march 23 zodiac

    People born on March 23 are funny and talkative: they want to avoid conflict and misunderstandings; they don't always follow the routine.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 23

    They are kind and well-desirous people. His righteousness and loyalty can be counted. They are not rude or cruel, and their demeanor is peaceful and delicate. It should be added that they are quite impulsive and explosive in their passions. In general, they are liked by everyone, they have good helpers and companions, as well as helpful friends. However, they enjoy solitude and solitary meditations. They always strive to let logic and common sense guide them in everything they do, they like serious studies and demonstrate mastery of science. When they become academics, they can advance significantly in the area of knowledge in which they work using predetermined methods and following pre-established lines. They are less adept at developing new fields, introducing new insights, and working on their own, allowing others to outperform them in this regard. They have certain conservative tendencies, they are not always able to adapt to constantly changing conditions and circumstances. True, they are definitely progressive: they use the latest advances and methods, but always in the predetermined direction. They are not inclined to radical changes. They like to organize projects, gather information, form new plans, study working methods. Hard and effortful work easily discourages them. They are happiest if they were born before noon, possibly from sunrise to two o'clock. Thus they can take full control of their destiny, change the conditions of their life at will and rise above the sphere or their origin. People born after noon, from two to midnight, are more dependent on fate and must adapt to conditions. The life of a person born on this day is significantly influenced by parents, cooperation with others, and marriages. Finally, people born during the period from midnight to dawn will enjoy prosperity in the latter part of their lives.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 23

    If your birthday is on March 23, your zodiac sign is  Aries

    March 23 - personality and character

    character:  vigilant, generous, perfect, hesitant, partial, enemy; profession:  pilot, secretary, novelist; colors:  blue, pink, brown; stone:  hematite; animal:  lion; plant:  dusty miller; lucky numbers:  22,26,27,29,33,59 super lucky number:  7

    Holidays and observances - March 23

    • International Day of Family and Professional Reconciliation.
    • March 21 to 27: Week of solidarity with the peoples that fight against racism and racial discrimination
    • World Meteorological Day
    • Bolivia: Day of the Sea, the loss of the Litoral department is remembered.

    March 23 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Erich Fromm, German-American psychoanalyst (d. 1980). 1903: Alejandro Casona, Spanish playwright (d. 1965). 1904: Joan Crawford, American actress (d. 1977). 1905: Lale Andersen, German singer-songwriter (d. 1972). 1907: Daniel Bovet, Swiss pharmacologist, 1957 Nobel Prize Winner (d. 1992). 1908: Jდ³vito Villalba Gutiდ©rrez, Venezuelan politician (d. 1989). 1910: Akira Kurosawa, Japanese filmmaker (d. 1998). 1912: Werner von Braun, German space engineer (d. 1977). 1915: Vasili Zდ¡itsev, Soviet military man (d. 1991). 1920: Milton Castellanos Everardo, Mexican politician (d. 2011). 1920: Nybia Marino, Uruguayan pianist of classical music (d. 2014). 1922: Ugo Tognazzi, Italian actor and filmmaker (d. 1990). 1929: Roger Bannister, British athlete. 1931: Vდ­ktor Korchnდ³i, Russian chess player (d. 2016). 1932: Larry Evans, American chess player (d. 2010). 1932: Louisiana Red, American blues singer and guitarist (d. 2012). 1933: Rolando Cდ¡rdenas, Chilean poet (f. 1990). 1933: Philip Zimbardo, American psychologist. 1934: Mark Rydell, American filmmaker. 1935: Marდ­a Vaner, Argentine actress (f. 2008). 1936: Sergio Klainer, Mexican and Argentine actor. 1937: Robert Gallo, American biologist. 1937: Moacyr Scliar, Brazilian writer (d. 2011). 1942: Michael Haneke, Austrian filmmaker. 1943: Nils-Aslak Valkeapდ¤დ¤, Finnish writer (d. 2001). 1944: Michael Nyman, British pianist, musicologist and composer. 1945: Franco Battiato, Italian singer-songwriter. 1946: Adriდ¡n Ghio, Argentine actor (d. 1991). 1949: Ric Ocasek, American singer, of the band The Cars. 1951: Corinne Clery, French actress. 1952: Kim Stanley Robinson, American writer. 1953: Baudilio Dდ­az, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 1990). 1953: Chaka Khan, American singer. 1955: Moses Malone, American basketball player (d. 2015). 1956: Josდ© Manuel Durao Barroso, Portuguese politician and prime minister (2002-2004), European president (since 2004). 1957: Amanda Plummer, American actress. 1957: Nieves Herrero, Spanish journalist. 1959: Catherine Keener, American actress. 1959: Kazue Ikura, Japanese voice actress. 1959: Philippe Volter, Belgian actor (f. 2005). 1960: Rafael Ferrer, American actor. 1962: Steve Redgrave, British rower. 1963: Mდ­chel (Josდ© Miguel Gonzდ¡lez), Spanish footballer. 1963: Jorge Rinaldi, Argentine footballer. 1963: Ana Fidelia Quirot, Cuban athlete. 1964: დ“scar de Jesდºs Vargas, Colombian cyclist. 1964: Carlos Javier Echarri Cდ¡novas, Mexican demographer. 1965: Richard Grieco, American actor. 1968: Damon Albarn, British singer, of the bands Blur and Gorillaz. 1968: Fernando Hierro, Spanish footballer. 1969: Juan Ramდ³n Lდ³pez Caro, Spanish soccer coach. 1971: Malena Muyala, Uruguayan singer and songwriter. 1971: Karen McDougal, American model. 1972: Joe Calzaghe, British boxer. 1972: Nuria Roca, Spanish journalist and presenter. 1973: Jerzy Dudek, Polish footballer. 1973: Jason Kidd, American basketball player. 1976: Chris Hoy, British cyclist. 1976: Dougie Lampkin, British trial rider. 1976: Michelle Monaghan, American actress. 1976: Keri Russell, American actress. 1976: Ricardo Zonta, Brazilian Formula 1 driver. 1977: Alejandro de la Madrid, Mexican actor. 1978: Walter Samuel, Argentine footballer. 1978: Nicholle Tom, American actress. 1979: Ray Gordy, American professional wrestler. 1981: Atsushi Abe, Japanese voice actor. 1981: Brett Young, American singer and songwriter. 1982: Josდ© Contreras, Chilean soccer player. 1983: Mohamed Farah, British athlete of Somali origin. 1983: Jerome Thomas, British footballer. 1985: Manuel Fortuna, Dominican basketball player. 1986: Steven Strait, American actor. 1986: Fabiდ¡n Assmann, Argentine footballer. 1986: Andrea Dovizioso, Italian motorcycle racer. 1989: Formose Mendy, Senegalese footballer. 1990: Jaime Alguersuari, Spanish Formula 1 driver. 1991: Facundo Campazzo, Argentine basketball player. 1991: Josდ© Pablo Minor, Mexican actor. 1992: Kyrie Irving, American basketball player. 1994: Arkano, Spanish rapper.