may 15 zodiac

    People born on May 15 need a careful education in their childhood.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 15

    They are characterized by intuition and a possible poetic ability. They enjoy a lonely life. They are people of a rather strange and unusual character. Although they are often surrounded by others, others consider them strange because they live in their inner world and show little interest in honors and fame. Stable, tenacious, very brave. They show great activity and expansion in life. Somewhat rude in behavior, they strive to isolate themselves from others. They are haughty and proud by nature. Although they are generally fair, they are warriors of character and do not hesitate to use brute force. They strive to guarantee their position in life and skillfully use circumstances and violence. It also often happens that several people become dependent on them. His friends, however, are few. What threatens them: The end of their life can be unfavorable or unpleasant. A child born on this day needs a careful education. When left alone, he can become malicious and a liar. He also wants to take things by force. When left unprotected, he becomes very impertinent and expresses destructive instincts.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 15

    If your birthday is May 15, your zodiac sign is  Taurus

    May 15 - personality and character

    character:  magnanimous, frank, alert, importunate, unbearable, contemptuous; profession:  clerk, lawyer, director; colors:  blue, green, gray; stone:  hematite; animal:  dog; plant:  Sycamore; lucky numbers:  9,22,29,36,55,58 super lucky number:  25

    Holidays and observances - May 15

    • Colombia: Teacher's Day.
    • International Family Day.
    • International Day of Conscientious Objection.
    • Mexico: Teacher's Day.
    • Paraguay: Independence Day.
    • Paraguay: Mother's Day.
    • Madrid (Spain): Saint Isidro Labrador, patron of Madrid.
    • Argentina: Sanitary Worker Day.
    • Chile: Pisco Day.
    • Palestine: Al Nakba (the day of the catastrophe).
    • Kyoto (Japan): Aoi Matsuri.

    May 15 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Luis Monti, Argentine soccer player (d. 1983). 1903: Germaine Dieterlen, French anthropologist and filmmaker (d. 1999). 1903: Marდ­a Reiche, German mathematician and archaeologist (d. 1998). 1905: Joseph Cotten, American actor (d. 1994). 1905: Abraham Zapruder, American businessman (d. 1970). 1907: Aurelio Mirდ³ Quesada Sosa, Peruvian journalist and historian (f. 1998). 1909: James Mason, British actor (d. 1984). 1909: Clara Solovera, Chilean music (f. 1992). 1910: Constance Cummings, British actress (d. 2005). 1911: Max Frisch, Swiss writer (d. 1991). 1911: Herta Oberheuser, Nazi German doctor (d. 1978). 1915: Paul Samuelson, American economist, Nobel laureate in economics in 1970 (d. 2009). 1915: Mario Monicelli, Italian film director and screenwriter (d. 2010). 1918: Eddy Arnold, American singer and actor (d. 2008). 1918: Joseph Wiseman, Canadian actor (d. 2009). 1920: Michel Audiard, French screenwriter and film director (d. 1985). 1920: Carlo Coccioli, Italian writer (d. 2003). 1920: Nasrallah Pedro Sfeir de Reyfoun, Lebanese cardinal. 1923: Richard Avedon, American photographer (d. 2004). 1923: Leocდ¡n Portus, Chilean politician (f. 2006). 1924: Maria Koepcke, German ornithologist, cartoonist, photographer (d. 1971). 1925: Bert Bolin, Swedish meteorologist (d. 2007). 1925: Ernesto Foldats, Venezuelan botanist, biologist, orchidologist (f. 2003). 1925: Horacio Guaranდ­, Argentine musician (d. 2017). 1926: Anthony Shaffer, British playwright and screenwriter (d. 2001). 1926: Peter Shaffer, American screenwriter (d. 2016). 1929: Juanjo Menდ©ndez, Spanish actor (f. 2003). 1930: Jasper Johns, American painter. 1930: Juan Carlos Mesa, Argentine actor and producer (d. 2016). 1936: Anna Maria Alberghetti, Italian actress. 1936: Wavy Gravy, American activist and clown. 1937: Madeleine Albright, American politician. 1937: Trini Lდ³pez, American singer and actor. 1938: Tommy Olivencia, proto-Rican musician (d. 2006). 1940: Lainie Kazan, American actress and singer. 1940: Don Nelson, American basketball player and coach. 1944: Ulrich Beck, German sociologist (d. 2015). 1945: Duarte de Braganza, Portuguese aristocrat. 1948: Brian Eno, British musician. 1948: Kathleen Sebelius, American politician. 1948: Jaume Sorribas, Spanish actor (f. 2008). 1949: Elvira Rodrდ­guez, Spanish economist. 1950: Nicholas Hammond, American actor. 1950: Ana Rossetti, Spanish writer. 1951: Frank Wilczek, American physicist, 2004 Nobel Prize winner in physics. 1952: Chazz Palminteri, American actor and playwright. 1953: George Brett, American baseball player. 1953: Mike Oldfield, British musician. 1953: Joaquდ­n Vial, Chilean economist. 1955: Lee Horsley, American actor. 1955: El Gran Wyoming, Spanish humorist. 1956: Dan Patrick, American commentator. 1957: Kevin Von Erich, American wrestler. 1958: Ron Simmons, American wrestler. 1959: Andrew Eldritch, British musician, of the band The Sisters of Mercy. 1959: Luis Pდ©rez-Sala, Spanish Formula 1 driver. 1960: Leopoldo Barreda, Spanish politician. 1960: Rob Bowman, American film director. 1961: Katrin Cartlidge, British actress (f. 2002). 1961: Melle Mel, American rapper and songwriter, of the band Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. 1964: Digna Ochoa, Mexican politician. 1964: Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Danish politician and prime minister. 1965: Ana Cacopardo, Argentine journalist, television presenter and documentary maker. 1965: Carlos Castano Gil, Colombian paramilitary. 1965: Raდ­, Brazilian soccer player. 1966: Josep Linuesa, Spanish actor. 1967: Madhuri Dixit, Indian actress. 1967: John Smoltz, American baseball player. 1967: Orlando Zapata, Cuban activist (d. 2010). 1968: Cecilia Malmstrდ¶m, Swedish politician. 1968: Seth Putnam, American musician for Anal Cunt, Post Mortem and Siege (d. 2011). 1969: Assala Nasri, Syrian singer. 1969: Emmitt Smith, American football player. 1970: Miguel დ?ngel Benდ­tez, Paraguayan soccer player. 1970: Frank de Boer, Dutch footballer. 1970: Ronald de Boer, Dutch footballer. 1971: Phil Pfister, American strongman. 1972: David Charvet, French actor. 1972: Isidre Esteve, Spanish rally rider. 1973: Rafael Mercadante, actor, presenter, singer, announcer of international character on Mexican television. 1974: Carolina Castillejo, Spanish politician. 1974: Ahmet Zappa, American musician. 1975: Peter Iwers, Swedish musician (In Flames). 1975: Ray Lewis, American football player. 1976: Jacek Krzynდ³wek, Polish footballer. 1976: Ryan Leaf, American football player. 1978: Edu, Brazilian soccer player. 1978: Caroline Dhavernas, Canadian actress. 1978: Kosei Inoue, Japanese judoka. 1978: David Krumholtz, American actor. 1978: Dwayne De Rosario, Canadian footballer. 1978: Krissy Taylor, American model (f. 1995). 1978: Flavia Gleske, Venezuelan actress and model. 1978: Tino Zaballa, Spanish cyclist. 1979: Adolfo Bautista, Mexican soccer player. 1980: Josh Beckett, American baseball player. 1981: Patrice Evra, French-Senegalese footballer. 1981: Justin Morneau, Canadian baseball player. 1981: Zara Phillips, British aristocrat and horseman. 1981: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, British actress and singer. 1982: Alex Breckenridge, American actress. 1982: Bradford Cox, American musician of the band Deerhunter. 1982: Veronica Campbell, Jamaican athlete. 1982: Segundo Alejandro Castillo, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1982: Tatsuya Fujiwara, Japanese actor. 1982: Jessica Sutta, American singer, of the band The Pussycat Dolls. 1984: Sდ©rgio Jimდ©nez, Brazilian motor racing driver. 1986: Matდ­as Fernდ¡ndez, Chilean soccer player. 1987: Kevin Constant, French footballer. 1987: Ersan Ilyasova, Turkish basketball player. 1987: Jennylyn Mercado, Filipino musician. 1987: Andy Murray, British tennis player. 1988: Marcus Collins, English singer, songwriter and hairdresser. 1989: Sunny, American singer of Korean origin. 1990: Lee Jong Hyun, South Korean singer. 1991: Mollee Gray, American actress and singer. 1995: Kseniya Sitnik, Belarusian singer. 1995: Ryosuke Yamamoto, Japanese actor and model. 1996: Birdy (Jasmine van den Bogaerde), British singer. 1996: Nerea Camacho, Spanish actress.