march 28 zodiac

    People born on March 28 cannot see the flaws of their friends despite their significant intuition.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 28

    His sympathies are very lively and his nature friendly. It's hard to hide something from them. They will immediately discover anything that annoys their friends without them saying a single word to them. Often times, these people can even determine the cause of the concern and work to eliminate it. In relation to their friends, they are completely blind to their shortcomings. In contacts with strangers, however, they observe very closely and immediately notice their shortcomings. They are willing to progress: they quickly adopt new ideas and strive for progress and the use of the latest methods in every line of work, be it intellectual, artistic or purely practical. In more developed individuals, the will to fight is transformed into an exceptionally inquisitive intellect, a dangerous fencer in the field of thought. Their industriousness, enthusiasm and expansion go in many directions in their lives, but they always follow the guidelines to lead others, submitting them to their will, with one foot in front. They find the possibility of facing adversity and conquering it in the most pleasant way. They challenge the opposition to show their skills. Flaws: They are uncontrollable, impulsive, restless, turbulent, often vindictive people. They quickly explode in anger and cause confusion around them. They often confront commonly accepted beliefs and disrupt their environment. They have a tendency to get into dangerous situations, taking reckless risks, possibly becoming victims of their own carelessness. A man born on this day never runs away from a fight, does not retreat, and wishes to win at all costs. It is always a great disappointment to him when he has to give in to his enemy. A woman is very similar to a man when it comes to her character: she only sees the good things in her friends. But his sharp tongue effectively gets under the skin of the less sympathetic.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 28

    If your birthday is on March 28, your zodiac sign is  Aries

    March 28 - personality and character

    character:  uncompromising, lively, perfect, curious, talkative, stubborn; profession:  photographer, obstetrician, toolmaker; colors:  gray, purple, silver; stone:  coral; animal:  koala; plant:  sassafras tree; lucky numbers:  7,14,20,47,53,57 super lucky number:  3

    Holidays and observances - March 28

    • Vigo (Spain): Day of the Reconquest.
    • Hanami, Japanese tradition of going to the parks to admire the beauty of cherry blossoms.

