may 14 zodiac

    People born on May 14 can mismanage their skills.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 14

    His personality shows quite contrasting features. Although they are patient, calm and well-behaved workers, they can also be ruthless and selfish people. They try to live up to the requirements set by others, but they often mislead their abilities. One flaw associated with this birthday is that it has a rather tough personality. What threatens them: They are too gullible with people, and they lose their confidence in themselves. Therefore, they will be abused. What should they aspire to? More than anything, to take control of your sensuality, and they should, especially, contain your imagination. When they overcome their passions, they become righteous, faithful, and capable of great feats. At this point, they express an unusual mental condition, follow the spirit of the moment, and use new discoveries and inventions in social life. They can also achieve unusual talent. They shouldn't forget about the biggest of them. These people also tend to be very susceptible.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 14

    If your birthday is May 14, your zodiac sign is  Taurus

    May 14 - personality and character

    character:  passionate, impeccable, dedicated, nervous, cowardly, inquisitive; profession:  accountant, lawyer, sociologist; colors:  white, cream, scarlet; stone:  emerald; animal:  antelope; plant:  star jasmine; lucky numbers:  1,6,12,30,55,56 super lucky number:  6

    Holidays and observances - May 14

    • Chile Chilean Engineering Day. - Engineer's Day
    • Paraguay: Flag Day (date of its independence).
    • Continental Insurance Day.
    • Petrel (Alicante, Spain): celebration of the day of its patron, San Bonifacio Mდ¡rtir.
    • Israel: Independence Day.
    • Perena de la Ribera (Spain): pilgrimage of the Virgen del Castillo.
    • Egyptian mythology: Day of Isis (goddess of female fertility), when the meeting of the goddess with the mortal remains of her beloved Osiris (god of male fertility) was commemorated.
    • Argentina: Argentine Footballer's Day

