may 13 zodiac

    People born on May 13 can skillfully reach agreements and compromises.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 13

    They are unusually sensitive people and have a type of behavior that makes it easy for them to be fooled by others. Their self-confidence, conviction of their strength, and inner strength are quite reasonable. However, they express highly conflicting political skills. Full of passion, intentions, projects: they want to fulfill their goals and plans at all costs. The easiest way to overcome your flaws is love. What threatens them: That they can reach a high place, but lose it in an unfortunate accident. They are also in danger of falls. Their exaggerated ambition can also drag them into dangerous situations. How to raise a child born on this day? They have a lot of perseverance and willingly follow the example of others. So their educators should protect them from unnecessary traits. Although they are very stubborn, they can be reached with sympathy and love. People born on this day have an incredible sense of beauty, a love of elegance, and an artistic passion that must be nurtured. More than anything, they have to be indulged in their tendency to anarchy.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 13

    If your birthday is May 13, your zodiac sign is  Taurus

    May 13 - personality and character

    character:  intelligent, calm, apt, playful, evil, double-sided; profession:  dentist, janitor, railwayman; colors:  green, cream, green; stone:  scarlet emerald; animal:  orangutan; plant:  Basil; lucky numbers:  4,5,11,22,41,46 super lucky number:  11

    Holidays and observances - May 13

    • Guatemala: Typographer's Day.
    • Spain: დ?scar (Valladolid): Virgin of the Martyrs, patron saint of the town.
    • Spain: Valladolid: San Pedro Regalado, patron of the city.

