may 21 zodiac

    People born on May 21 will find caring and caring friends in their life.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 21

    They are hardworking people who stand out for their original mind. They are so talented that they can count on success. They can be excellent mental workers, theorists, thinkers, scholars, inventors, and speakers. Your brain works harmoniously with the practical skills of your hands and your artistic abilities. Cheerful, pleasant in behavior, sociable: they are attached to material life. Their friends are very active people who support them. They also have the protection of many people, and that translates into many favorable results. Defects: Their excessively negative and nervous temperament makes them susceptible to the negative influence of their environment and bad company. How to raise a child born on this day? Above all, they need to learn about your personality. When left alone, without proper education, they do not develop and remain sensational. When those boys grow up to be men, they talk too much and loudly, behave inappropriately, and get a bad rap. For their part, women, when they are not developed or controlled, are nervous and restless. But when they are properly educated and nurtured, both sexes express a lot of subtlety and good taste. In general, people born on this day have a positive family life.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 21

    If your birthday is on May 21, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    May 21 - personality and character

    character:  searching, sensible, sensible, susceptible, strict, wasteful; profession:  tiler, gravedigger, sociologist; colors:  teal, gray, baby blue; stone:  talc; animal:  koala; plant:  Umbrella; lucky numbers:  9,20,21,23,31,43 super lucky number:  34

    Holidays and observances - May 21

    • Mexico: National Polytechnic Institute Day.
    • European Union: European Day of the Natura 2000 Network. Day to publicize and revalue this network of protected areas in all the countries of the European Union.
    • Chile: Lawyer's Day.
    • Mexico: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.
    • Chile: Naval Glories Day, which commemorates the naval battles of Iquique and Punta Gruesa. Additionally, the President of the Republic presents his annual account on the administrative and political state of the nation before the Plenary Congress.
    • Mexico: Cდ³rdoba: a decisive battle takes place for the independence movement of Mexico in 1821, in the place known as La Casa Quemada, the insurgents under the command of Josდ© Joaquდ­n de Herrera defeat the hosts of the royalist Hevia, who perishes in the confrontation.
    • Colombia: Afro-Colombian Day, which is commemorated when the government of Josდ© Hilario Lდ³pez decreed the abolition of slavery in Colombia.

    May 21 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Pedro Eugenio Aramburu, Argentine military and politician (d. 1970). 1903: Francisco Josდ© Iturriza, Venezuelan Catholic priest (f. 2003). 1904: Robert Montgomery, American actor. 1904: Fats Waller, American musician (d. 1943). 1909: Vდ­ctor Unamuno Ibarzabal, Spanish soccer player. 1916: Harold Robbins, American novelist (d. 1997). 1916: Lydia Mendoza, American singer and guitarist (d. 2007). 1917: Raymond Burr, Canadian actor (f. 1993). 1921: Andrei Sakharov, human rights activist and Russian physicist, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1975 (d. 1989). 1925: Pasieguito, Spanish soccer player (f. 2002). 1925: Frank Kameny, American LGBT activist (d. 2011). 1926: Forbes Robinson, British singer (d. 1987). 1927: Marcelo Salado, Cuban revolutionary; assassinated by Batista (f. 1958). 1927: Tomდ¡s Segovia, Spanish-Mexican poet (d. 2011). 1930: Malcolm Fraser, Australian politician and prime minister (d. 2015). 1932: Jean Stablinski, French cyclist of Polish origin (d. 2007). 1932: Inese Jaunzeme, Latvian athlete and coach (d. 2011). 1933: Maurice Andrდ©, French trumpeter (d. 2012). 1934: Bengt Samuelsson, Swedish chemist and researcher, 1982 Nobel Prize winner in medicine. 1935: Hisako Matsubara, Japanese novelist. 1936: Gდ¼nter Blobel, German biologist, 1999 Nobel Prize winner for medicine. 1938: Ana Diosdado, Spanish actress and writer of Argentine origin (d. 2015). 1939: Heinz Holliger, Swiss oboist, conductor and composer. 1940: Tony Sheridan, British singer (d. 2013). 1941: Diego Gracia Guillდ©n, Spanish scientist and thinker. 1942: Humberto Serrano, Argentine actor of Spanish origin (d. 2013). 1943: Hilton Valentine, British guitarist, of the band The Animals. 1943: Antton Valverde, Spanish singer. 1944: Mary Robinson, Irish politician and lawyer. 1945: Ernst Messerschmid, German physicist and astronaut. 1950: Vდ­ctor Sდ¡nchez Espinoza, Mexican archbishop 1951: Al Franken, American politician, writer and humorist. 1952: Mr. T, American actor. 1953: Alberto Marcos Martდ­n, Spanish historian. 1957: Judge Reinhold, American actor. 1959: Adriana Ozores, Spanish actress. 1960: Jeffrey Dahmer, American serial killer (d. 1994). 1963: Kevin Shields, singer, guitarist and music producer, of the band My Bloody Valentine. 1965: Antonio Carmona, Spanish singer, of the Ketama band. 1965: Pete Sandoval, Salvadoran drummer, of the Morbid Angel band. 1966: Lisa Edelstein, American actress. 1967: Chris Benoit, Canadian professional wrestler (d. 2007). 1972: Notorious BIG, American rapper (f. 1997). 1972: Adriano Cintra, Brazilian multi-instrumentalist. 1972: Arancha del Sol, Spanish model and actress. 1972: Paco Ayala, Mexican bassist, of the Mდ³lotov band. 1974: Fairuza Balk, American actress. 1974: Havoc, American rapper, of the band Mobb Deep. 1977: Quinton Fortune, South African footballer. 1977: Maxime Brunerie, French criminal. 1978: Briana Banks, German-American porn actress. 1978: Jamaal Magloire, Canadian basketball player. 1978: Lisette Morelos, Mexican actress. 1979: Adam Gontier, Canadian singer, of the band Three Days Grace. 1979: Damiდ¡n დ?lvarez, Argentine footballer. 1979: Jesse Capelli, Canadian porn actress. 1981: Belladonna, American porn actress. 1981: Max (Maximilian Mutzke), German singer. 1982: Gaspard Augდ©, French musician, of the band Justice. 1985: Mutya Buena, British singer, of the band Sugababes. 1985: Mark Cavendish, British cyclist. 1988: Jonny Howson, British footballer. 1989: Hal Robson-Kanu, British footballer. 1991: Williams Pდ©rez, Venezuelan baseball player. 1994: Tom Daley, British professional jumper, Olympic medalist.