    May 14 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Hal Borland, American writer (d. 1978). 1900: Leo Smit, Dutch composer (d. 1943). 1900: Mario Soffici, Argentine filmmaker (d. 1977). 1900: Edgar Wind, Anglo-German historian (d. 1971). 1901: Robert Ritter, German psychologist (d. 1951). 1903: Billie Dove, American actress of silent film (d. 1997). 1904: Hans Albert Einstein, American professor, son of Albert Einstein (d. 1973). 1905: Antonio Berni, Argentine painter (d. 1981). 1905: Jean Daniდ©lou, French religious (d. 1974). 1905: Herbert Morrison, American radio journalist (d. 1989). 1907: Ayub Khan, Pakistani president (d. 1974). 1907: Vicente Enrique y Tarancდ³n, Spanish cardinal and archbishop (f. 1994). 1908: Betty Jeffrey, Australian nurse (d. 2000). 1913: Konstantinos Apostolos Doxiadis, Greek architect (d. 1975). 1915: Cდ©sar Rengifo, Venezuelan realist painter (d. 1980). 1916: Marco Zanuso, Italian architect (d. 2001). 1917: Lou Harrison, American composer (f. 2003). 1918: Marie Smith, last speaker of the Eyak language (d. 2008). 1921: Richard Deacon, American actor (d. 1984). 1922: Franjo Tuე‘man, Croatian president (d. 1999). 1924: Joly Braga Santos, Portuguese conductor and composer (d. 1988). 1925: Tristram Cary, British composer (d. 2008). 1925: Oona O'Neill, wife of Charlie Chaplin (d. 1991). 1925: Graciela Romero, Chilean writer and social worker (d. 2011). 1925: Ana Raquel Satre, Uruguayan soprano (d. 2014). 1926: Eric Morecambe, American comedian and actor (d. 1984). 1927: Herbert W. Franke, German science fiction writer. 1928: Ernesto Che Guevara, Argentine-Cuban politician and guerrilla (f. 1967). 3? 1929: Henry McGee, British actor (d. 2006). 1930: Juan Carlos Saravia, Argentine folk singer-songwriter, of the group Los Chalchaleros. 1932: Mario Bichდ³n, Chilean politician (f. 2013). 1932: Richard Estes, American painter. 1932: Felipe Osterling Parodi, Peruvian writer and politician. 1933: Siდ¢n Phillips, British actress. 1934: Campo Elდ­as Delgado, Colombian assassin, Vietnam veteran (d. 1986). 1935: Roque Dalton, poet and Salvadoran guerrilla. 1936: Bobby Darin, American pop singer and musician (d. 1973). 1937: Gდ¶ran Tunstrდ¶m, Swedish writer (d. 2000). 1940: Herbert Jones, British serviceman (d. 1982). 1941: Lito Cruz, Argentine actor and director. 1942: Valeriy Brumel, Russian athlete (d. 2003). 1942: Tony Pდ©rez, Cuban baseball player. 1943: Jack Bruce, British musician, of the band Cream (d. 2014). 1943: Tania Leდ³n, Cuban conductor, pianist and composer. 1943: Antonio Pდ©rez de la Cruz Blanco, Spanish lawyer and jurist. 1943: დ“lafur Ragnar Grდ­msson, Icelandic president. 1943: Josდ© Manuel Urtain, Spanish boxer. 1944: Tamara Dobson, American actress and model (f. 2006). 1944: George Lucas, American producer and filmmaker. 1944: Mario Moreno, Peruvian cartoonist (d. 2009). 1945: Francesca Annis, British actress. 1945: Vladislav Ardzinba, politician and first Abkhaz president (d. 2010). 1945: Yochanan Vollach, Israeli footballer. 1947: Gonzalo Rodrდ­guez Gacha, Colombian drug trafficker. 1949: Klaus-Peter Thaler, German cyclist. 1950: Adolfo Domდ­nguez, Spanish fashion designer. 1950: Marდ­a Fiorentino, Argentine actress and writer. 1950: Miguel დ?ngel Solდ¡, Argentine actor. 1951: Robert Zemeckis, American filmmaker. 1952: David Byrne, British musician, of the band Talking Heads. 1952: Scott Irwin, American wrestler (d. 1987). 1952: Horacio Ranieri, Argentine actor (d. 2000). 1952: Mohamed Abdul Quasim al-Zwai, Libyan politician. 1953: Wim Mertens, Belgian composer. 1953: Norodom Sihamonდ­, Cambodian king. 1954: Dolores Yoyes Gonzდ¡lez Catarain, Spanish guerrilla, leader of the terrorist group ETA (f. 1986). 1955: Dennis Martდ­nez, Nicaraguan baseball player. 1955: Alasdair Fraser, British musician, of the band Skyedance. 1955: Dennis Martდ­nez, Nicaraguan baseball player. 1957: Fernando Iglesias, Argentine politician and journalist. 1957: Marino Lejarreta, Spanish cyclist. 1957: Dorდ¡ngel Vargas, Venezuelan assassin. 1957: Big Van Vader, American wrestler and actor. 1957: Leon White, American professional wrestler. 1958: Rudy Pდ©rez, Cuban-American musician and producer. 1959: Patrick Bruel, French actor and musician. 1959: Robert Greene, American writer. 1960: Floreal Avellaneda, Argentine communist student, tortured and murdered at the age of 15 by the Videla dictatorship (d. 1976). 1961: Tim Roth, British actor. 1962: Ferran Adria, Spanish cook. 1962: Javier Caumont, Argentine bolero singer. 1962: CC DeVille, American guitarist, of the band Poison. 1962: Danny Huston, American actor and filmmaker. 1963: Kiara (singer), Venezuelan singer, actress and lawyer. 1965: Eoin Colfer, Irish writer. 1965: Blanca Oteyza, Spanish actress. 1966: Damiდ¡n Dreizik, Argentine actor, theater director and screenwriter. 1966: Mike Inez, American bassist of the band Alice in Chains. 1966: Fabrice Morvan, French singer, of the duo Milli Vanilli. 1966: Jorge Schubert, Argentine actor and writer. 1969: Cate Blanchett, British actress of Australian origin. 1969: Danny Wood, American singer, of the band New Kids on the Block. 1970: Mikel Zarrabeitia, Basque cyclist. 1971: Sofდ­a Coppola, American actress and filmmaker. 1971: Alejandra Herrera, Chilean actress. 1971: Martin Reim, Estonian footballer. 1971: Mდ³nica Arriola Gordillo, Mexican politician (f. 2016). 1973: Shanice, American musician. 1973: Voshon Lenard, American basketball player. 1975: Salim Iles, Algerian swimmer. 1975: Nicki Sorensen, Danish cyclist. 1976: Hunter Burgan, American bassist for AFI. 1976: Martine McCutcheon, British actress and singer. 1977: Roy Halladay, American baseball player. 1977: Ada Nicodemou, Australian-Cypriot actress. 1977: Adriდ¡n Delgado, Venezuelan theater, film and television actor.? 1978: Eddie House, American basketball player. 1978: Andrდ© Makanga, Angolan footballer. 1978: Gustavo Varela, Uruguayan soccer player. 1979: Mickaდ«l Landreau, French footballer. 1979: Dan Auerbach, American musician of The Black Keys. 1979: Edwige Lawson-Wade, French basketball player. 1979: Merce Llorens, Spanish actress. 1979: Clinton Morrison, Irish footballer. 1979: Carlos Tenorio, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1980: Zdenე›k Grygera, Czech footballer. 1980: Pavel Londak, Estonian footballer. 1981: Sarbel, Greek singer of British origin. 1983: Anahდ­, Mexican actress and singer. 1983: Uroვ¡ Slokar, Slovenian basketball player. 1983: Amber Tamblyn, American actress. 1983: Esperanza Gდ³mez, Colombian model. 1984: Olly Murs, British singer. 1984: Michael Rensing, German footballer. 1984: Nigel Reo-Coker, British footballer. 1984: Hassan Yebda, French-Algerian footballer. 1984: Mark Zuckerberg, American businessman, creator of Facebook. 1985: Matthew Cardona, American professional wrestler. 1985: Sally Martin, New Zealand actress. 1985: Zack Ryder, American wrestler. 1986: Alyosha, Ukrainian singer. 1986: Rodolfo Gonzდ¡lez, Venezuelan pilot. 1986: Marco Motta, Italian footballer. 1986: Sarbel, Anglo-Greek singer. 1986: Camila Sodi, actress and Mexican singer. 1987: Adriდ¡n Calello, Argentine soccer player. 1987: Frank Songo'o, Cameroonian footballer. 1987: Franდ§ois Steyn, South African rugby player. 1989: Rob Gronkowski, American football player. 1991: Nathan Darmody, American guitarist, of the band Allstar Weekend. 1991: Andrდ©s Ramiro Escobar, Colombian soccer player. 1991: Klingande, French DJ. 1992: Johay White, Costa Rican soccer player. 1993: Kristina Mladenovic, French tennis player. 1993: Miranda Cosgrove, American actress and singer. 1994: Marquinhos, Brazilian soccer player. 1996: Martin Garrix, Dutch DJ. 1997: Raimundo Rebolledo, Chilean footballer