    May 13 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Inocencio Burgos, Spanish politician (d. 1988). 1900: Pedro Laxalt, Argentine actor (d. 1965). 1900: Karl Wolff, German SS officer (d. 1984). 1901: Murilo Mendes, Brazilian writer (d. 1975). 1901: Witold Pilecki, Polish military man (d. 1948). 1904: Pepდ­n Bello, Spanish writer (d. 2008). 1904: Betty Compton, American actress (d. 1944). 1904: Gilberto Owen, Mexican writer (d. 1952). 1905: Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Hindu politician and lawyer, 5th President of India (d. 1977). 1906: Hans Krainz, Swiss botanist (d. 1980). 1906: Mauricio Magdaleno, Mexican writer and journalist (d. 1986). 1906: Nils Tycho Norlindh, Swedish botanist (d. 1995). 1907: Daphne du Maurier, British writer (d. 1989). 1907: Emilio Guinea, Spanish botanist (d. 1985). 1908: Carlos Iniesta Cano, Spanish military (d. 1990). 1909: Ken Darby, American conductor and composer (d. 1992). 1909: Jany Holt, French actress (d. 2005). 1911: Kosta Naე‘, Yugoslav military (d. 1986). 1912: Gil Evans, Canadian jazz pianist, arranger and composer (d. 1988). 1912: Edward David Freis, American physician (d. 2005). 1912: Federico Lohse, Chilean painter (d. 1992). 1913: William R. Tolbert, Jr., Liberian politician, 20th President of Liberia (d. 1980). 1914: Antonia Ferrდ­n Moreiras, Galician mathematician and astronomer (d. 2009). 1914: Joe Louis, American boxer (d. 1981). 1914: Carlos Riquelme, Mexican actor (f. 1990). 1915: Bernard Schultze, German painter (d. 2005). 1917: Luis Pasquet, Uruguayan composer, conductor and pianist (f. 2013). 1920: Toni Schneiders, German photographer (d. 2006). 1920: Judith Sulian, Argentine actress (d. 1991). 1920: Stuart Max Walters, British botanist (d. 2005). 1922: Lillian Adams, American actress (d. 2011). 1922: Otl Aicher, German graphic designer and typographer (d. 1991). 1922: Beatrice Arthur, American actress (d. 2009). 1922: Billy Gabor, American basketball player. 1923: Red Garland, American pianist (d. 1984). 1923: Jean Haritschelhar, French writer (d. 2013). 1923: Wenceslao Lდ³pez Martდ­n del Campo, Mexican researcher and professor (d. 1981). 1924: Robert Bailey Drummond, South African botanist and naturalist (d. 2009). 1924: Giovanni Sartori, researcher in the field of Italian Political Science. 1924: Harry Schwarz, South African lawyer and politician (d. 2010). 1925: Sergio Castillo Mandiola, Chilean sculptor (d. 2010). 1926: Wallace Breem, British writer. 1926: Dewey Phillips, American disc jockey (d. 1968). 1926: Jo Roos, South African artist (d. 2010). 1927: Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce, Argentine literary critic (d. 2009). 1927: Herbert Ross, American filmmaker (d. 2001). 1928: Enrique Bolanos, Nicaraguan president between 2002 and 2007. 1928: დ‰douard Molinaro, French actor and filmmaker (d. 2013). 1928: Washington Ortuno, Uruguayan soccer player. 1929: Rigoberto Lდ³pez Pდ©rez, Nicaraguan poet (d. 1956). 1929: Juan Munoz Martდ­n, Spanish writer. 1930: Josდ© Jimდ©nez Lozano, Spanish writer and journalist. 1930: Emilio Laguna, Spanish actor. 1931: Miguel Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish poet (f. 1993). 1931: Jim Jones, American religious (d. 1978). 1931: Gდ©rard Mulliez, French businessman. 1931: Oscar Cantuarias, Peruvian Archbishop. (f. 2011). 1932: Riverito, Argentine television host. 1935: Waldemar De Gregori, Brazilian sociologist. 1935: Burny Mattinson, American animator, screenwriter and director. 1935: Jan Saudek, Czech artist. 1935: Andrდ© Georges Marie Walter Albert Robyns, Belgian botanist (d. 2003). 1935: David Wilkinson, American cosmologist (d. 2002). 1937: Trevor Baylis, British inventor. 1937: Josდ© Agustდ­n Ortiz Pinchetti, Mexican politician. 1937: Beverley Owen, American actress. 1937: Roger Zelazny, American writer (d. 1995). 1938: Giuliano Amato, Italian politician. 1938: Roberto Carnaghi, Argentine actor. 1938: Francine Pascal, American writer. 1939: Saby Kamalich, Peruvian actress. 1939: Harvey Keitel, American actor. 1940: Bruce Chatwin, British novelist (d. 1989). 1940: Enrique Escudero de Castro, Spanish politician (f. 2001). 1941: Senta Berger, Austrian actress and writer. 