo, Argentine footballer. 1992: Lara Arruabarrena, Spanish tennis player.