march 9 zodiac

    People born on March 9 are dreamy and sensual - they enjoy nature and animals.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on March 9

    They are very intelligent and inquisitive people, endowed with a critical intellect, which allows them to achieve a good position in the service, be it state or military. They express excellent practical skills, especially in the area of social work, and show a lot of inherent enthusiasm, which enables them to achieve good results as political leaders or agitators. They are pretty careless people when it comes to money and they often make serious mistakes about it. It cannot be said that they are not trusting, but sometimes their magnanimity and generosity go too far. His soul is torn by strong passions. They easily give in to anger. What should they watch out for? Do not make your argumentative nature cause your environment to turn against you, which sometimes creates turbulence in your lives. That's the way internal disharmony could turn against you. That could threaten them. Beware, above all, of painful disappointments and emotional experiences. Also, they may be in danger from sharp weapons, so they should not be exposed to these. A woman born on this day is attached to her home and likes to beautify it. He has a significant artistic sensibility and a great musical ear. He is interested in poetry and everything romantic. Her movements are full of grace, which is especially visible when she dances. They are benevolent people who voluntarily help individuals who suffer and fall. They usually have several children, and sometimes enter into two longer marriages or relationships.
    In their practical life, they can achieve excellent results in connection with sanatoriums, hospitals, facilities isolated from the company of others such as monasteries, etc., as well as in connection with art, photography, perfumes, pharmacy items and everything. related to water and fluids. Her eyes are dreamy and her hair is soft and lush. In their youth, these people may be subject to suffering, but later they become healthier and manage to make a career. It should be added that they get bigger and bigger with age. The marriage of a person born on this day is usually successful and happy.

    Zodiac sign for those born on March 9

    If your birthday is March 9, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    March 9 - personality and character

    character:  careful, caring, searching, severe, grumpy, grumpy; profession:  watchmaker, chimney sweep, firefighter; colors:  white, purple, pink; stone:  ruby; animal:  eagle; plant:  Watercress; lucky numbers:  5,9,37,40,51,53 super lucky number:  9

    Holidays and observances - March 9

    • Spain: Fuenlabrada, Community of Madrid: Santa Juana Day (Tortilla Day).

    March 9 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Howard H. Aiken, American engineer. 1900: Otto Maria Carpeaux, Austrian essayist, literary critic and journalist, Brazilian nationalized (f. 1978). 1900: Tomislav II, Croatian Duke. 1902: Luis Barragდ¡n, Mexican architect. 1904: AHM Jones, British historian (d. 1970). 1906: David Smith, American sculptor. 1907: Mircea Eliade, Romanian philosopher and novelist. 1910: Samuel Barber, American composer. 1910: Josდ© Ignacio Palma, Chilean politician (d. 1988). 1918: Mickey Spillane, American writer (d. 2006). 1923: Walter Kohn, Austrian scientist, nationalized American, Nobel Prize winner for chemistry in 1998. 1927: Jaime de Arminდ¡n, Spanish writer and filmmaker. 1928: Antonio Molina, Spanish flamenco actor and artist. 1929: Desmond Hoyte, Guyanese Prime Minister between 1984 and 1985, and Guyanese President between 1985 and 1992. 1929: Zillur Rahman, Bangladeshi President (d. 2013). 1929: Rubდ©n Yდ¡nez, Uruguayan actor, theater director and teacher (d. 2015). 1930: Ornette Coleman, American musician. 1931: Leდ³n Febres-Cordero Ribadeneyra, Ecuadorian president between 1984 and 1988 (f. 2008). 1933: Josefina Bilbao, Chilean politician. 1934: Raდºl Calvino, Argentine announcer (d. 2001). 1934: Yuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut. 1935: Andrew Viterbi, American electronic engineer and businessman. 1937: Bernard Landry, Quდ©bec politician. 1937 - Brian Redman, British motor racing driver. 1940: Raდºl Juliდ¡, Puerto Rican actor. 1941: Manuel Galiana, Spanish actor. 1941: Antonio Gasalla, Argentine comic actor. 1942: John Cale, British musician, of the band The Velvet Underground. 1943: Bobby Fischer, American chess player (d. 2008). 1944: Jimmy Salcedo, Colombian singer, humorist and television presenter (d. 1992). 1944: Polo Polo, Mexican comedian. 1945: Katja Ebstein, German singer. 1945: Robin Trower, British guitarist, of the band Procol Harum. 1945: Dennis Rader, American serial killer. 1948: Emma Bonino, Italian politician. 1949: Isabel Tocino, Spanish politician. 1950 - Danny Sullivan, American racing driver. 1952: Uliana Semenova, Latvian basketball player. 1954: Bobby Sands, British politician and activist. 1955: Teo Fabi, Italian Formula 1 driver. 1955: Ornella Muti, Italian actress. 1956: Arturo Brizio, former Mexican referee 1957: Mark Mancina, American composer. 1957: Mona Sahlin, Swedish politician. 1957: Marco Munoz, Mexican actor. 1960: Linda Fiorentino, American actress. 1960: Zelimir Obradovic, Serbian basketball coach. 1964: Juliette Binoche, French actress. 1965: Elდ­as Antonio Saca, Salvadoran politician. 1967: Harry Geithner, Colombian actor and businessman. 1967: Aura Cristina Geithner, Colombian actress and model. 1968: Youri Djorkaeff, French footballer. 1969: India, Puerto Rican singer. 1969: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, American basketball player. 1970: Martin Johnson, former British rugby player. 1970: Shannon Leto, American drummer, of the band 30 Seconds to Mars. 1971: Diego Torres, Argentine singer. 1971: Johan Edlund, Swedish musician, of the band Tiamat. 1972: Kerr Smith, American actor. 1972: Nacho Huett, Venezuelan television actor ?. 1973: Uribe DJ, Colombian radio personality. 1974: Ismael Serrano, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1974: Sophie Schდ¼tt, German actress. 1975: Roy Makaay, Dutch footballer. 1975: Elena Jimდ©nez, Spanish writer, expert in reading comprehension. 1975: Juan Sebastiდ¡n Verდ³n, Argentine footballer. 1976: Francisco Mancebo, Spanish cyclist. 1976: Noriaki Sugiyama, Japanese voice actor 1978: Lucas Neill, Australian footballer. 1978: Chema Ruiz, Spanish bassist (El Canto del Loco). 1979: Melina Pდ©rez, American professional wrestler. 1979: Oscar Isaac, Guatemalan actor. 1980: Chingy, American rapper. 1980: Matthew Gray Gubler, American actor, director and model. 1983: Clint Dempsey, American footballer. 1983: Maite Perroni, Mexican actress and singer. 1983: Wayne Simien, American basketball player. 1984: Abdoulay Konko, French footballer. 1985: Pastor Maldonado, Venezuelan motor racing driver. 1986: Brittany Snow, American actress. 1987: Bow Wow, American actor and rapper. 1989: Taeyeon, South Korean singer of the group Girls' Generation. 1989: Klariza Clayton, British actress. 1990: Daley Blind, Dutch footballer. 1992: Marდ­a Eugenia Suდ¡rez, Argentine actress, singer and model. 1993: Zakaria Labyad, Dutch footballer. 1993: SUGA, South Korean rapper of the group BTS 1995: დ?ngel Correa. Argentinean soccer player