may 22 zodiac

    People born on May 22 are brave, hardworking, and talented.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 22

    Intelligent, full of energy: they achieve victory over their opponents. They show a great ability to concentrate on their work. Brave and industrious: they want to be in a position of honor. Very practical: they do business with excellence. Although they may be in danger of misfortune, they are often gifted with unusual abilities or even a particular talent. For example, they love to discover the secrets of nature, optics or chemistry. They are specialized in the area of writing and art. His abilities are for purely philosophical purposes. Because they can very intelligently uncover the secrets of others, they could become excellent detective, investigating judges, or lawyers. What threatens them: The most important thing for these people is to achieve their main ambitions. What should they aspire to? They must strive for uniformity and harmony of character. Something funny is that they talk differently than they act. This duality is accentuated as they age, as well as irritability and internal restlessness. They are eloquent people, capable of defending their points of view with great skill. Usually they manage to get a good position in their profession. They can also be successful in the military.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 22

    If your birthday is on May 22, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    May 22 - personality and character

    character:  wise, loyal, incorruptible, sad, shy, selfish; profession:  archaeologist, pilot, farmer; colors:  gray, blue, blue; stone:  alexandrite; animal:  shrimp; plant:  coconut palm; lucky numbers:  6,27,35,43,48,54 super lucky number:  23

    Holidays and observances - May 22

    • Guatemala: Arbor Day university student day.
    • International Day for Biological Diversity.

    May 22 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Yvonne de Gaulle, French woman (d. 1979), wife of Charles de Gaulle. 1900: Juan Arvizu, "The tenor of the silk voice" lyrical tenor from Mexico (f. 1985). 1907: Hergდ© (Georges Remდ­), French cartoonist of Belgian origin (d. 1983). 1907: Laurence Olivier, British actor and filmmaker (d. 1989). 1910: Julio Salvador and Dდ­az-Benjumea, Spanish military and politician (d. 1987). 1912: Herbert C. Brown, American chemist of British origin, Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1979 (d. 2004). 1913: Rafael Gil, Spanish screenwriter and filmmaker (d. 1986). 1914: Sun Ra (Herman Sonny Blount), American jazz musician (d. 1993). 1914: EA Thompson, British historian (d. 1994). 1914: Max Kohnstamm, Dutch historian and diplomat (d. 2010). 1920: Thomas Gold, Austrian astrophysicist (d. 2004). 1922: Agustდ­n Gaდ­nza, Spanish footballer (d. 1995). 1922: Alicia Jurado, Argentine writer (d. 2011). 1924: Charles Aznavour, French singer, composer and actor. 1925: Jean Tinguely, Swiss artist (d. 1991). 1926: Elek Bacsik, Hungarian jazz guitarist and violinist (d. 1993). 1926: Concha Alდ³s, Spanish writer (d. 2011). 1927: Peter Matthiessen, American writer and naturalist (d. 2014). 1927: George A. Olah, Hungarian chemist, 1994 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry (d. 2017). 1930: Harvey Milk, American politician and civil rights activist (d. 1978). 1930: Agustდ­n Tosco, Argentine union leader (d. 1975). 1932: Celia Bravo (Lucila Mataix-Olcina), Spanish writer (f. 2001). 1935: Barry Rogers, American musician (d. 1991). 1937: Facundo Cabral, Argentine singer-songwriter (d. 2011). 1937: Richard Kenneth Brummitt, British botanist (d. 2013). 1938: Susan Strasberg, American actress (f. 1999). 1940: Carlos Galvდ¡n, bandoneonist, Argentine tango conductor and composer (f. 2014). 1941: Paul Winfield, American actor (d. 2004). 1942: Unabomber (Theodore Kaczynski), American terrorist of Polish origin. 1943: Betty Williams, Irish pacifist, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1976. 1943: Edgar Marდ­n, former Costa Rican footballer. 1945: Pedro Berruezo, Spanish footballer (d. 1973). 1946: George Best, Northern Irish footballer (d. 2006). 1946: Virginia Lago, Argentine actress. 1949: დ?ngel Enrique Tacuarita Brandazza, social activist assassinated by the Argentine Army (d. 1972). 1950: Bernie Taupin, British lyricist, poet and singer. 1952: Waldemar Victorino, Uruguayan soccer player. 1953: Tillie Moreno, Filipino singer. 1955: Iva Davies, Australian singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, leader of the band Icehouse. 1956: Claudio Rissi, Argentine actor. 1956: Al Corley, American actor and singer. 1957: Javier Castrilli, former Argentine soccer referee and politician. 1959: Morrissey, British musician and vocalist, of the band The Smiths. 1960: Hideaki Anno, Japanese animation director. 1961: Alfons Arდºs, Spanish journalist. 1961: Antonia San Juan, Spanish actress, filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. 1962: Bo Skovhus, Danish baritone 1964: Rita Guerrero, Mexican actress and singer, of the Santa Sabina band (d. 2011). 1966: Wang Xiaoshuai, Chinese filmmaker. 1967: Christophe Gagliano, French judoka. 1967: Paloma Lago, Spanish model and presenter. 1968: Igor Lediakhov, Russian footballer. 1970: Naomi Campbell, British model. 1970: Pedro Diniz, Brazilian Formula 1 driver. 1970: Willy Toledo, Spanish actor. 1972: Anna Belknap, American actress. 1972: Max Brooks, American writer. 1973: Emilio Alzamora, Spanish motorcycle racer. 1973: Fდ¡tima Baeza, Spanish actress. 1975: Salvador Ballesta, Spanish footballer. 1976: Fernando Andina, Spanish actor. 1976: Daniel Erlandsson, Swedish musician. 1978: Ginnifer Goodwin, American actress. 1978: Katie Price, British model. 1979: Maggie Q, American actress. 1980: Lucy Gordon, British actress (d. 2009). 1981: Jდ¼rgen Melzer, Austrian tennis player. 1981: Bryan Danielson, American professional wrestler. 1983: Franco Niell, Argentine footballer. 1984: Bismarck du Plessis, South African rugby player. 1984: Paola Sallustro, Argentine actress and singer. 1985: CariDee English, American model. 1985: Mauro Boselli, Argentine footballer. 1985: Tranquillo Barnetta, Swiss footballer. 1987: Nდ³vak Diდ³kovich, Serbian tennis player. 1987: Arturo Vidal, Chilean soccer player. 1989: Nდ©stor Girolami, Argentine motorist. 1991: Suho, South Korean singer, dancer, model and actor. 1994: Franco Masini, Argentine actor.