march 25 zodiac

    People born on March 25 are benevolent, imperious - they can hold a position of dominance.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 25

    Strong, hard-working, predictive people - can skillfully adapt to situations and conditions. They show artistic skills and love for everything new. They feel energized with the yearning for changes and reforms that they would like to see applied everywhere. Full of enthusiasm and decision: they are impulsive and easily go to extremes. They strive to stand up front and rule at all times. They do not want to be subordinate and work under the direction of others or act according to someone else's guidelines. They feel happy only when they can follow their own ideas and projects in life, and execute their own will. It must be admitted that they are very adept at forming their plans, and their unusual intuition enables them to foresee the results of each of their actions, as well as those of other people. But they can't always be good executors, so sometimes it would be better if they just formed projects and let other people implement them. They will achieve numerous victories in the dangerous adventures that await them. This is due more to the strength of their character and perseverance, not to a lucky coincidence. Your efforts are likely to be crowned with excellent results, good position in life, and consistent success that allows you to live comfortably. You will work for ascension with a lifetime of effort. In the area of cooperating with others, even if they meet like-minded and like-minded people, they continually emphasize the importance of themselves; They only think of their own greatness and do not pay attention to the feelings of others. They have to stay away all the time if they want to avoid misunderstandings. They must strive for greater tolerance and harmony in relationships with others, control their indiscretion and harsh words.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 25

    If your birthday is on March 25, your zodiac sign is  Aries

    March 25 - personality and character

    character:  benevolent, cheerful, cunning, unwary, disdainful, capricious; profession:  janitor, sociologist, novelist; colors:  beige, pink, scarlet; stone:  emerald; animal:  donkey; plant:  Blueberry; lucky numbers:  1,40,41,43,45,56 super lucky number:  15

    Holidays and observances - March 25

    • International Day of Solidarity with Detained or Missing Staff Members
    • World Waffle Day
    • Day of the Unborn Child
    • Slovenia: Mother's Day
    • Greece: National Day
    • March 21 to 27: Week of solidarity with the peoples that fight against racism and racial discrimination
    • International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

