march 22 zodiac

    People born on March 22 are confident, enjoy sports and hunting, and are capable of going far.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 22

    They always feel young and optimistic, since they ignore the obstacles of life and the intrigues of their enemies. They immediately start working on a task without thinking about its importance, with great confidence in their strength and often naturally doomed to failure due to lack of proper preparation or incompetence. Such annoyance can be extremely counterproductive, especially in business. They are proud, warlike, intelligent, eloquent, sensitive and, unfortunately, sudden people. They have good organizational skills, and their hardworking, independent mind creates new projects all the time. His enthusiasm is contagious. Other people seek your company, as they have every semblance of originality. They are very independent in the way they live. They are always ready to defend their opinion and show their power to others, show their strength. They can focus on anything that piques their interest right now. Your mind is capable of excellent results in science. His body is strong, slim, with penetrating eyes. They are not family people, they rebel against the authority of their parents and want to make their own ways in life. Although your thoughts often lack true originality, your brain is very powerful and shows great direction in life. They can achieve especially excellent results in the area of diplomacy, as long as it involves quick decisions and resolving conflicts that arise. They show great variability, according to the requirements of the moment, with agility and the ability to adapt to the needs of life. A woman born on this day is lively, happy, interesting, independent, beautiful, interested in news, but also shows outbursts of anger and passions. May be criticized by other women later in life. Usually she gets married quite early and has several children.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 22

    If your birthday is March 22, your zodiac sign is  Aries

    March 22 - personality and character

    character:  kind, conscientious, benevolent, modest, explosive, unbearable; profession:  surgeon, lawyer, astrophysicist; colors:  blue, cyan, navy blue; stone:  talc; animal:  lion; plant:  dogwood; lucky numbers:  3,26,28,31,34,49 super lucky number:  22

    Holidays and observances - March 22

    • March 21 to 27: Week of solidarity with the peoples that fight against racism and racial discrimination
    • World Water Day

    March 22 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Francisco დ?niguez, Spanish architect (d. 1982). 1904: Joaquდ­n de Entrambasaguas, Spanish philologist (f. 1995). 1907: James Gavin, general and American ambassador (d. 1990). 1907: Lucდ­a dos Santos, Portuguese nun (d. 2005). 1907: Oskar Rudolf Schlag, Swiss-German psychotherapist, graphologist, writer and esotericist (d. 1990). 1908: Jack Crawford, Australian tennis player (d. 1991). 1908: Louis L'Amour, American writer (d. 1988). 1909: Nathan Rosen, Israeli physicist (d. 1995). 1909: Gabrielle Roy, Canadian writer (d. 1983). 1912: Karl Malden, American actor (d. 2009). 1912: Agnes Martin, American painter (d. 2004). 1918: Cheddi Jagan, Guyanese politician (d. 1997). 1918: Edward Van Dijck, Belgian cyclist (d. 1977). 1919: Isidora Aguirre, Chilean writer (d. 2011). 1920: Ross Martin, American actor (d. 1981). 1921: Nino Manfredi, Italian actor (d. 2004). 1923: Marcel Marceau, French actor and mime (d. 2007). 1926: Franca Falcucci, Italian politician (d. 2014). 1927: Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi, Spanish film director. 1928: Ed Macauley, former American basketball player (d. 2011). 1930: Pat Robertson, American television evangelist. 1930: Stephen Sondheim, American composer and lyricist. 1931: Carlos Ferrer Salat, Spanish businessman (d. 1998). 1931: Burton Richter, American physicist, Nobel laureate in Physics in 1976. 1931: William Shatner, Canadian actor. 1933: Abolhassan Banisadr, Iranian president. 1933: May Britt, Swedish actress. 1933: Linden Chiles, American actor (d. 2013). 1933: Evaristo Macedo, Brazilian soccer player. 1934: Orrin Hatch, American politician. 1936: Roger Whittaker, British singer 1937: Angelo Badalamenti, American composer. 1937: Armin Hary, German athlete. 1940: Haing S. Ngor, Cambodian actor (d. 1996). 1941: Bruno Ganz, Swiss actor. 1942: Jorge Ben Jor, Brazilian musician. 1942: Leo Dan, Argentine singer. 1943: George Benson, American jazz guitarist. 1943: Keith Relf, British musician, of the band The Yardbirds (d. 1976). 1959: Matthew Modine, American actor. 1959: Roberto Ballesteros, Peruvian actor. 1972: Cory Lidle, American baseball player (d. 2006). 1973: Beverley Knight, British singer, Mauro Szeta, Argentine journalist. 1974: Marcus Camby, American basketball player, Ricardo Harris, Costa Rican soccer player. 1975: Eugenia Guerty, Argentine actress. 1943: Vittorio Corbo, Chilean economist. 1944: Francisco Huenchumilla, Chilean lawyer. 1945: Agustდ­n Mario Cejas, Argentine soccer player (d. 2015). 1948: Andrew Lloyd Webber, British playwright. 1949: Fanny Ardant, French actress. 1949: John Toshack, British football coach. 1954: დ?lvaro Garcდ­a Hurtado, Chilean economist and politician. 1955: Lena Olin, Swedish actress. 1955: Tuqui, Argentine artist, television host and comedian. 1955: Valdis Zatlers, Latvian politician and former president. 1956: Maria Teresa, Luxembourg aristocrat. 1959: Carlton Cuse, Mexican-American screenwriter. 1960: Juliდ¡n Gorospe, Spanish cyclist. 1962: Francesco Quinn, Italian-American actor (d. 2011). 1963: Martდ­n Vizcarra Cornejo, Peruvian engineer and politician, Constitutional President of the Republic of Peru as of March 23, 2018 by line of presidential succession. 1966: Brian Shaw, American basketball player. 1967: Mario Cipollini, Italian cyclist. 1967: Pepe Monje, Argentine actor. 1968: Euronymous, Norwegian guitarist, of the Mayhem band (f. 1993). 1970: Andreas Johnson, Swedish singer. 1970: Leontien van Moorsel, Dutch cyclist. 1972: Shawn Bradley, American basketball player. 1975: Cole Hauser, American actor. 1975: Jiვ?დ­ Novდ¡k, Czech tennis player. 1975: Bea Segura, Spanish actress. 1975: Sandra Daviდº, Spanish presenter. 1976: Iker Garai, Spanish footballer. 1976: Reese Witherspoon, American actress. 1976: Marbelys Zamora, Cuban dancer and actress. 1979: Aldo Duscher, Argentine soccer player. 1979: Aaron North, American guitarist, of the band Nine Inch Nails. 1979: Juan Uribe, Dominican baseball player. 1981: Victoria Lanz, Venezuelan pornographic actress. 1981: Karina Jelinek, Argentine model. 1981: Mims, American rapper. 1982: Alinne Rosa, Brazilian singer. 1982: Hugo Catalდ¡n, Mexican actor. 1984: Piotr Trochowski, German footballer. 1988: Tania Raymonde, American actress. 1989: JJ Watt, American football player 1995: Nick Robinson, American actor. 1998: Paola Andino, Puerto Rican actress. 1999: Mick Schumacher, German motorsport driver, son of seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher.