18/05 Birthday - Zodiac Information

May 18 Zodiac

People born on May 18 have a good mental level and show marital tendencies.

Horoscope and personality for those born on May 18

They are kind, caring and loving people. They have quite strong marital tendencies, but still they sometimes mislead their feelings. They are quite ambitious and would like to be more prominent.

People of high social position show their help and protection. This outstanding trait of his personality is responsible for governing others. They can achieve significant influence through their wisdom, tact, and courtesy towards others. They have a level mind. Stable, patient, and stubborn - these traits get stronger with age. When they think about something, they want to implement it at all costs.

They ponder and consider things for a long time, but when they do, they strive for them with great determination. His life is generally quite peaceful, free from extraordinary events. They generally show significant uprightness and some honesty; on the other hand, they can be unusually frugal. They usually achieve wealth through their profession. His shortcomings include being overly focused on his own person.

They are not free from the vice of mockery. What threatens them: They are quite ambitious in character, but they don’t always have to have a career. Sometimes they have aspirations and goals that they cannot achieve.

Zodiac sign for those born on May 18

If your birthday is May 18, your zodiac sign is  Taurus

May 18 - personality and character

character:  cautious, cunning, calm, open-minded sma, evil, selfish;
profession:  singer, gravedigger, dressmaker;
colors:  pink, gray, gray;
stone:  quartz;
animal:  wombat;
plant:  hawthorn;
lucky numbers:  6,9,38,43,45,56
super lucky number:  3

Holidays and observances - May 18

  • Mexico: Day of the Oceanologist
  • Brazil: Thalia Day?
  • Argentina: Cockade Day
  • Martin Garrix Day in San Francisco, California “Martin Garrix Day”.
  • Uruguay: Battle of Las Piedras / Uruguayan National Army Day
  • International Museum Day
  • Haitian Flag Haiti: Haitian Flag Day?

May 18 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

1901: Vincent du Vigneaud, American biochemist, 1955 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry (d. 1978).
1908: Moisés Broggi, Spanish physician (d. 2012).
1909: Fred Perry, British tennis player (d. 1995).
1909: Isabel Chabela Villasenor, Mexican sculptor and painter. (f. 1953).
1911: Big Joe Turner, American blues singer (d. 1985).
1912: Richard Brooks, American filmmaker. (f. 1992).
1912: Perry Como, American singer. (f. 2001).
1912: Walter Sisulu, South African activist. (f. 2003).
1913: Charles Trenet, French singer. (f. 2001).
1914: Pierre Balmain, French designer (d. 1982).
1914: Boris Christoff, Bulgarian opera bass (d. 1993).
1918: Massimo Girotti, Italian actor (f. 2003).
1919: Margot Fonteyn, British ballet dancer (d. 1991).
1920: John Paul II, Polish pope since 1978 (d. 2005).
1922: Bill Macy, American actor.
1922: Kai Winding, Danish musician (d. 1983).
1923: Hugh Shearer, Jamaican politician and prime minister (d. 2004).
1924: Priscilla Pointer, American actress.
1928: Pernell Roberts, American actor and singer (d. 2010).
1929: José María Mendiola Insausti, Spanish writer (f. 2003).
1930: Alfredo Leal Kuri, Mexican actor (f. 2003).
1931: Don Martin, American cartoonist (d. 2000).
1931: Robert Morse, American actor.
1934: Dwayne Hickman, American actor.
1935: Elena Zuasti, Uruguayan theater actress (d. 2011).
1937: Jacques Santer, Luxembourgian politician and lawyer.
1937: Raúl Amundaray, the first Venezuelan television actor.
1939: Giovanni Falcone (53), Italian judge (d. 1992); killed by the mob.
1939: Peter Grünberg, German physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2007.
1941: Fernando Arbex, Spanish drummer, of the band Los Brincos (f. 2003).
1941: Juan María Atutxa, Spanish politician.
1941: Miriam Margolyes, British actress.
1942: Albert Hammond, British composer and musician.
1942: Nobby Stiles, British footballer.
1944: WG Sebald, German writer (d. 2001).
1946: Reggie Jackson, American baseball player.
1946: Andreas Katsulas, American actor.
1947: John Bruton, Irish Taoiseach.
1949: Rick Wakeman, British keyboardist and composer, of the band Yes.
1950: Mark Mothersbaugh, American singer, of the band Devo.
1950: Thomas Gottschalk, German television presenter.
1952: George Strait, American musician.
1953: Enrique Jiménez Carrero, Spanish painter.
1955: Chow Yun-Fat, Chinese actor.
1956: Dragan Miranović, Serbian footballer and coach (d. 2012).
1957: Michael Cretu, German musician of Romanian origin, creator of the musical project Enigma.
1960: Nanne Grönvall, Swedish singer and songwriter, of the band One More Time.
1960: Yannick Noah, extenista and French singer.
1962: Nanne Grönvall, Swedish singer.
1962: Sandra, German singer.
1964: Ignasi Guardans, Spanish politician.
1964: Das letzte Einhorn, German singer, of the band In Extremo.
1965: Ingo Schwichtenberg, German drummer, of the band Helloween.
1966: Marlon Moreno, Colombian film and television actor.
1967: Heinz-Harald Frentzen, German Formula 1 driver.
1968: Clemente Álvarez, Venezuelan baseball player.
1969: Martika, American singer.
1969: Delcy Rodríguez, Venezuelan politician and foreign minister.
1970: Tina Fey, American actress.
1971: Brad Friedel, American footballer.
1971: Adamari López, Puerto Rican actress.
1973: Dario Franchitti, British racing driver.
1973: Toni Garrido, Spanish journalist.
1975: Peter Iwers, Swedish bassist, of the band In Flames.
1975: Jack Johnson, American musician.
1975: Jem, British singer.
1976: Laisha Wilkins, Mexican actress.
1977: Lee Hendrie, British footballer.
1977: Danny Mills, British footballer.
1978: Ricardo Carvalho, Portuguese footballer.
1978: Michelle Ramaglia, Mexican actress.
1979: Mariusz Lewandowski, Polish footballer.
1979: Michal Martikán, Slovak skier.
1979: Julián Speroni, Argentine footballer.
1979: Milivoje Novakovič, Slovenian footballer.
1979: Jens Bergensten, Game Programmer.
1981: Mahamadou Diarra, Malian footballer.
1982: Marvin Obando, Costa Rican soccer player.
1984: Niki Terpstra, Dutch cyclist.
1984: Simon Pagenaud, French motorsport driver.
1985: Dalma Kovács, Romanian singer and actress.
1987: Luisana Lopilato, Argentine actress, model and singer.
1987: Joe Brooks, British singer-songwriter.
1987: Juan Luis González, Paraguayan journalist.
1988: Seto Koji, Japanese actor, singer and model.
1988: Taeyang, South Korean singer, rapper, dancer, model, composer and choreographer.
1992: Spencer Breslin, American actor.
1994: Laura Natalia Esquivel, Argentine actress.
1999: Laura Omloop, Belgian singer.