    March 25 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Ed Begley, American actor (d. 1970). 1903: Pedro Enrique Alfonso, Chilean lawyer, professor and politician (d. 1977). 1903: Frankie Carle, American pianist and conductor (d. 2001). 1903: Julio Antonio Mella, Cuban revolutionary (d. 1929). 1905: Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim, German officer (d. 1944). 1906: Jean Sablon, French singer (d. 1994). 1908: David Lean, British filmmaker (d. 1991). 1910: Benzion Netanyahu, Israeli historian (d. 2012). 1910: Magda Olivero, Italian soprano. 1910: დ“scar Castro Zდºniga, Chilean writer and poet (d. 1947). 1911: Jack Ruby, American businessman and assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald (d. 1967). 1912: Jean Vilar, French actor (d. 1971). 1914: Norman E. Borlaug, American scientist (d. 2009). 1919: Joan Ainaud de Lasarte, Spanish historian (f. 1995). 1920: Patrick Troughton, British actor (d. 1987). 1921: Alejandra de Grecia, Greek aristocrat (f. 1993). 1921: Nancy Kelly, American actress (d. 1995). 1921: Simone Signoret, French actress (d. 1985). 1924: Machiko Kyo, Japanese actress. 1925: Flannery O'Connor, American writer (d. 1964). 1926: დ?ngel Arango, Cuban writer and jurist. 1926: Fernando Morდ¡n Lდ³pez, Spanish politician. 1926: Lდ¡szlდ³ Papp, Hungarian boxer (d. 2003). 1926: Jaime Sabines, Mexican poet (f. 1999). 1928: Jim Lovell, American astronaut. 1928: Sonia Osorio, Colombian dancer and choreographer (d. 2011). 1929: Manuel Riu Riu, Spanish historian and archaeologist (d. 2011). 1929: Cecil Taylor, American jazz pinaist. 1931: Encarna Paso, Spanish actress. 1931: Paul Motian, American jazz musician (d. 2011). 1932: Osvaldo Pacheco, Argentine actor (d. 1984). 1934: Johnny Burnette, American musician. 1934: Gloria Steinem, journalist, writer and feminist activist. 1935: Josep Soler i Sarda, Spanish composer. 1937: Onდ©simo Cepeda, Mexican bishop. 1937: Tom Monaghan, American businessman, founder of Domino's Pizza. 1940: Anita Bryant, American singer. 1940: Rodolfo Mederos, Argentine bandoneonist, conductor, composer and arranger. 1942: Aretha Franklin, American singer. 1942: Federico Jorge Klemm, Argentine plastic artist (f. 2002). 1942: Richard O'Brien, British actor and writer. 1943: Paul Michael Glaser, American actor. 1945: Adriano Pappalardo, Italian actor and singer. 1946: Daniel Bensaid, French philosopher (d. 2010). 1946: Maurice Krafft, French volcanologist (d. 1991). 1947: Elton John, British singer and songwriter. 1948: Luis Landero, Spanish writer. 1952: Antanas Mockus, Colombian politician, philosopher and mathematician. 1954: Alfredo J. Ramos Campos, Spanish poet, journalist and editor. 1954: Carlos Ignacio, Mexican actor and comedian. 1955: Daniel Boulud, French chef and restaurateur. 1956: Matthew Garber, British actor (d. 1977). 1958: John Ensign, American politician. 1958: Marდ­a Jesდºs San Segundo, Spanish politician (d. 2010). 1959: Adriდ¡n Domenech, Argentine footballer and coach. 1959: Juan Luis Iborra, Spanish filmmaker 1960: Brenda Strong, American actress. 1961: Reggie Fils-Aime, American businessman, president of the Nintendo company in the United States. 1962: Eduardo Calvo, Argentine actor and comedian. 1962: Marcia Cross, American actress. 1962: Fernando Martდ­n Espina, Spanish basketball player (f. 1989). 1963: Milena Santander Leდ³n, first Venezuelan actress. 1964: Lisa Gay Hamilton, American actress. 1964: Mike Henry, American actor, producer and writer. 1964: Josდ© Luis Pintos Saldanha, Uruguayan footballer. 1965: Avery Johnson, American basketball player. 1965: Sarah Jessica Parker, American actress. 1965: Marდ­a Isabel Urrutia, Colombian athlete. 1965: Jeff Healey, Canadian musician (f. 2008). 1967: Matthew Barney, American video maker. 1968: Adriდ¡n Suar, Argentine actor and producer. 1969: Dale Davis, American basketball player. 1969: Cathy Dennis, British singer and actress. 1969: Jeff Walker, British musician, of the bands Carcass, Blackstar and Electro Hippies. 1970: Teri Moise, American singer. 1972: Roberto Acuna, Paraguayan soccer player. 1972: Phil O'Donnell, Scottish footballer (d. 2007). 1972: Giniel de Villiers, South African rally driver. 1973: Anders Fridდ©n, Swedish singer of the band In Flames. 1973: Bob Sura, American basketball player. 1973: Ximena Valcarce, Chilean journalist and politician. 1974: Alessandra Rampolla, sexologist and Puerto Rican television presenter. 1974: Lark Voorhies, American actress. 1976: Juvenile, American rapper. 1976: Wladimir Klitschko, Ukrainian boxer. 1976: GiGi Leung, actress and singer from Hong Kong. 1976: Carlos Guillermo Haydon, Venezuelan actor and model. 1977: დ‰dgar Ramდ­rez, Venezuelan actor. 1978: Gennaro Delvecchio, Italian footballer. 1978: Teanna Kai, American porn actress. 1979: Lee Pace, American actor. 1980: Kina Malpartida, Peruvian boxer. 1980: Rocდ­o Marengo, vedette and Argentine television host. 1981: Juliდ¡n de Guzmდ¡n, Canadian footballer. 1982: Markდ©ta Bე›lonohდ¡, Czech model. 1982: David Bustamante, Spanish singer. 1982: Sean Faris, American actor and model. 1982: Danica Patrick, American racing driver. 1982: დ?lvaro Saborდ­o, Costa Rican soccer player. 1983: Javier Gდ³mez Noya, Spanish triathlete of Swiss origin. 1984: Katharine McPhee, American singer. 1985: Gustavo Oberman, Argentine footballer. 1985: Carmen Rasmusen, Canadian singer. 1986: Leonardo Astorga, Venezuelan baseball player. 1986: Marco Belinelli, Italian basketball player. 1986: Kyle Lowry, American basketball player. 1987: Jason Castro, American singer. 1987: Victor Obinna, Nigerian footballer. 1988: Darrell Arthur, American basketball player. 1988: Erik Knudsen, Canadian actor. 1988: Big Sean, American rapper. 1989: Alyson Michalka, American actress. 1989: Scott Sinclair, British footballer. 1990: Alexander Esswein, German footballer. 1990: Mehmet Ekici, Turkish footballer. 1990: Josuდ© Martდ­nez, Costa Rican soccer player. 1991: Seychelle Gabriel, American actress. 1991: Samia Yusuf Omar, Somali sprinter (d. 2012). 1992: Prakash Neupane, Nepalese rap singer. 1993: Josette Vidal, Venezuelan actress and model.