march 4 zodiac

    People born on March 4 are simple, natural - they express artistic and literary abilities. They enjoy rural life.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 4

    His life is full of hard work. But they do the best with their talents. They are serious people, energized by goodwill. They are characterized by the simplicity of mannerism and naturalness, as well as by the eagerness to work. Your powerful emotions and passions are exciting to others. Their charges are not too prominent, and they should put their best effort into it. Because your emotions and passions are very strong, your friends are a great influence. They listen to advice and try to put it into practice. They have a strongly developed imagination, which often makes them moody and moody. They are a proponent of sensations, news and exciting romantic adventures. All of these less desirable traits can be found in undeveloped individuals. People born on this day want to show a lot of fun, calm, and deep insight, and they can also be courteous, caring, kind, and compassionate. Suffering beings and expressive suffering, as in the case of animals, generate a strong feeling of compassion in them. Their character becomes more and more faithful and just, but they do not always develop adequate confidence. Life and the environment influence them a lot, and if they feel bad about the environment, they have the feeling of being in a bad situation. Then, they can fall into the world of unnecessary addictions and influences. His health is quite delicate. They worry about episodes of fear and anxiety that appear for no reason. They are easily influenced by others, and although they are methodical people, they can be indecisive. Marriage is not always a promise of prosperity, sensitivity, and change. They form better couples or associations with people born on July 21 and 23, or between October 23 and November 21.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 4

    If your birthday is March 4, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    March 4 - personality and character

    character:  tolerant, prudent, disinterested, despicable, susceptible, uncomfortable; profession:  pediatrician, audit or, administrator; colors:  olive, teal, claret; stone:  quartz; animal:  grizzly bear; plant:  pea flower; lucky numbers:  8,18,19,28,55,59 super lucky number:  14

    Holidays and Observances - March 4

    • Saint Casimir of Poland, prince of Poland and Lithuania.

