may 12 zodiac

    People born on May 12 should be careful with sensuality.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 12

    They are people with a friendly, quite peaceful and obedient demeanor. Emotional, sensitive: they show stability in their attachments. They have the ability to adapt to life situations. They can achieve significant benefits through relationships with others. True friends will help you especially. They can work out their lives in a harmonious way. They are really interested in singing and music. Thanks to these passions, they even become artists, painters, or writers. They show great dexterity in manual work, which allows them to obtain excellent results in the applied arts. They can also be excellent surgeons. Your efforts and hard work will eventually be crowned with success. They have a vital energy in excess, and they have it in sports, love or work. A hobby that can hurt them is gastronomic, because it could cause liver or kidney ailments. Also, they often show a tendency to gain weight. Individuals born at dawn are healthier and more resilient. Flaws: The undeveloped type quickly erupts in anger. He is capricious, controlled by his passions. Although lazy, he is capable of clowning around. Imperious, overly critical.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 12

    If your birthday is on May 12, your zodiac sign is  Taurus

    May 12 - personality and character

    character:  impeccable, kind, diligent, unpredictable, aggressive, hostile; profession:  sociologist, nurse, poet; colors:  purple, brown, white; stone:  lapis lazuli; animal:  snail; plant:  nasturtium; lucky numbers:  10,15,23,26,39,54 super lucky number:  3

    Holidays and observances - May 12

    • International Fibromyalgia Day.
    • International Nursing Day.
    • International Day of the Denomination of Origin wine movement.

    May 12 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Pedro Puig Adam, Spanish mathematician (f. 1960). 1900: Helene Weigel, German actress (d. 1971). 1907: Katharine Hepburn, American actress (d. 2003). 1910: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, British chemist, 1964 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry (d. 1994). 1910: Johan Ferrier, Surinamese president (d. 2010). 1910: Giulietta Simionato, Italian soprano (d. 2010). 1913: Jamelao, Brazilian samba player (f. 2008). 1914: Bertus Aafjes, Dutch writer (d. 1993). 1918: Julius Rosenberg, American spy (d. 1953). 1918: Mary Kay Ash, founder of the cosmetics company Mary Kay Cosmetics (d. 2001). 1920: Vilდ©m Flusser, Czech writer (d. 1991). 1921: Joseph Beuys, German artist (d. 1986). 1922: Marco Denevi, Argentine writer (f. 1998). 1924: Claribel Alegrდ­a, Nicaraguan writer. 1925: Yogi Berra, American baseball player. 1926: Luis Molowny, Spanish footballer and coach (d. 2010). 1928: Burt Bacharach, American composer. 1929: Sam Nujoma, Namibian politician. 1929: დ?gnes Heller, Hungarian philosopher. 1930: Jesდºs Franco, Spanish filmmaker (d. 2013). 1930: Tirofijo (Manuel Marulanda Vდ©lez), Colombian guerrilla, commander of the FARC (d. 2008). 1935: Felipe Alou, Dominican baseball player. 1936: Guillermo Endara Galimany, Panamanian politician and lawyer, president between 1989 and 1994. 1936: Frank Stella, American painter. 1937: George Carlin, American comedian (d. 2008). 1942: Michel Fugain, French singer. 1945: Alan Ball, British footballer. 1945: Claudia Gravy, Spanish actress born in Zaire. 1948: Guillermo Pდ©rez Villalta, Spanish painter. 1948: Richard Riehle, American actor. 1948: Steve Winwood, British musician, of the band Traffic. 1950: Gabriel Byrne, Irish actor. 1958: Eric Singer, American musician, of the bands Kiss and Alice Cooper. 1959: Ving Rhames, American actor. 1962: Emilio Estდ©vez, American actor. 1962: Brett Gurewitz, American guitarist. 1962: Einar Arnaldur Melax, Icelandic musician and composer, of the band The Elgar Sisters. 1963: Stefano Modena, Italian Formula 1 driver. 1963: Gavin Hood, South African filmmaker. 1963: Beatriz Valdდ©s, Cuban-Venezuelan theater, film and television actress. 1966: Stephen Baldwin, American actor. 1966: Bebel Gilberto, Brazilian singer. 1966: Deborah Kara Unger, Canadian actress. 1967: Paul D'Amour, American bassist, of the band Tool. 1968: Tony Hawk, American skater. 1970: Samantha Mathis, American actress. 1971: Alejandro Irarragorri, Mexican businessman. 1972: Antonio Bosch Conde, Spanish writer. 1972: Yadhira Carrillo, Mexican actress. 1975: Jonah Lomu, New Zealand rugby player. 1978: Sied van Riel, Dutch DJ and producer 1978: Jason Biggs, American actor. 1978: Malin Akerman, Swedish actress, model and singer. 1979: Joaquim Rodrდ­guez, Spanish cyclist. 1980: Keith Bogans, American basketball player. 1980: Silvestre Dangond, Colombian singer-songwriter of Vallenata music. 1980: Paula Woyzechowsky, Venezuelan actress and model. 1980: Alexandra de la Mora, Mexican actress. 1981: Rami Malek, American actor. 1981: Erica Campbell, American model. 1981: Andre Brown, American basketball player. 1983: Alina Kabდ¡yeva, Russian gymnast. 1983: Axel Hervelle, Belgian basketball player. 1983: Domhnall Gleeson, Irish actor. 1984: Justin Williams, American basketball player. 1985: Jaime Gavilდ¡n Martდ­nez, Spanish footballer. 1985: Paolo Goltz, Argentine footballer. 1986: Emily VanCamp, Canadian actress. 1986: Mouhamed Sene, Senegalese basketball player. 1986: Victor Liz, Dominican basketball player. 1988: Marcelo Vieira, Brazilian soccer player. 1991: Joe Dombrowski, American cyclist. 1992: Malcolm David Kelley, American actor. 1995: Luke Benward, American actor.