    March 28 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Marta of Sweden, Crown Princess of Norway (d. 1954). 1903: Rudolf Serkin, Austrian pianist, nationalized American (d. 1991). 1903: Charles Starrett, American actor (d. 1986). 1908: Juan Josდ© Noguდ©s, Spanish soccer player (f. 1998). 1909: Nelson Algren, American writer (d. 1981). 1909: Vდ­ctor de los Rდ­os, Spanish sculptor (f. 1996). 1910: Ingrid, Swedish queen (d. 2000). 1911: John Langshaw Austin, British philosopher (d. 1960). 1911: Myfanwy Piper, British art critic and librettist (d. 1997). 1914: Bohumil Hrabal, Czech novelist (d. 1997). 1914: Edmund Muskie, American politician (d. 1996). 1921: Dirk Bogarde, British actor and writer (d. 1999). 1926: Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart (Duchess of Alba), Spanish aristocrat (d. 2014). 1927: Marianne Fredriksson, Swedish writer and journalist (d. 2007). 1928: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Polish politician. 1928: Alexander Grothendieck, Franco-German mathematician (d. 2014). 1928: Shaban Hadდ«ri, Albanian sculptor (d. 2010). 1930: Jerome Isaac Friedman, American physicist, Nobel laureate in physics in 1990. 1931: დ‰ber Lobato, Argentine actor, dancer, singer, composer, director, producer and set designer (d. 2014). 1931: Jane Vance Rule, Canadian writer (d. 2007). 1932: Calდ­gula, Argentine actor and comedian (d. 2013). 1933: Tete Montoliu, Spanish jazz composer and pianist (f. 1997). 1934: Mauricio Herrera, the first Mexican film, television and theater actor. 1935: Eusebio Vდ©lez, Spanish cyclist. 1936: Amancio Ortega, Spanish businessman, founder of the Inditex textile group (Zara). 1936: Mario Vargas Llosa, Peruvian writer and politician, Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010. 1936: Zdenek Sverდ¡k, Czech actor. 1940: Luis Cubilla, Uruguayan soccer player and coach (d. 2013). 1941: Alf Clausen, American conductor and composer (The Simpsons). 1942: Daniel Dennett, American philosopher. 1942: Neil Kinnock, British politician. 1942: Mike Newell, British filmmaker. 1942: Samuel Ramey, American opera singer. 1942: Conrad Schumann, first person to escape East Germany (d. 1998). 1942: Jerry Sloan, American basketball coach. 1943: Conchata Ferrell, American actress. 1944: Rick Barry, American basketball player. 1945: Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine president. 1946: Alejandro Toledo Manrique, Peruvian president. 1946: Wubbo Ockels, Dutch physicist and astronaut. 1948: John Evan, British keyboardist, of the band Jethro Tull. 1948: Dianne Wiest, American actress. 1948: Milan Williams, American musician, of the band The Commodores (d. 2006). 1949: Josephine Chaplin, British actress 1950: Germდ¡n Efromovich, businessman, Bolivian Brazilian Colombian 1951: Matti Pellonpდ¤დ¤, Finnish actor and musician (d. 1995). 1952: Tony Brise, British Formula 1 driver (d. 1975). 1955: Julio Llamazares, Spanish poet. 1955: Reba McEntire, American singer and actress. 1958: Elisabeth Andreassen, Norwegian singer. 1958: Curt Hennig, American professional wrestler (d. 2003). 1959: Laura Chinchilla, Costa Rican politician and president. 1960: Josდ© Antonio Alonso Suდ¡rez, Spanish politician. 1960: Chris Barrie, British actor. 1960: Josდ© Marდ­a Michavila, Spanish politician. 1960: Josდ© Maria Neves, Cape Verdean politician. 1960: დ‰ric-Emmanuel Schmitt, French playwright. 1961: Byron Scott, American basketball player. 1967: Christian Castillo, Argentine politician. 1968: Jon Lee, British musician, of the band Feeder. 1968: Isabella Santodomingo, Colombian actress, writer and presenter. 1969: Brett Ratner, American filmmaker. 1969: Ivan Gotti, Italian cyclist. 1970: Belდ©n Lდ³pez, Spanish actress. 1970: Cristina Cerrada, Spanish writer. 1970: Vince Vaughn, American actor. 1971: Alan Tacher, Mexican television host and animator. 1972: დ?ngel Plaza Simდ³n, Spanish politician. 1972: Nick Frost, British actor. 1973: Umaga, Samoan professional wrestler (d. 2009). 1973: Dobleache, diyei espanol. 1973: Toti Pasman, Argentine sports journalist and lawyer 1974: Sharon la Hechicera, singer, actress and Ecuadorian businesswoman (d. 2015). 1975: Ivდ¡n Helguera, Spanish footballer. 1975: Richard Kelly, American filmmaker and screenwriter. 1975: Matt Reis, American footballer. 1976: Dave Keuning, American guitarist, of the band The Killers. 1977: Devon, American porn actress. 1978: April Flowers, American porn actress. 1979: Daniel Montenegro, Argentine footballer. 1980: Luke Walton, American basketball player. 1980: Albert Streit, German footballer. 1980: Fდ©lix Montoya, Costa Rican soccer player. 1980: Mariel Martდ­nez, Argentine tango singer. 1981: Julia Stiles, American actress. 1982: Jon Plazaola, Spanish actor and comedian. 1982: Richard Dixon, Panamanian soccer player. 1982: Luis Tejada, Panamanian soccer player. 1985: Stanislas Wawrinka, Swiss tennis player. 1986: J-Kwon, American rapper. 1986: Lady Gaga, American singer. 1986: Amaia Salamanca, Spanish actress. 1988: Geno Atkins, American football player. 1988: Lacey Turner, British actress. 1991: Hoya, South Korean singer, dancer and rapper, of the band Infinite. 1994: Jackson Wang, Hong Kong singer, dancer and rapper, of the South Korean band Got