    March 4 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Dorothy Mackaill, American actress (d. 1990). 1904: Luis Carrero Blanco, Spanish politician (d. 1973). 1904: George Gamow, Ukrainian physicist and astronomer (d. 1968). 1904: Joseph Schmidt Romanian tenor (d. 1942). 1913: John Garfield, American actor (d. 1952). 1914: Al Koran, British magician and mentalist (d. 1972). 1916: Giorgio Bassani, Italian writer (d. 2000). 1916: Hans Eysenck, British psychologist of German origin (d. 1997). 1916: Nexhmedin Zajmi, Albanian painter and sculptor (d. 1991). 1920: Jean Lecanuet, French politician (f. 1993). 1921: Dinny Pails, Australian tennis player (d. 1986). 1923: Sir Patrick Moore, British astronomer (d. 2012). 1923: Cristდ³bal Zaragoza, Spanish writer (d. 1999). 1924: Josდ© Antonio de la Loma, Spanish filmmaker (d. 2004). 1925: Paul Mauriat, French conductor and pianist (f. 2006). 1925: Jorge Medina Vidal, Uruguayan writer and semiologist (f. 2008). 1926: Pascual Pდ©rez, Argentine boxer Olympic and world champion (d. 1977). 1927: Dick Savitt, American tennis player. 1928: Alan Sillitoe, British writer (d. 2010). 1929: Columba Domდ­nguez, Mexican actress (d. 2014). 1929: Bernard Haitink, Dutch conductor and musician. 1929: Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny, Spanish composer. 1930: Federico Garcდ­a Moliner, Spanish physicist and researcher. 1932: Ryszard Kapuვ›ciვ„ski, Polish writer and journalist (d. 2007). 1932: Miriam Makeba, South African singer and activist (d. 2008). 1933: Joaquდ­n Garrigues Walker, Spanish businessman and politician (d. 1980). 1934: Barbara McNair, American actress and singer (d. 2007). 1935: Bent Larsen, Danish chess player (d. 2010). 1936: Jim Clark, British Formula 1 driver (d. 1968). 1937: Josდ© Araquistდ¡in, Spanish footballer (f.). 1937: Barney Wilen, jazz musician and French saxophonist (f. 1996). 1941: Adrian Lyne, British filmmaker. 1943: Lucio Dalla, Italian singer-songwriter (d. 2012). 1944: Bobby Womack, American singer and musician (d. 2014). 1946: Paloma Cela, Spanish actress. 1947: Jan Garbarek, Norwegian saxophonist. 1948: James Ellroy, American writer. 1948: Chris Squire, British bassist and vocalist, of the band Yes (d. 2015). 1949: Francisco Ruiz Miguel, Spanish bullfighter. 1949: Sergei Bagapsh, President of Abkhazia (d. 2011). 1950: Ofelia Medina, Mexican actress. 1950: Rick Perry, American politician. 1951: Kenny Dalglish, Scottish footballer. 1951: Chris Rea, British singer and songwriter. 1952: Umberto Tozzi, Italian singer. 1953: Emilio Estefan, Cuban musician. 1953: Scott Hicks, Ugandan filmmaker. 1953: Paweვ‚ Janas, Polish football coach. 1954: Franდ§ois Fillon, French politician. 1954: Catherine O'Hara, Canadian actress. 1958: Patricia Heaton, American actress. 1960: Eduardo Fraile, Spanish poet and editor. 1960: Nancy Herrera, model, film actress and ex-partner of Argentine comedian Alberto Olmedo. 1962: Simon Bisley, British cartoonist. 1962: Miriam Dდ­az Aroca, Spanish actress. 1962: Fri? Rik Erlingsson, Icelandic musician and writer. 1962: Santiago Rubio, Spanish guitarist, of the band დ?ngeles del Infierno. 1963: Jason Newsted, American bassist, of the band Metallica. 1963: Daniel Roebuck, American actor. 1964: Mariano Dalla Libera, Argentine footballer. 1964: Paolo Virzi, Italian scriptwriter and director. 1965: Hernდ¡n Cattaneo, Argentine DJ and music producer. 1965: Pepa Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish journalist. 1965: Khaled Hosseini, Afghan-American novelist. 1966: Grand Puba, American rapper. 1966: Kevin Johnson, American basketball player. 1967: Evan Dando, American musician, of the band The Lemonheads. 1968: Jorge Celedდ³n, Colombian singer and composer. 1968: Summer Cummings, American porn actress. 1968: Julia Solomonoff, Argentine film director, screenwriter and actress. 1969: Chastity Bono, American actress and activist. 1970: დ?lex Crivillდ©, Spanish motorcycle racer. 1971: Satoshi Motoyama, Japanese motor racing driver. 1972: Ivy Queen, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter. 1972: Jorge Rojas, Argentine singer. 1972: Jos Verstappen, Dutch Formula 1 driver. 1972: Nocturno Culto, Norwegian black metal musician, of the band Darkthrone. 1973: Josდ© Marდ­a Listorti, Argentine actor, comedian and television host. 1973: Berta Cდ¡ceres, Honduran indigenous leader and environmental activist (f. 2016). 1974: ICS Vortex, Norwegian vocalist, of the band Arcturus. 1974: Karol Kuე?era, Slovak tennis player. 1974: Ariel Ortega, Argentine soccer player. 1975: Patrick Femerling, German basketball player. 1976: Sabrina Sabrok, model and Argentine television presenter. 1977: Migue Garcდ­a, Argentine singer-songwriter, son of Charly Garcდ­a. 1977: Ana Gabriela Guevara, Mexican athlete. 1978: Betty Monroe, actress, presenter and Mexican model. 1979: Ariel Carreno, Argentine soccer player. 1980: Omar Bravo, Mexican soccer player. 1982: Mariano Altuna, Argentine motor racing driver. 1982: Landon Donovan, American footballer. 1983: Julieta Zylberberg, Argentine actress. 1984: Tomდ¡s de las Heras, Argentine actor, screenwriter and director. 1984: Zak Whitbread, American footballer. 1985: Whitney Port, American designer, presenter and model. 1986: Tom de Mul, Belgian footballer. 1987: Elmar Bjarnason, Icelandic footballer. 1990: Andrea Bowen, American actress and singer. 1992: Erik Lamela, Argentine soccer player.