1941: Jean Froc, French biologist (d. 2009). 1941: Pedro Sabando, Spanish politician. 1941: Ritchie Valens, American singer (d. 1959). 1941: John Vermeulen, Belgian writer (d. 2009). 1942: Pდ¡l Schmitt, Hungarian politician. 1943: Kurt Trampedach Danish painter (d. 2013). 1944: Armistead Maupin, American author. 1945: Sam Anderson, American actor. 1945: Lasse Berghagen, Swedish singer and guitarist. 1945: Eduardo Pდ­o de Braganza, Portuguese suitor. 1945: Maneco Galeano, Paraguayan musician (d. 1980). 1945: Lou Marini, American saxophonist. 1945: Adriდ¡n Ramos, Mexican actor (f. 1999). 1945: Philippe Roussel, American computer engineer. 1946: Ismail Haron, Thai singer (d. 2012). 1946: Marv Wolfman, American cartoonist. 1947: Marisa Abad, Spanish presenter. 1947: Marდ­a Badდ­a, Spanish politician. 1947: Charles Baxter, American writer. 1947: დ“scar "Cuervo" Castro, Chilean film and theater actor. 1947: Stephen R. Donaldson, American writer. 1948: Pepe Cibriდ¡n Campoy, Argentine actor, theater director and playwright. 1948: Carlos Dდ¡vila, Spanish journalist. 1948: Dean Meminger, American basketball player and coach (d. 2013). 1950: Conrado Domდ­nguez, Mexican painter. 1950: Joe Johnston, American filmmaker. 1950: Faisal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud, Saudi politician. 1950: Ferran Ranდ©, Spanish actor. 1950: Stevie Wonder, American musician. 1951: Miguel დ?ngel Uzquiza Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish politician and educator. 1951: Jorge Trezeguet, French-Argentine footballer. 1952: John Kasich, American politician. 1952: Luis Oruezდ¡bal, Argentine soccer player. 1952: Jorge Luis Siviero, Argentine footballer and coach. 1953: Kiti Mდ¡nver, Spanish actress. 1954: Alejandro Encinas, Mexican politician. 1954: Jorge Garcდ©s, Chilean footballer. 1954: Eugenio Leal, Spanish footballer. 1954: Johnny Logan, Irish singer and songwriter of Australian origin. 1954: Renდ© Stockman, Belgian religious. 1955: Pedro Alba, Spanish footballer. 1955: Marდ­a Cecilia Botero, Colombian actress. 1955: Ermy Kullit, Indonesian singer. 1956: Oscar Roberto Domდ­nguez Couttolenc, Mexican priest. 1956: Josდ© Damiდ¡n Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish journalist. 1956: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Indian Hindu religious. 1956: Roberto დ?lvarez, Spanish actor. 1956: Vjekoslav Bevanda, Bosnian-Croat politician. 1956: Michael Jacklin, Dutch sculptor. 1956: Fred Melamed, American actor. 1957: Alan Ball, American screenwriter and filmmaker. 1957: Kenneth Eriksson, Swedish rally driver. 1957: Inmaculada Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish politician. 1957: Claudie Haignerდ©, French scientist, astronaut and politician. 1957: Andrea Klump, German terrorist. 1957: Miguel Sebastiდ¡n, Spanish politician and economist. 1957: Koji Suzuki, Japanese writer. 1957: Stefano Tacconi, Italian footballer. 1958: Tshala Muana, Congolese singer and dancer. 1958: Juan დ?ngel Napout, Paraguayan businessman and sports leader. 1958: Willie Gonzდ¡lez, Puerto Rican singer. 1959: Morten Sather, Norwegian cyclist. 1960: Alberto Mდ¡rcico, Argentine soccer player. 1960: Teresa Palacios Criado, Spanish judge. 1961: Siobhan Fallon Hogan, American actress. 1961: Nდ©stor Montalbano, Argentine filmmaker. 1961: Dennis Rodman, American basketball player. 1961: Yutaka Sado, Japanese conductor and composer. 1961: Guido Sდ¼ller, Argentine television personality, actor and architect. 1962: Roxana Baldetti, Guatemalan politician and vice president. 1962: Jesდºs Casillas Romero, Mexican politician. 1962: Eduardo Palomo, Mexican actor (f. 2003). 1963: Fernando Carrillo Flდ³rez, Colombian lawyer and diplomat. 1963: Alison Goldfrapp, British singer. 1963: Wally Masur, Australian tennis player. 1964: Stephen Colbert, American actor. 1964: Ronnie Coleman, American bodybuilder. 1964: Chris Maitland, British drummer, of the band Porcupine Tree. 1964: Jordi Sდ¡nchez Zaragoza, Spanish actor, writer, screenwriter and producer. 1964: Tom Verica, American actor and filmmaker. 1965: Josდ© Antonio Delgado Sucre, Venezuelan mountaineer (d. 2006). 1965: Chris Washburn, American basketball player. 1966: Alison Goldfrapp, singer and British musician, of the band Goldfrapp. 1967: Beto Ayala, Paraguayan actor. 1967: Chuck Schuldiner, American musician, of the band Death (f. 2001). 1967: Melanie Thornton, German-American singer, of the band La Bouche (d. 2001). 1968: Miguel დ?ngel Blanco, Spanish politician (f. 1997). 1969: Nikos Aliagas, French journalist of Greek origin. 1969: Buckethead, American musician. 1969: დ“scar Cervantes, Spanish basketball player. 1970: Ana Otero, Spanish actress. 1970: Fernando Vergara, Chilean soccer player and coach. 1971: Gia Jordan, American porn actress. 1971: Espen Lind, Norwegian singer and guitarist, of the band Espionage. 1971: Fana Mokoena, South African actor. 1972: Pablo Garcდ­a Casado, Spanish poet. 1972: Marდ­a Josდ© Molina, Spanish journalist. 1972: Giovanni Tedesco, Italian footballer. 1974: Leonel Roberto Carrillo, Mexican politician (f. 2008). 1974: Giulio Falcone, Italian footballer. 1974: Humberto Garcდ­a Ramდ­rez, Paraguayan soccer player. 1974: Brian Geraghty, American actor. 1974: Amarilis Savდ³n, Cuban judoka. 1975: Itatდ­ Cantoral, Mexican actress. 1975: Chris Crawford, American basketball player. 1975: Brian Geraghty, American actor. 1975: Andrდ©s Palacios, Chilean actor. 1975: Josდ© Paulo Sousa da Silva, Portuguese soccer player. 1975: Evelin Samuel, Estonian singer. 1976: Mark Delaney, British footballer. 1976: Marko Krivokapiე‡, Serbian handball player. 1976: Trajan Langdon, American basketball player. 1976: Ivდ¡n Lდ³pez, Colombian footballer. 1976: Antonio Ugalde, Spanish handball player. 1977: Josდ© Antonio Moreno, Spanish actor and presenter. 1977: Samantha Morton, British actress. 1977: Tarik Sektioui, Moroccan footballer. 1977: Barry Westhead, British pianist, of the band Starsailor. 1978: Mike Bibby, American basketball player. 1979: Carlos Felipe, Swedish prince. 1979: Mickey Madden, American bassist, of the Maroon 5 band. 1979: დ?lvaro Alejandro Mello, Uruguayan soccer player. 1979: Vyacheslav Shevchuk, Ukrainian footballer. 1980: Mau Marcelo, Filipino singer. 1980: დ“scar Passo, Colombian footballer. 1981: Sunny Leone, Canadian model. 1981: Matდ­as Lequi, Argentine soccer player. 1981: Rebecka Liljeberg, Swedish actress. 1981: David Lდ³pez, Spanish cyclist. 1981: James Yun, American professional wrestler. 1982: Albert Crusat, Spanish footballer. 1982: Oguchi Onyewu, American footballer. 1982: Maarten Wynants, Belgian cyclist. 1983: Natalie Cassidy, British actress. 1983: Johnny Hoogerland, Dutch cyclist. 1983: Jowi Campobassi, Argentine journalist and host. 1983: Grდ©gory Lemarchal, French singer. 1983: Jდ¡nos Szდ©kely, Romanian footballer. 1983: Yaya Tourდ©, ivory footballer. 1984: Benny Dayal, Indian singer. 1984: Raდºl Gorostegui, Argentine footballer. 1985, Javier დ?ngel Balboa, Spanish soccer player. 1985: Carolina Lujდ¡n, Argentine chess player. 1985: Carlos Matheu, Argentine footballer. 1985: Franco Miranda, Argentine footballer. 1985: Iwan Rheon, British actor and singer. 1985: Arturo Villasanti, Paraguayan soccer player. 1986: Hugo Becker, French actor. 1986: Lena Dunham, American actress and director. 1986: Robert Flores, Uruguayan soccer player. 1986: Robert Pattinson, British actor. 1986: Alexander Rybak, Belarusian composer and singer. 1986: Scott Sutter, British footballer. 1987: Candice Accola, singer and American actress. 1987: Antonio Adდ¡n, Spanish footballer. 1987: Sandro Mareco, Argentine chess player. 1987: Hunter Parrish, American actor. 1987: Carrie Prejean, American model. 1987: Marianne Vos, Dutch cyclist. 1987: Charlotte Wessels, Dutch vocalist and composer, of the group Delain. 1988: Vladimir Daვ¡iე‡, Serbian basketball player. 1988: Said Husejinoviე‡, Bosnian cyclist. 1990: Hiromi Yamakawa, Japanese actress. 1991: Francis Coquelin, French footballer. 1991: Joe Mason, Irish footballer. 1991: Flavio Scarone, Uruguayan soccer player. 1991: Sandra Dდ­az, Venezuelan actress and model 1991: Francisco Lachowski, Brazilian model 1992: Thievy Bifouma, Congolese soccer player. 1992: Willson Contreras, Venezuelan baseball player. 1993: Jack Harries, British actor, comedian and blogger. 1993: Romelu Lukaku, Belgian footballer. 1993: Debby Ryan, American actress. 1995: Alfonso Tamay, Mexican soccer player.